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  1. My name is Michael I'm from Detroit Michigan and I found had it.com out of frustration. Not knowing where to turn not knowing how the system works not knowing any of my rights. Had it solved all of that they gave me the tools that I needed it to fight and gave me something that I could give to other veterans to help them out while on the hamster wheel. I am presently at 60% with six other contentions remaining and have been fighting since 2006 thank you had it. Com for all your help Godspeed
  2. BBE came in yesterday, the rating decision took twenty days to come in. What a Good Friday it was!! 10% rt ankle, 30% migraines, 30% PTSD, retro back to 2006. C&P order for four other disabilities! I Thank God for each and everyone of you here at had it, the fight is not over but finally we are up on the score card and in the late rounds.
  3. BBE came in yesterday, BVA decision to Rating decision in twenty days. What a good Friday it was.30% for PTSD,30% for migraines, 10% for ankle. Retro going back to 2006.C&P order for four other disabilities.
  4. Congratulations on a good fight and and a excellent WIN!! You deserve some R&R, enjoy.
  5. Nice win , congratulations
  6. Navy04 sorry about download. The BVA granted PTSD and migraine headache but remanded secondary conditions. I don't have the rating yet?
  7. Thank you asknod , I think that my RO has enough medical information to rate my claim. They just didn't look at it at all and now I have submitted more information from health care professionals who are specialist along with MRIs. I will keep you posted
  8. Asknod do you think they will rate me first ,then have the c&p for secondary conditions since I'm granted for two conditions? Or have c&p then rate all and how long is expeditious manner?
  9. THANK GOD !! The Bbe came in today ,thanks for each and everyone of the members of Hadit.com . I just didn't what to say but THANK YOU!! Here is the order in the decision.Scan0222.pdfScan0223.pdfScan0224.pdfScan0225.pdf
  10. This is the order and remand. My RO did me wrong the first time Scan0222.pdf Scan0223.pdf Scan0224.pdf Scan0225.pdf
  11. Thank God!! Bbe came in the mail today! Order service connection for an acquired psychiatric disorder, to include PTSD, is granted. Service connection for migraine headaches is granted. REMANDED rt knee, rt hip, lower back and bilateral foot disorders are related to service connected right ankle disability ? This is great news, flat out yes on two and remands on something I just had MRIs done on and need surgery on back and service connected ankle . My appointment with the surgeon is this Wednesday
  12. Claim moved again today! Level 6 BVA has mailed you your decision! AB8 letter has not changed?
  13. Mojo13 that is good information on remand and more evidence. Had a MRI done and found out I need a operation on ankle. Scared to let VA do it because I had to get MRI somewhere else. I broke ankle falling of top of a ch-46.
  14. Congrats on tinnitus granted, it is a step in the right direction! The RO will get their heads out because of how strong the evevidence is and we aren't going anywhere. I wish the BVA would've done more for you this trip around. BVA is making the RO do their jobs, you still have movement and a strong case hang in there.
  15. Yes! More movement on my claim today! I'm now at level five Pending Dispatch. How long do I now have? My claim was put in 2006 and has been on appeal from 2008. Its going to be hard to sleep tonight wondering what is in the Decision!! WOW
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