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  1. I agree John. I didn't understand it either but that's what he told me. This happened to me and it took 10 months to fix and that was one of the excuses I got as to why it happened. I would check to make sure just to be safe.
  2. I posted on here a couple days ago that one of the higher ups at my RO said people should double check and make sure their RO got their form because they are learning of lots of vets (up in the thousands) forms didn't make it into VAs computer system. He said when VA put "the new health care" (obama care) in their system, it kicked back thousands of vets forms. Now whether that's true or not, I don't know but anyone that sent in that form should make sure they have it in the system.
  3. My RO said that VAs computer system was kicking back some of the questionare forms vets have sent in and they are just now being aware of it. They don't know why it's happening to just some vets and not all. Mine was put in 3 times and was kicked back every time. The guy I talked to said it may be a good idea for vets to double check and make sure they got the form. He said it wasn't just me this happened to this year and the numbers could be in the thousands. VA needs to get it together!! We suffer enough at the hands of VA and now have to worry about "their" computer problems too!
  4. I just went through this myself with it taking 10 months to get mine fixed (which actually only took less than 24 hrs once I got ahold of the right person). I was going through American Legion but that ended up being a joke. This what you need to do...print out the form and fill it out and hand deliver it to your RO if at all possible. If you can't deliver it then I would fax it that way you have a time stamp (just to cover your own ass) then I'd make a copy and send it in by mail. Having a copy of mine with the fax time stamp on it is what saved me. Stay on top of it with your RO and make sure it gets in the computer.
  5. Thanks Navy! I hope all my hadit family has Merry Christmas! And the ones with claims are in my prayers and hopefully has success soon!
  6. Just checked the bank and the back pay is there. I'm so happy!! Thanks everyone for all the support you've given me!!!
  7. Scout I'm sorry to hear of your current situation. Follow these guys advice. They will help you get where you need to be. Any win is a win with VA, so, congratulations on that! Don't give up! Thats what they want you to do! Stay strong and more so, stay positive!!!
  8. I got the BBE (white) today. It says, we reinstated your 100% no examinations will be scheduled in the future for your permanent and total disabilities. Still waiting on the retro but will update when it's deposited.
  9. Yeah, you're probably right! Hopefully it doesn't take long since it went to the treasury dept yesterday.
  10. Thank you Shyne! It's been a long emotional battle and I'm glad it's over. It still doesn't seem real tho! I don't think the reality of it has kicked in.
  11. I agree with Loose Cannon. Although I may not know everyone here at hadit personally, I still consider everyone my friends and the support you get here can make things so much easier. You earned the right to go to VA Medical Center and you should take advantage of it and get the treatment you need. I've met a lot of good veterans at my vamc that have become good friends of mine. You'd be surprised of the veterans that you'll meet that have a similarly to yourself. It help talking to people who can relate to you. Congrats again to you on your win!
  12. Free.. I'm definitely going to take her somewhere nice and maybe get her hair done lol. She hasn't got to do that in a long time. I talked to Peggy today and she said the only thing I'm waiting on is for US Treasury to deposit it and it could be today tomorrow or any day but if its not there by a week in a half to call back. She told me to call the bank and let them know a large sum would be getting deposited cause sometimes a bank will kick it back so I called them too. I still haven't talked to AL. I'm not going to try calling them anymore though. I'm sure they got my messages and know by now what happened. And I hope this "learning experience" taught them something and if this ever happens to another veteran they will know how to fix it Quick! And if so, than maybe my suffering was worth it. I will always be the one on here every Nov and Dec reminding people to send in their yearly forms. I don't think I could have kept my sanity if it weren't for the people on this site. They shorted me 2 thousand dollars but I'm not going to say or do anything about it right now until after the money hits the bank. What I'm getting is enough to catch all my bills up and give my kids a nice Christmas and a little to help some family in need. Whats left is being put in my savings account since in completely drained now. Well...and I promised the wife a new couch. I think she's worth it so it's gonna feel good to take her to pick it out. Thank you Free, for everything!! You've always been so kind and understanding and always tried to help me figure this out.
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