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  1. I have recently learned that I my be eligible for a grant from "Monetary Trust Fund", would this cause issues with my TDIU?
  2. I would like to know if SVT included as Ishemic Heart Disease. I recently had a serious episode and was then prescribed a beta blocker. I,m wanting to know if I can and should file as related to Agent Orange. The Dr. at VA only wanted to talk about ablasion.
  3. I contacted the WWP, they told me I wasn't elegable because my disability was from the Vietnam war. I think they need to change their name.
  4. Philip Rogers, That comment about "Greed" really stung. I am not greedy, I was just trying to benefit my family by trying to get out of debt (which was exerbated by my inability to maintain work because of my PTSD.) earlier .
  5. Thanks for the valuable advise. From this moment on I am totally unemployed.
  6. I was awarded 70% PTSD, 10% Tinnitus, and P&T Unemployability June 2013. A couple days ago I get a VA Form 21-4140 (Employment Questionaire ) from the RO. I did do some part time work last year which amounted to around $4000.00 total. I did this to help supplement my disability income so as to help pay the debtors . I did the work on the up and up and claimed the income on the IRS grab ("Render unto Caesar.......), so as not to get in any trouble with them. Do I have anything to worry about? My wife says I should just quit locating and doing odd jobs. I don't want to jeopardy losing the benefit as it does help me to keep the wolves at bay. Anxiously awaiting your advise. Ralph
  7. I too am in Alabama, I get my care at the Birmingham VAMC, I prior to filing for compensation on Serious Otis Media asked my Primary care doctor to help me with a DBQ and he stated that in his 13 years with the VA he has never done one nor asked to do one. I later got a communicae from him that he talked with one of his fellow doctors that worked in the Birmingham VAMC and that they told him that even if they did have a DBQ from him or any other doctor that it had no weight or revelentcy to the claim. I then copied all reg's and ect I could find that ifasked the Doctors had a burdon to help in the veterans effort to provide qualitive information for the ajudication process at the RO. I would also ask the attending ENT doctor, (BVAMC is a teaching facility in conjunction with University of Alabama, Birmingham {UAB]), and was told that they were instructed to tell us that we needed to ask our Primary Care doctor for this DBQ. So I have found that the system is a run around for the veteran. Those that do want to help have been given instructions as not to get involved. I am glad someone has the ear of Sessions, because I haven't seen much from him nor his counterpart Shelby in support of the veterans. That is another group that gives the runaround. Ralph 0
  8. I am new to this informative and valuable resource. I do however find myself illiterate as to how to maneuver and glean what I need information about and how to use features which apply. I did go to FAQ's but that only confused me more. I am rated at 70% PTSD, 10% Tinnitus, with a bump up to 100% due to TDIU. From what I have gleaned from this site has been very helpful, but I do have questions to ask and don't know where to do so. I have (or so I think) registered, and have tried to look at the following areas, but find I do not have permission, these are as follows: Blogs, Members, Chat, Shoutbox. Anxiously waiting to hear, Ralph E-5 Viet-Nam Vet
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