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  1. Dick


                     I have Peripheral Neuropathy in both feet as well as PF.  The VA doctor did DX me with a foot deformity but I let it slide since I am P&T with HB already.  Maybe I should think again.  My foot problems are bad but I was not DX'ed in service with them.  I got the 10% for each foot due AO DMII.   



  2. Very happy for you. I got my 100% 3 months ago. My fight was nothing like yours. Now enjoy the future. Dick Hill finally 100%. No more fights.
  3. Congratulations. Don't think you will have problem with SSI. I just went to 100% P&T on 29 Aug 17. Haven't seen my first new monthly check yet, but will on 1 Oct 17. Again Congratulations. Dick Hill
  4. Congratulations. You have to submit a FOIA request to get your C-File and it may take awhile. You should be getting a package in the mail shortly explaining why you didn't get anything for Aspergilliosis: Not service connected Sleep Apnea: Not service connectedr They will also send you the necessary appeal forms to fill out. Dick Hill
  5. pwrslm Thanks Buck 52 and pwrslm for the input. There was a check deposited in my bank account on 1 Sep for $955.10 I am assuming for the month of July and August 2017. The rating is effective 1 Sep, so I I am assuming that I won't see the full $2,915.55 until 1 Oct 17. Dick Hill
  6. E-Benefits has been showing since 29 August 2017 that my request for increase for Cardiac arrythmia was approved on 29 August 2017 for a rating of 100%. I have not yet received anything in the mail. I submitted the increase request to the Houston TX Regional Office. I submitted additional evidence, as requested, to the Evidence Intake Center at Janesville. The question I have is: Will the official increase documents come from the Houston Regional Office or the Evidence Intake Center at Janesville? If it will come from Houston then I can see why I have not received it yet - th
  7. Somethings going on with Hadit today, unable tp post replys below your question.

    So, here's my 2 cents. Don't sweat the Comp amounts, the reason will be discussed in the Award Letter.

    Your post indicated that this 100% Bump was not filed for or requested by you, right. Somebody at the VMC and VA Rating Dept doing their job. That works for you right.

    As to the 100% T & P future exam question, are you North or South of 55? VA supposedly (per VA Reg) doesn't schedule C & P Re-exams once you hit 55 unless you're claiming a Secondary Issue.

    Again, your Award Letter will say "No Future Exams Scheduled," otherwise future Re-Exams at 3 to 5 yr intervals should be expected.

    Could you post a redacted copy of your recent Cardiac Clinician Notes, does he mention no possible future improvement expected or possible?

    Semper Fi

  8. Thanks Bertha. Yes the entitlement date is Jul 1, 2017. No I have never filed for an increase in the past. I recently was referred to a heart doctor by my Medicare doctor because my heart rate all of a sudden was getting over 100. The heart doctor did an EKG that indicated I had a previous minor heart attack. They wanted me to have a Nuclear Stress Test but I refused because of an FDA warning saying tests have caused people to have heart attacks and in a lot of cases the people died. I did have them do a Ehco-cardiagram. so on 5 Jun 17 I filed for an increase. It surprise
  9. I have not yet received the envelope in the mail. I was on EBenefits today and it shows that VA has increased my heart condition from 10% to 100%. The VA benefit information letter says “You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities”. The certification letter says the current benefit paid is as follows: Gross Benefit Amount $2,919.55 Net Amount Paid $2,033.68 Effective Date July 1, 2017 Combined Evaluation 100 percent The questions that I have are as follows: Why is the Gross Benefit A
  10. I had my scheduled C&P for Migraines today. The C&P was supposed to be to evaluate my migraines, but ended up to cover both migraines and heart condition. I don't feel good about it. The appointment was scheduled for 1400 to 1530. The Physician Assistant called me in at 1430 (half hour late) and informed me that both migraines and heart condition would be evaluated. Of course I did not have any files with me regarding my heart condition claim for increase. She asked me several questions then listened to my heart and took my blood pressure in both arms. And that was it
  11. Congratulations. A fighter always wins.
  12. I read somewhere a couple months ago saying the VA was making these forms mandatory. I am getting ready to file a claim for increase for 2 service connected disabilities and also ask for service connection secondary to these 2 disabilities. My question is do I need to fill out both forms or just the VA Form 21-526b? Will appreciate your response. Thanks Dick Hill
  13. Congratulations - you kept up the fight and won the war. Believe me, it is a war dealing with the VA. They are supposed to be here to help and some of them do, but a lot of them couldn't care less about the veteran. Again congratulations.
  14. I was service connected for Cardiac Arrythmia at 10 percent back in 1989. I recently had a EKG which revealed that I have had a previous minor heart attack. I have since had a Echocardiogram which revealed some problems also. The following is the results of the Echocardiaogram: Findings: 1. Left ventricle cavity is normal in size. Mild concentric hypertrophy of the left ventricle. Normal global wass motion. Visual EF is 51%. Doppler evidence of grade II (Pseudonormal) diastolic dysfunction. 2. Left artrial cavity is normal in size. 3. Right art
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