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  1. i will keep that in mind and send in for dependents again. would they also back pay for dependent pay as well?
  2. hi all, thank you for all the advice that i have read on other peoples posts and my own. after VARO LA stalled for a couple of years finaly was able to get a C and P exam. and now im rated at 50% combined. the person on the phone did not have all the details but told me the award letter was being printed up. still haven't received the letter but have received the back pay and ebenefits states 50% combined. also for some reason my dependents are not on there or listed on my ebenefits. the person on the phone says they are in the system and just to wait till i recieve the letter. either way im happy that i finally got my rating. thanks again all.
  3. hi all, as of today my ebenefits has been changed to 50% combined rating. the award has just been approved and they are generating the letter today.
  4. hi, i also have the same problem. even logged in from a different computer to see if it fixed it.
  5. hello all, im new to this site, have viewed a few things here before joining, and i gotta say theres a lot of good useful information from veterans that have been through the process with the VA. more infomative than calling the 1-800 number or waiting for iris. i just want to say thanks for all the info, advise, and support that everyone on here posts.
  6. i will definetly take that into consideration. ill try the iris and ill keep on calling peggy once a week like i have been. it all depends on who answers the call. some are either too lazy or incompetent enough to answer questions. but every once in a while you get one that knows what they're doing.
  7. hi, i have received my statement of the case from my appeal a couple of weeks ago. 3 out of 10 items were denied. it said that the other 7 are waiting a decicion or what have you. the first time i got a soc back in 2009 it had a long list of items that were denied and a couple that were approved. and it came with a ratings decision. but this time around only 3 were denied but no decision on the other 7. i called the 1-800 number and was told more than likely they were awarded but i have to wait for a ratings decision. does anybody know if they are more than likely awarded or they just haven't gotten around to denying them yet. also would my retropay be form sept. 2008? i have been waiting on this appeal since april of 2010. the original claim is from sept. 2008.
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