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    Law. Self improvement. Self preservation. Pursuing a stable peace of mind or at least trying. Trying, being the key word. RC Aircraft

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  1. Hand surgery number 11.  I need a new pair of hands.   Not so optimistic this time. 1Blah! Workers Comp is just going to love me.  I wonder if I can time it to be in DC for both.  So far the hearings scheduled probably won't make that happen but it d be nice to kill two agencies with the same knives. Wiping in between of course and semi-figuratively writing of course. 10 days for one and 14 days for the other.  Tick, tick, tick.

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    2. ArNG11


      sorry VA is on the 14th of oct.

    3. ArNG11


      yes for a while i was managing it ok it's a lot harder now.  i think if it was just one agency at a time it would be easier on me, however it is coming together.  I admit less surgeries and dramas would help a bunch to. : )  

      DOL folded on one case and chocked up what I am legally entitled just 9 more to go. OPM is the same,they retired me because I asked but I should have retired on DOL side.  I would retain 75% of my pay, taxable but less of a financial strain with the provision of medical exams once a year or two.  

    4. ArNG11


      thanks bubba. good luck to you as well.

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