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  1. Oooh Prep for decision I should be excited. I am not really going to be, however,  when I get the white envelope then I might. I'll share what intel I learn from my tactics.  Good luck everyone. Keep fighting, keep going, Never give in.  "Fight till your last breath!"

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    2. ArNG11


      At least you have a warm cozy house to call your own.  Just plan a little.  

      Recently I looked at how much my kids want take out, I had to slim that number down a lot.  It is crazy how much a person spends.  With the amount I spent last month, I could have had groceries stocked for at least two months easy.  

    3. Buck52


      Oh yeah we cut back on cable  no HBO or movie channels, just the basic cable  and we have a new energy effi HEATING/COOLING SYSTEM with a high energy rating of 21.0( New Lennox top Unit 5 ton.

      We have had   heat barrier put up in attact , Had energy effi  double pane windows installed  and energy effi Shutters Installed on the inside on every window in the home, try to keep thermostat set at 68/70 use LED Lights With dimmers & ceiling fans in every room but kitchen/bath rooms

       And had a $$14,000 non heat blearier (Re-flecks heat) mental roof put on a couple years ago, and New door seals on all outside doors  which they are 4 outside doors.

      our neighbor got a 1200 .00 $$ water Bill last summer.

      I even got out a calk around the outside any cracks in the brick and wood areas

      The City where we live has just got ridiculous on utility's 

    4. ArNG11


      Geeh Buck I was trying to help.  Looks like you have done all you can.  Curious what about alternative energy sources.  Oklahoma is trying to get big on the Wind energy market but new technology is always slow.  People are so used to traditional energy means that when new alternatives come out they just won't budge.

      I'm not the model tree hugger but I try, it's only smart.  I have my house almost all converted to energy efficient bulbs and LED.  They are so much more cost effective in the long term, but the initial investment is crazy high.

      I don't have cable or hard phone line.  Netflix and iTunes take care of the entertainment needs for us, oh and we are trying out Hulu.  

      I'm looking forward to settling down in central New Mexico, the weather and conditions are so much more comfortable.  But until then I deal with the stuff here in OK.

      I must say you have done quite a bit.  My last purchase here was a ADA water efficient toilet.  Believe it or not that purchase was a great investment.  Necessity of course, but helpful in other areas to.  Easier to get on and get off of.  

      My biggest problem is deciding what to invest in as I don't want to or can't stay in Oklahoma.   Don't want to put too much $ in a place that I am thinking of not being in for more than 4 years or so.  Decisions right?

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