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Status Updates posted by ArNG11

  1. Been a while.  This COVID crap and all the craziness in the world has had me baffled, so much for progress, although, while skeptical and cynical, can't help hoping for better times. If life throws you lemons, make Long Island Iced teas? : )

    1. Buck52


      Welcome Back ArNG11

      good to see you on hadit   where the heck you been buddy?

      Did you get all your claims approved? I was wondering what happen to you??.

      yeah this covid has things all in a turmoil  I just stay home and only get out when I absolutely have to  and do social distancing   wear my mask wash my hands more and more  and just hope for the best.

      Anywayz  Welcome Back.

    2. ArNG11


      Been living in Oregon, medicating with natural meds, reading about all the chaos and laughing at the VA and all their games. Kind of fell of the social grid a bit.  Dementia, never filed for that, but after the BVA seems  the VA took it upon themselves to add this to my claims.  Shennanagans trying to setup to discredit my testimony is my guess. Same old same old.

      Wow.  I tend to do the same and stay home that is, only go out when I need to pick up the wife, food runs, same old stuff or when I get bored which is a lot.

      With the claims I think I have the hips locked in, got to get some new ratings on the thyroid applied, and revisit some others but almost done.  I'll stop when Im total and permanent, with housebound. File for higher SMC when the time comes hoping not to get that bad but you know the drill.

      It's nice to chat with people who remember you, this lockdown crap, has made me bitter and lonesome.  It blows.  How have you been? Always busy in the forums I see.  Thats great, Vets will always need help fighting.

  2. Hoping all have a safe and enjoyable Veteran's Day. Stay safe, be thankful, and keep fighting.  Never Give up.  

  3. Reading and re reading my BVA decision and it's what should I say and call it,  perplexing at the least.  It seems that while private medical records and private evaluations, in my claims, while those records paint a higher disability picture, the only evaluations that are used for the rating of disabilities is the VA bogus C&P.s  What happened to evaluation of ALL evidence,  the higher of two or more evaluations, SMC S and so forth.     Irritated and disappointed to say the least.  Partial grant, partial denial, partial remand.   On the damn hamster wheel again.   WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!!!


  4. Irritated today as now I have a further wait for the BVA.  As it appears now,  my appeals have been remanded by the BVA.  Although I am certain, that I sent in a Waiver of Review when my claims were sent to the Board. I need specifics on what was reason for the remand, if anything was granted or denied and so forth.  So irritated.  I do however, take some comforts, in knowing that legally the Regional office goofed somehow, but alas, until I get specifics, back on the hamster wheel for me it seems.   RRRrrr.  

    In other news at least the weather is great here in Portland, and I have a nice size 16ft deep pool to go swimming in.    

  5. Love the trees and atmosphere in Oregon.  Been experimenting with alternative medicines and it is not easy to find the right cocktails to get pain relief and still be functional.  Slowly learning though different strains and intake methods.    Still trying to get recon and situational awareness out here though.  Short term memory is kicking my butt, but heh GPS and repetition, slowly getting there.

  6. Change of scenery for me,  moved to Oregon and taking in the beautiful landscapes.  

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    2. ArNG11


      Heh Buck sorry for the time in between.  It has taken me  a while to adjust and that is just to say that I can take the wife to work and barely with errors get home.

      The scenery is so beautiful, I love the colors, trees, and although this is raining season here the weather.  It so beats Oklahoma.  Other than family and familiarity I won't miss OK much. 

      Man I feel so how should we say "fish out of water " feeling. Definitely a change of pace.

    3. vetquest


      Lived in Portland for ten years and loved it.  The rainy season is January until December.

    4. ArNG11


      yeah you were not kidding, but it has gotten better in the mid months


  7. Happy Belated New Years to everyone.  Sorry a bit behind the curve these days.  Have a prosperous new year and may your VA battles be swift and victorious.

    1. Buck52


      How you been Mr A   good to see you on hadit .

      hope your claim is moving along?

    2. ArNG11


      I haven't been too great mentally but hanging in there otherwise.  Things with my claims should be good although I believe I might have screwed the pooch on one the timelines for my last Form 9.  The VA took over a year to provide me a copy of the last decision a year a go.  I did send in the NOD and I did send in a Form 9 however. I didn't know the date of the last effective decision so I wrote one up stating that I was contesting the last decision.  

      It boils down to the effective date of my neck claim.  It should have the same effective date as my back since SMR's and the LOD for the back and the LOD for neck were all in my records in the hands of the VA at the time of my initial claim. Then the rest of my contentions I've rested on the medical evidence and independent medical opinions.

      It looks like I may have 3 separate dockets dates but I am still not for certain on that since I can't get a complete answer from the VA via IRIS or helpline.

      I've received the 90 day letter from the BVA for evidence before the Board issues a decision in my appeal. So everything is moving smoothly to my knowledge.

      Keeping this all together is so taxing.  DOL, Social Security , OPM retirement, and Veterans benefits.   In all these years, and mind you, I haven't been at it as much as most on here on had it,  with my conditions, specifically the mental, which relies heavily on for recollection of events in my claims, I'm screwed.  Most days I can't tell you what day of the week it is, or what I had for breakfast that day,  if I remember at all, it is only after some big hints and recaps from my family that I can piece together whats going on.  Which lends to even more problems for  an already paranoid person, it sucks.  But I try to get by, try being the operative word.

      In any case didn't mean to write a novel.  I was just excited to hear from folks I consider friends on here.How have things been on your front?

  8. Keep fighting, keep fighting, with handcuffs on and vices on your lips keep fighting.  Don't ever give up.  

    1. Buck52


      Amen Brother!

  9. :cool: Still pressing on.  Keep the faith fellow Veterans.  Keep the fight up.  

    1. Buck52


      Hey Mr A

      Good to see you buddy, hope your doing ok?


    2. ArNG11


      So so, been contemplating the two fusion surgeries I have been trying to avoid on my hands.  Most days have been a blur for me with meds. Things could be worse though.  

      I won my SS case which was a plus.  Not sure if I had posted or rather talked about it much other than saying I got approved finally by the Judge.  Man it feels so good of sorts when you are vindicated that way.  Now the icing on the cake will be the VA caving in to what I am entitled to.

      Buck how about you ?

  10. Haven't been on in a while, but still kicking.  Won my SSDI claim and got Federal workers comp to dish out the some of my due scheduled awards and two pending other awards.  They are as slow as the VA at times but heh persistence is the key.

  11. FOIA request finally came in.  Only took 600 plus days but I received my copy today.  Of all things even at my correct address along with my full digital CD copy of my C-File was included.  Imagine that.  Almost two years late, but heh I have it now so I am locked cocked, ready to rock for BVA, whenever that is.  Good times

    1. Buck52


      That is great Mr A.....Hopefully you won't have a long drawn out wait time.

       if this is a Hardship for you be sure to mention it.

      Good Luck Buddy.

    2. ArNG11


      Actually Buck I haven't, not compared to some of the hardcore Veterans here.  I have been actually very lucky.  Very luck to have found Had it.  It truly is a gem.  I would not have gotten as far as I have without the knowledge gained from this site.  I know that for a fact.  I really attribute my successes to the knowledge and advice from my fellow brothers and sisters in arms.   It has made this whole debacle almost bare able.   I'll still give the credit to slow is smooth and smooth is fast.  Of course the fight, fight,  fight attitude does come into play.

  12. All be darned, it's is amazing how logic somehow magically appears in a courtroom. SSA hearing went grand.  The Judge was even arguing for my side.  Now if only if the BVA will follow suit.  That would be sweet indeed.


  13. Been working on health issues.  Still here and still moving forward, at least that is the daily plan.:tongue:

    1. Buck52


      Hang in there buddy!

    2. ArNG11


      Same to you my friend.

  14. Pain meds have been clouding my mind too much lately, time to make some changes again.

  15. Still moving forward, a little slower these days, however, still going onward...

  16. Been out of the loop for far too long.  2 knee and 2 hip surgeries later, still pressing on.  Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  :smile:

  17. Merry Christmas to everyone.  Enjoy your family and each other as that is what IS really important.  

    1. Hamslice


      Back at you buddy,

      Stay warm,


  18. Right Hip Surgery went well.  A little surprised I'm using the walker so well.  The left hip was less FUBARed than the right and that surgery was a killer regarding pain.  But yippee all is well, still no word on BVA but heh it's the Holidays no time to think about the VA woes.  Enjoy the holidays folks, enjoy the family and friends.  

    1. Buck52


       ArNG11 ,

      Glad to hear your hip surgery went well,Hadit radio show host Jerrel Cook had HIP Replacement a few months back and I think he was in and out of the Hospital within a week doing a Hadit Radio Show   tough guy!!..now thats fast!  AGHHHHHH The wonders of modern medicine.

      Hope you both have a safe and speedy recovery.

      Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


    2. ArNG11


      Thanks Buck.  It's been hard these last few months, but I got both knees and both hips done while waiting for my claims to have some movement towards the BVA.

      Luckily it both times for me were not replacements just torn ligaments and a bunch of arthritis, however, all is well.  Thanks Buck.

      I need to get back in the loop,:wink: I have been gone for a little bit.:sad:

  19. Back from La la land.  left knee surgery went great, already walking better.  Soar as heck but no more grinding and popping.  :lol:

  20. Out of knee surgery, A Okay, but dang this is more painful than the hip surgery several months ago. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. One surgery at a time :huh:

    1. Buck52


      Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr A

    2. ArNG11


      Thanks Buck52.  I thought the hip was bad, geesh this takes the cake.  I'm happy though it wasn't a total or partial knee. Definitely could have been worse. :lol: Couple of torn meniscus MCL.  

  21. Way too much, but making some progress with treatment and realizing some revelations.:biggrin:

  22. In a fog lately, meds have gotten the best of me for the moment.

  23. natural alternatives to prescription medicines???:huh:


    1. pwrslm


      I tried cloves for a toothache.  Ground cloves are great to treat the pain, only problem was that they also burned the skin in my mouth after I used them for 2 days.  Ended up with a huge spot that was very painful.  Be careful.

      When my back was flaring up, I used to concentrate on the muscles, to make them relax.  That worked very well for years.  Most of my back pain was caused by muscles locking up, when I learned that I could relieve that pain by relaxing the muscle, it was a lot of help.  No narcotic could do that.

    2. ArNG11


      No I can agree, it does take discipline and patience, but yes there are some things that can be helped, meditation, breathing techniques, and other disciplines to help with the injuries and issues.  Valerian root worked for quite a while just not as effective as it used to be or as long lasting as the RX muscle relaxers.

      The best results I have gotten is a multi discipline approach.  Utilize what works and discard what doesn't to taylor to individual needs of the specific day.  

      I really believe it is finding a balance of it all.  I also believe it is an adaptive ever changing process.

  24. Hang in there girl.  You will get through this.  Sorry to hear about the issues.  Listen it took me a big swallow of pride to ask for the walker when I had my hip surgery, please don't make the same mistake.  If using a scooter allows you to heal faster and correctly, then it is worth the inconvenience.  Hope for a speedy recovery and again, hang in there things will get better.  Good luck.

  25. "Focus" and breathing.:mellow:

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