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  1. natural alternatives to prescription medicines???:huh:


    1. pwrslm


      I tried cloves for a toothache.  Ground cloves are great to treat the pain, only problem was that they also burned the skin in my mouth after I used them for 2 days.  Ended up with a huge spot that was very painful.  Be careful.

      When my back was flaring up, I used to concentrate on the muscles, to make them relax.  That worked very well for years.  Most of my back pain was caused by muscles locking up, when I learned that I could relieve that pain by relaxing the muscle, it was a lot of help.  No narcotic could do that.

    2. ArNG11


      No I can agree, it does take discipline and patience, but yes there are some things that can be helped, meditation, breathing techniques, and other disciplines to help with the injuries and issues.  Valerian root worked for quite a while just not as effective as it used to be or as long lasting as the RX muscle relaxers.

      The best results I have gotten is a multi discipline approach.  Utilize what works and discard what doesn't to taylor to individual needs of the specific day.  

      I really believe it is finding a balance of it all.  I also believe it is an adaptive ever changing process.

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