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  1. I have recently learned that I my be eligible for a grant from "Monetary Trust Fund", would this cause issues with my TDIU?
  2. I would like to know if SVT included as Ishemic Heart Disease. I recently had a serious episode and was then prescribed a beta blocker. I,m wanting to know if I can and should file as related to Agent Orange. The Dr. at VA only wanted to talk about ablasion.
  3. I contacted the WWP, they told me I wasn't elegable because my disability was from the Vietnam war. I think they need to change their name.
  4. Philip Rogers, That comment about "Greed" really stung. I am not greedy, I was just trying to benefit my family by trying to get out of debt (which was exerbated by my inability to maintain work because of my PTSD.) earlier .
  5. Thanks for the valuable advise. From this moment on I am totally unemployed.
  6. I was awarded 70% PTSD, 10% Tinnitus, and P&T Unemployability June 2013. A couple days ago I get a VA Form 21-4140 (Employment Questionaire ) from the RO. I did do some part time work last year which amounted to around $4000.00 total. I did this to help supplement my disability income so as to help pay the debtors . I did the work on the up and up and claimed the income on the IRS grab ("Render unto Caesar.......), so as not to get in any trouble with them. Do I have anything to worry about? My wife says I should just quit locating and doing odd jobs. I don't want to jeopardy losi
  7. I too am in Alabama, I get my care at the Birmingham VAMC, I prior to filing for compensation on Serious Otis Media asked my Primary care doctor to help me with a DBQ and he stated that in his 13 years with the VA he has never done one nor asked to do one. I later got a communicae from him that he talked with one of his fellow doctors that worked in the Birmingham VAMC and that they told him that even if they did have a DBQ from him or any other doctor that it had no weight or revelentcy to the claim. I then copied all reg's and ect I could find that ifasked the Doctors had a burdon to help in
  8. I am new to this informative and valuable resource. I do however find myself illiterate as to how to maneuver and glean what I need information about and how to use features which apply. I did go to FAQ's but that only confused me more. I am rated at 70% PTSD, 10% Tinnitus, with a bump up to 100% due to TDIU. From what I have gleaned from this site has been very helpful, but I do have questions to ask and don't know where to do so. I have (or so I think) registered, and have tried to look at the following areas, but find I do not have permission, these are as follows: Blogs, Members, Chat,
  9. How do I post a question? The question would be as follows: I am rated 70% PTSD and 100% TDIU, I recently received a Form 21-4140 from RO ( Employment Questionaire). I reported to IRS income last year at $4000.00, from peicemeal work I can find to help cover my bills and cover what my disability compensation does not. Can I not be self employed (so to speak) as in doing various odd jobs and not worry about them taking my benefit away? I try to be on the up in up ("render unto Ceaser......") with the IRS and pay my dues. But if this is going to present the aggravation of having to jump t
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