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  1. Good show. Sorry only Iraq/Afgan vets were talked about. Think that the 800,000 backlog of claims apply to all eras not just Iraq/Afgan.
  2. Only alerting all Vietnam Veterans to the extra agent orange threat to their life. Not noted by the VA.
  3. Did you recive this in mail? I have not. Found on search of VA site. Does not reflect any updates regarding newer prostate cancer info news reports,science studies, etc.}released Aug 08, regarding positive relation of agent orange to agressive prostate cancer in prostate cancer.
  4. Sorry - should have been "100% awarded Aug 06." Also - residuals were from C&P exam - Sep 06
  5. Hi again -since you asked, I will try to explain - I am no expert and won't go into alot of details. I just reply by my experience - I had vocal cord squamous cell cancer - I was diagnosed in late Dec 05 - I had no idea about filing a claim. By early Jan, I just was surfing the web and found info on presumptive AO conditions. I saw respiratory cancer with larynx listed so I decided to go ahead and file - found the e-file Vonapp and just did it mid Jan. No help just my decision. If I had known better, would have filed immediately in Dec and got anonther month in, but it was okay - anyway just
  6. Hi, strongly suggest you file claim for larynx cancer immediately. You can efile at VA.gov using Vonapp. Do not wait - each month you do not file is a month less of 100% award. As long as you have presumtive, diagnosis, and proof of Vietnam service (DD214), its a slam-dunk. I know because I went thru it in 2006. Best wishes.
  7. I just want to know if these scammers can get VA to give them awards for disabilities.Is it possible for them to dupe the VA?
  8. Not an expert, but suggest u search office of personnel management ----www.opm.gov
  9. Thanks Gary - u have described a job that I had also Automation with the Post Office - DBCS for a postal zone - I am now out of there and retired after 10 years, dont know how I survived - u r right this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to a vet - being subjected to management/supervision of unknown origin - this is the worst job in Post Office - u have to do it every working day without any assistance unless u got lucky and had overtime or an extra casuals help - usually never - on ur own u have to accomplish this without any assistance - u have to process more mail than is human
  10. Berta sorry - my comp is old and a mess - but I want to thank u - I am gonna let u know what happens later - it may help somebody - I dont know what is up with any of these people at this time but I will later - so please jiust know I want to help with some knowledge of Chap 35 if I can . I put it to rest for now.
  11. Thanks Berta - No I have't gotten anything besides 100% - I can't explain this well I guess - only I am working with the DAV rep now and was told this about that I would recieve any retro - I just want my daughter to get what she needs to completer her degree - she is a junior at UM now - I dont know anything about Masters later - I hope u can just see that this is confusing and frustrating to me.
  12. Sorry: I meant the VA will send me the money - since I have nothing yet.
  13. I think I know whats up now! I went to VAMC for checkup on Monday - I then saw DAV at VAMC - they called the RO number and I turned it over to DAV - I wanted to know when my daughter would get ed benefits - after all was said and done I found out that they were behind by a year, but the news was they sent me the money. I didnt know this and I thought the money went to dependent - I guess they think I will use it myself - I assure u - truthfully, any money received for my daughter will go directly to her bank account - I see now how the VA thinks about this - wish the money would go directly t
  14. Hope this helps a vet - VA Form 686c.-Declaration of Status of Dependants - I think this is what u need. Don't know but say this is form on VA website to copy- hope it helps - WWW.VA.Gov.
  15. Berta - I guess I have to back up to beginning - I filed claim VONAPP Jan 06 -recieved 100% grant sc Aug 06 - retro to Jan06 -the letter of Aug06 stated " We couldn't pay for {daugter's name} because she is over 18. We are enclosing a VA FORM 21-674 - Request for Approval of School Attendance, for you to complete if {daughter's name} is in school. We can only pay dependents between ages of 18 and 23 if they are attending an approved school." This is the form I sent in although they did not sent me the21-674 - I downloaded it from VA website - they sent 21-674b School Attendance Report
  16. Thanks for info Berta - I am lucky to not have had larynoctomy - yet!!!! Hope I am gonna be ok now too - I can accept the reduction for my part , but I am just wishing I could be at 30% for the ed benefits for my daughter who is junior year at Univ - I have additional claim waiting for tinnitus which I have 0% SC since 1989 - hope to be able to get to 30% if they grant that at10% - dont know why I was never given 10% tinnitus from get go though - I had submitted form already for my daughter's ed benefits - but VA said they lost the form - ha ha!! So I made copy again and sent it in - no act
  17. Thanks Cavman - I have seen ur post many time - U r good guy in mind - I just wish u always the best -from my post u know I got the presumed - so it from the VA list - I know u should also have had it - but they deny- its unfair for sure - wish it were not so - I ask myself - of couirse ur tousils were affected - no question - who determines this theis? I hope u get total rating - but why does VA deny- totally unafair- keep ur mind clear - someday its gotta happen - I just wanna help others too - wish I had the power - I know Berta is the best source - she can do it if possible - I just hav
  18. Ralph Thanks for ur welcome - please I juist dont know how to post well - it takes me time and I will do better later- u r vets doing this - I wanna be too - hope I can help a vet also - I just am stuck now in my situation also - I get very anxious but am ok - just as u all know I want to help all - I am ok - wish all same - I like to see the good things on this site - u help people here - I am impressed - I hope I can help somehow - but I am just here now to find out about mu situation also- bcuz no one can figure out the VA - just help me with ur support - I dont expect any more - Thanks
  19. I am sorry - I dont know how to use this - I am trying my best - Thanks for ur help -I have done had radiation therapy for layrnyx cancer already - only I know I was for sure exposed in the Air Force- I just ask ur advice onlly -I only know I have this problem and I found out about more stuff on the web by research - I am quit my job - retired- beuxz I couldnt continue - but wish I could have.
  20. I am new here - excuse me - I am asking about if this it the wayVA does this - since I never have seen tbis before on this site - I have larnxy cancer AO presumed and 100% granted - now I will be reduced to 20% - dysphagia secondary 10% - and hoaseness 10% - primary, I suppose - I have the time still to NOD this - but do not know if I should - I feel I have xerostomia -severe dry mouth - but dont find that condition listed - should I challenge this or accept the C&P exam for now ? Later to have examination? Thanks
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