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  1. Somethings going on with Hadit today, unable tp post replys below your question.

    So, here's my 2 cents. Don't sweat the Comp amounts, the reason will be discussed in the Award Letter.

    Your post indicated that this 100% Bump was not filed for or requested by you, right. Somebody at the VMC and VA Rating Dept doing their job. That works for you right.

    As to the 100% T & P future exam question, are you North or South of 55? VA supposedly (per VA Reg) doesn't schedule C & P Re-exams once you hit 55 unless you're claiming a Secondary Issue.

    Again, your Award Letter will say "No Future Exams Scheduled," otherwise future Re-Exams at 3 to 5 yr intervals should be expected.

    Could you post a redacted copy of your recent Cardiac Clinician Notes, does he mention no possible future improvement expected or possible?

    Semper Fi


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