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  1. Right Hip Surgery went well.  A little surprised I'm using the walker so well.  The left hip was less FUBARed than the right and that surgery was a killer regarding pain.  But yippee all is well, still no word on BVA but heh it's the Holidays no time to think about the VA woes.  Enjoy the holidays folks, enjoy the family and friends.  

    1. Buck52


       ArNG11 ,

      Glad to hear your hip surgery went well,Hadit radio show host Jerrel Cook had HIP Replacement a few months back and I think he was in and out of the Hospital within a week doing a Hadit Radio Show   tough guy!!..now thats fast!  AGHHHHHH The wonders of modern medicine.

      Hope you both have a safe and speedy recovery.

      Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


    2. ArNG11


      Thanks Buck.  It's been hard these last few months, but I got both knees and both hips done while waiting for my claims to have some movement towards the BVA.

      Luckily it both times for me were not replacements just torn ligaments and a bunch of arthritis, however, all is well.  Thanks Buck.

      I need to get back in the loop,:wink: I have been gone for a little bit.:sad:

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