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  1. If you call their 800 number you will find that they are several months behind. They state what month that they are opening mail for near the beginning of the recording.
  2. You might call the billing office to see if they have the card. Also be ready for all of the other bills that you will need to call with the information. I found when my wife had bypass surgery that the hospitals do not share insurance information with the other providers. A FYI we carry photocopies of her cards CHAMPVA, stop gap insurance, and identification card to give to providers. It seems to help most times.
  3. I took both A & B since there was no cost to me. My wife and I like to travel in our RV and there are a lot of times that there is not a VA facility close. While I am eligible for Veterans Choice it can be a hassle actually getting the bills paid at times. I figure having Medicare is there for emergency use and it sometimes helps by having a civilian doc to double check the VA docs. I have never had appointments cancelled because of it.
  4. bobz

    Champ VA issues

    My wife uses the meds by mail unless it is a new prescription or I brain fart it. We do have the selman supplement which helps for her medical bills and now it will be put to the real test as she just underwent heart surgery. This will be a nightmare tracking the bills with CHAMPVA since they don't offer a way to check online for bills and their current status. I know just like on active duty, "Keep us in the dark and feed us BS."
  5. I am going to call them tomorrow and figure the answer is going to be to use OptumRx at a regular pharmacy but that in itself will be a PIA as it will require carrying copies of all of the wife's prescriptions. Has anyone had any experience with this? Will they send the meds to another address we will be visiting family along the way. Just wanting some honest answers before talking to them. Sure would be easier if we could just order and pick up at closest VA facility.
  6. bobz

    CHAMPVA supplements

    I am just wondering if any of you that have CHAMPVA are using any supplements other than Medicare/Medicaid? I had Selman through AMRA but now AMRA is shutting down the only way you could get it was through them.
  7. I have seen a lot of information and assistance for people who are care providers for our veterans. What I cannot find is information for when the Veteran is the one who is the caretaker. Would it be the same? In my case I am 100% P&T and in the position of taking care of my wife. Just looking for ideas etc...
  8. I haven't had mine yet still nursing the shots... My father in law had both done was down about 2 months, they did them a month apart. At 80+ now he is still going strong, he can out work people less than half his age. Still does everything he used to do which is awesome considering he was a general contractor.
  9. What I don't understand is why should we have to register in each location? Is this not a nation wide organization, I know the Doctors can see all of your medical records from every facility you have been treated at. Well I had to tell my current doc how to find what I was talking about. This is just more of their bull dookie to give us the run around. I tried as a walking to transfer from Reno to Las Vegas and the lady I was talking to had no clue what I was talking about. I went and sat in a chair called them got a very polite young man and not only got transferred but got an appointment for that day. I know miracle right.
  10. Well this is working out to be great for all of the concerns. The therapist even ran the pain portion on my hands, haven't been able to open left hand since stroke in 09 after 2nd treatment it opens flat. Now to work some strength into it. Anyone wondering about this try it definitely better than more drugs.
  11. Thanks Vync, the tips are great I don't need any help in the staying awake department... I shall see tomorrow
  12. I know this is an older post however was just prescribed this for depression, stress and sleep issues. I see it seems to help with pain, a great side effect, anyone had this for depression etc?
  13. you can find them online at the site you want to be treated.
  14. In 2012 I called the Reno VA needing ER type care. Their natural first responce was well come in, cute trick considering i was 5 hours away.So they told me to go to the closest hospital which I did. We, wife and I informed the check in person I was covered by the VA for medical care. Informed them that I was a patient of the Reno hospital and provided copies of what they needed. Then I was taken to the ER. Shortly after they had me all hooked up the clerk came in saying they told me they don't have you listed there. I asked who she called she said the VA in Vegas. I asked her to look at the paperwork and read what y wife wrote, she goes oh Reno not Vegas. So I get treated for a TIA and released. Fast forward to 2014 now all of the sudden this is on my credit report as unpaid. Never got any bill or anything else from them. Also in 14 the hospital goes bankrupt with county moving in to take over. This TIA caused my VA rating to go to 100% after the battle with the VA. So now to battle with both about this bill, who wants to bet I will get stuck with it?
  15. Does the same apply if you are rated P&T with no future exams?
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