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  1. I am still under their care. I am under constant medication and still go to my social worker appointments every 3 months like clockwork. I am not too worried I was just curious. If I attach my favorable DBQ that I just recently had done how much weight does it carry? Thanks all!
  2. This seems fairly fast since my final decision 1 1/2 years ago. Is this normal? Figured I would have to do another one 3-5 years. Just a bit curious. Also another side note: Of course, I would still be attending my C&P but if I attach my favorable DBQ that I just recently had done how much weight does it carry? Thanks all!
  3. Well, what makes me mad is that Human Resources submitted my leave paperwork on how much leave I had used because of it. In the C&P the examiner even states that I miss several days of work a month because of migraines but then states that it doesn’t impact my work.
  4. I am also attaching the DBQ and nexus my neurologist filled out before I had my C&P. The addendum was added at the bottom of the over the phone C&P. Here it is altogether: *** MEDICAL C&P EXAM MA Has ADDENDA *** Headaches (including Migraine Headaches) Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: Rxxx Sxxxxx Txxxxx Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No ACE and Evidence Review
  5. Here is the copy of the addendum that was sent in to the VA in Evansville. ELECTRONIC CLAIMS FOLDER AVAILABLE. CLAIMS FILE BEING SENT FOR REVIEW BY THE EXAMINER. RXXX TXXXXXX xxx-xx-xx72 Date of claim: 03/14/2018 Days pending: 58 Attention C&P clinical staff - This exam request was scheduled at your location because this is an addendum request for an exam completed at your facility. These remarks were generated using version 4.0 of the Exam Request Builder (ERB_v_4.0).
  6. An addendum has been ordered last week. This seems like good news that they noticed ththat discrepancies. Will keep updating this thread.
  7. Actually my neurologist saw me and wrote my Nexus BEFORE my C&P exam. This is what is so frustrating that he should have r as my file but he clearly has not.
  8. I am 70% PTSD and 60% GERD. The thing with your research that you provided is that my neurologist put sources in his Nexus that link migraines and PTSD. My claim was sitting at Preparation for Decision until the a couple days after this report and is now back to gathering of evidence. I am hoping that someone noticed how terrible that report looked and has decided on ordering another one or at least get clarification on these issues.
  9. Thank you all for your suggestions but the the thing is I submitted an IMO from my neurologist saying that my anxiety is connected to my migraines. The VA has even prescribed me Sumatriptan. It just seems like the C&P examiner did not read anything in my records. He also said my migraines did not impact my job but HR at my job submitted my leave statements of me leaving work because of migraines. The C&P examiner wrote in my notes that I missed work several days and still said it did not impact my job!
  10. So I received the notes today from my migraine C&P. Under the remarks at the end he says that my migraines are less likely as not due to or the result of PTSD. His rational is: PTSD does not cause tension headache or migraine headache. Also states that "He is not on any medication for headache." I am prescribed Sumatriptan by the VA! I know several people who have migraines secondary to PTSD but the real kicker is that I am not claiming migraines to PTSD. I am claiming secondary to anxiety. I even had a nexus written by my neurologist stating that my migraines are connected to
  11. No I just had a DBQ and and endoscopy report from when I was in the military. Got S/C with a 60% rating for GERD
  12. That's excellent news! I was hoping they would backdate it but was unsure. Thanks!
  13. I submitted a claim in Oct 2017 for GERD and was S/C for 10%. I submitted a reconsideration with my DBQ as new evidence and I just found out that it was bumped up to 60%. That's incredible and I am happy. However on eBenefits it says that my effective date is 2/8/2018 (the day I submitted the reconsideration.) I know I should wait for the BBE but I was just curious if the effective date is actually this or should it have been back in October because it was not a reopen claim but in fact a reconsideration of the current claim? Thanks.
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