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    Fastestinthewest primary field of study is U.S. government, world geography, and history. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Southern in 1974 (http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/traditions/audiofiles/fightsong.mp3) (http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/traditions/alma.php) with a major in political science. After his university studies, he was awarded an internship under Georgia's Governor Jimmy Carter's intern program doing research on Nuclear Power Safety. He worked for the government for about 3 years. After a career in agricultural business, he received a Texas teacher certification from The University of Texas at Arlington ( http://www.uta.edu/). He holds a master's degree in education with a focus on integrating technology in the classroom from Walden University
    (http://learnwaldenu.com/). He taught high school in Texas for about 17 years before the service connected disabilities required that he retire. He would much rather work than be forced to sit on the side lines. Plus the fact that VA disability is not a way to make a living. Yet, many don't realize that disabilities cost money. Who is going to mow the lawn and so forth? The fact remains that disabled veteran paid a price serving their country.

    Fastestinthewest had 2 brothers that served in the U.S Amy. One brother was a U.S Ranger and became disabled on a parchute jump. One was a Vietnam Cobra Helicopter pilot that served in Vietnam

    Fastestinthewest was drafted, attained the rank of E-5 in 5 months, and attended Michigan State University before his service in the United States Army which ran from August of 1967 to June of 1970 and in the Republic of Vietnam from May of 1968 to May of 1969. Perseverance helped him overcome the Vietnam challenge. To hear the U.S. Army Anthem go to: (http://www.brownielocks.com/ArmyGoesRollingAlongInstrumentalWAVE.html) (http://www.brownielocks.com/ArmyGoesRollingAlongVoices.html ) Notice that the Army Anthem mentions the word caisson.

    He served with 1st Aviation: (http://www.1stavnbde.com/) (http://www.skytroopers.org/1staviat.htm)

    His Army assignment: (http://www.1stavnbde.com/Artcles/LOHart1.html)(http://www.1stavnbde.com/Artcles/LOH_ObserverArt1.html)

    Due to fastestinthewest military service in The Republic of Vietnam, he is a life member of the following organizations: (http://www.dav.org), (http://www.vhcma.org/), and (http://www.vfw.org/).

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  1. I'm 100% disabled Republic of Vietnam combat veteran. The V.A. didn't get my teeth cleaned in almost 4 years. I finally got a letter from the Dallas V.A. in September of 2017 for the Choice dental plan. V.A. gave me a list of private providers. I called the phone numbers provided by V.A. The phone numbers were bogus. I called the numbers of local dentist provided. These dentist didn't know anything about the V.A. I got a hold of a dentist that would look into it. The dentist office called the V.A. for week before getting information. I got approved and got into the dentist on February of 2018. I got approved for more service. The dentist cut me off in September of 2018 because the bill wasn't paid. I talked to patient advocates office, to Dallas Administration, to many other people. I found that V.A. said Choice was a separate program from the V.A.  V.A. called me and asked if I wanted to change providers. So here I am, just received a letter from V.A. with a list of dental providers. My provider is not on the list. 

    I took myself off of the opioid  Fentanyl. I got a prescribed TENS Unit for pain that worked for me. It broke in September 2017. I had to get a referral from my V.A. doctor. I called prosthetics. Never got a returned call. I had to get another referral. V.A. called and offered me Choice. I didn't take Choice because of above experience. My V.A. appointment was for February of 2019. I'm missing a right kidney and I'm told not to take aspirin. So I'm in a lot of pain. 

    I was put on the Dallas V.A. operation table a couple of weeks ago. When I woke up, V.A. said that my operation was aborted. I went to a primary care appointment and he asked why was the operation aborted? I said I wasn't sure. He said we'll look at the computer. Yep, all the computer said was that it was aborted. He was astounded. 

    I tried the MOVE weight loss program a few years ago. The machine wouldn't connect to my internet service. V.A. was behind the times. So V.A. asked me the other day about MOVE. One detail was that if you're over 71 you don't qualify. 

    I've got a lot of other problems. I'm on the V.A. death list. Eaglegards...

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