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  1. I am taking numerous meds given by the VA and going to VA mental health groups and have been now for over a year on the groups and three years on the meds. I am extremely aggressive when not medicated and have several run ins with the police and had firearms taken away twice and 2 psychiatric lockups at the VA over the past 3 years. My thinking is that my aggressive tendencies were exacerbated by my MOS and duty stations as well as witnessing several very scary events while in the Army including the deaths of three soldiers who were killed when there Bradleys flipped during an exercise in Ft Irwin CA. My diagnosis's from the VA are several and several different VA doctors are saying different things Axis 1 Depression NOS possible dysthymic disorder Axis 2 Paranoid Personality Disorder Axis 3 No current diagnosis Gaf of 50 This is the general consensus I have been told I have anti social personality disorder as well in my VA treatment notes over the last few years and have taken the MMPI twice at the VA and both times came back as Paranoid Personality Disorder. Any other information I can provide to you guys please let me know. Thanks 19D20
  2. Hi, I have already been approved for SDDI (totally disabled) and have been receiving benefits from them for about 8 months. I want to file for VA disablity for aggravation of a condition while I was in the Army. I am rated 40% with the VA currently but all for physical conditions no mental. My SSDI was approved soley for mental conditions using my VA records of treatment for mental health treatment received at the V.A. My questions are: 1. Does my SSDI "count" at all for a VA mental health rating? 2. I was taking lithium prior to my entrance into the service but the Army discontinued it and I never took it while in the Army 3. I had to have a waiver to get in the Army because of my lithium usage and a Army doctor signed off on my enlistment 4. Is that enough of a nexus? 5. Any tips? 6. My dates of service were 88-96 gulf war era veteran (West Germany,Western Corridor Korea and 36 opfor rotations at NTC) Thank you very much 19D20 Cav Scout
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