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    Law. Self improvement. Self preservation. Pursuing a stable peace of mind or at least trying. Trying, being the key word. RC Aircraft

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    RC Aircraft, Reading, and enjoying the years after retiring. Day by day

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  1. Change of scenery for me,  moved to Oregon and taking in the beautiful landscapes.  

    1. Buck52


      Hey Mr A hope all is going well for ya buddy

      how's your claims been going?

       I bet It's a big change going from an Okie to an Ogainianan ..but it is beautiful country,  use  to all Hay out in Bend Or Bout 47 years ago I'd just got back from Nam went to work Working for Rancher Ray Tucker..his daughter got sweet on me and fired me   lol..one thing I do remember is out there hauling hay on a flat bed semi truck trailer sweating and get a tan  and looking out at the snow on the Mountains in Mid Aug and driving around in a pick-up truck at high altitudes praying the Brakes didn't get to hot going back down

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