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  1. Here is a update on my case------I changed my POA to a new rep,the DAV and the next day I received a phone call and a meeting date of 040307. He then sent me a copy of a letter that he sent to my former POA and the VA that he is representing me. Also went to the court house and got a copy of my orginial claim that was signed and dated for the March 05. Thanks to all for your input. I learn something new each time I read the posts from all who share info here. Glad to have a site like this for vets.
  2. THANK YOU ALL for your input! I am going to the V.A. today and get a copy of my orginial claim. My American Leigion rep did contact me in March of 2006 via a phone call . I did keep notes,however no written correspondence from the V.A at that time Also, I am changing my POA from the rep that I have now. Sad part is that I am a American Leigon member and also active----so I am going to forward info to the district commander. I will keep you all informed as I progress thru this wrinkle. Also as a interesting note to my claim------ I served in the USAF form 1966 to 1969 and served with Det.1,56th SOW at Udorn. However,I went out of country to the secret war in Laos at L-39.Lucky me, I had medals to prove that I served In a combat zone and that is how I proved my claim. There are a lot of other vets who served in Laos and Cambodia who have had their claims denied because they had no proof of serving in the other combat zones. Thanks again.
  3. The VA based their decision on the April 2006 date as the date that they received my claim
  4. I file a claim in March of 2005 for a increse for PTSD. I received a up grade to 30% effective April 2006. Right away I contacted my American Leigon Rep and he told me that on my intial claim form that the March 2005 date was crossed out and the April 2006 date was entered and that I would have to live with that date. So,I went to the Vet rep at the Cambria County courthouse wher I filed my claim in March of 2005 and she had my orginial claim with the March 2005 date on it. So,I said that my claim should be effective from the 2005 date and after her conversation with my American Leigon rep,which she said the same thing as him--sorry about the year that you lost on. I can't blame the V.A on this. I am cosidering makeing a appeal on this decision. How do you all suggest that I handle this? Thanks in advance for you suggestions.
  5. Present and accounted for. Still waitng on claim for up-grade since Jan.2005. We are having a major snow event here in Pa.
  6. B) I filed a claim with the VA in 2001 and the first responce was claimed denied because my 214 did not show service in Vietnam even though I was adwarded both ribbons for Vietnam service.I served with Det.1,56th Special Ops Wing,USAF stationed at Udorn,Thailand. My service was not only in Thailand,But Laos also. So,I appealed my case,presented a medal for service in a classified location engageing a hostile enemy forces at a viedo conference in Pittsburgh,Pa. As a result,my case was put on a remand and in 2late 2004 I was adwarded a 10 per cent rating. I filed a NOD on the rating and entered treatment at the local VA center,and in Oct/06 had a C&P exam and was given a GAF of 55. At this present time,my case is at the rating board and I waiting to hear the results. Also,I have many calls to VA and each time got a different rep. and a different answer each time.Finnialy I made a IRIS inquiry----first answer was no answer at all, I submitted again with more info and dates and the answer was that it still could take awhile. So to you all who have filed claims----be patient and moniter your claims,cause nobody elese will. It sure is a real paper shuflle.
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