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  1. You should learn all there is about the symptoms of PTSD. When you get your exam the doctor will probably be seeking to see by your testimony if you match up to PTSD symptomology. Make sure the doctor knows about your symptoms that match PTSD. If you are hyperalert make sure he knows. If you have insomnia and often relive the traumatic events that caused PTSD make sure he knows. The VA C&P doctor is going to make the PTSD diagnosis so you have to convince him/her you have PTSD. Every question the doctor asks you will be evaluated for him to make a decision about your ptsk.
  2. I would get the IMO/IME. As a matter of fact, I might get two IME's/IMO's. Just bury them with evidence. When I got P&T I had three doctors do reports for me. Getting an incompetent C&P is so normal for the VA in my experience that it is normal. I went to a C&P for a heart condition. The so-called doctor was a nurse. She had no idea what she was doing. My exam with her was a 0% disability. I got my IMO and got 60% because the C&P doctor's exam was so incompetent. It is amazing what an IMO can do for you. So many vets just accept a VA C&P without filing an appeal and
  3. I read in VFW magazine or DAV mag. that it along with bladder cancer had been added. Maybe not officially yet, I don't know.
  4. I would think you might be able to file a "depression" claim due to misery of tinnitus. Many people with physical disabilities suffer depression. I think a tinnitus claim is worth about 10%. It is different from hearing loss. You have to be deaf as a post to get major disability for hearing loss.
  5. Buck.....I do have "S". I had TDIU and then got another 60% for a separate condition. I have had "S" for years. Bronco helped me get it via Bradley V Peak decision. I have been TDIU P&T for 20 years. I was not really shooting for 100% when I claimed an increase for my DMII, but I got the big increases for the PN. No more money for me, so it is a fluke that I finally got to 100% when I did not need it.
  6. Getting the proper compensation from the VA depends on your having plenty of information about your condition. Now that you have your foot in the door I would get a private doctor to write you and IMO if you intend to appeal. If not for IMO's in my own mental health claims I would still be sitting at 30% 30 years later. For years I had ten minute C&P exams where the only question the VA asked me was "Are you working?" If I said "yes I work " it was automatic denial of an increase. Then I got smart reading Hadit. My ignorance and VA's lies cost me many thousands of dollars over the yea
  7. Buc.....what you said about C&P examinations is so true. I think the VA goes 95% with the exam. If exam doctor says you are a basket casthe VA just excepts that because they are lazy. I did get a great exam from LHI lately, but I was so suspicious of them regarding any mental health exam for an increase I did not do it. I was already 70% for a combination of mental conditions I just left it alone. Exams for mental health conditions are so subjective that you can get screwed to the wall in 20 minutes. A PTSD exam could fly like an eagle or sink like a stone depending on the C&P exam
  8. Marine...... I have pretty severe PN. I have 40% for each leg and 40% and 30% for upper extremities. I have not been tested for foot drop. I do tend to drag my feet a little bit due to pain. I also seem to be having trouble grasping things without dropping those things. Buck...I will follow your advice about getting more evidence on my DMII. I got a 20% rating for DMII and I believe I should have gotten 40% except a 40% rating requires "limitation on activities" in the C&P report. I am , in fact, quite limited already due to the PN. Now that I have 100% I am wondering how to get a
  9. I asked for an increase for my DMII and was denied because the doctor did not specify that I needed to limit activities. The thing is I was awarded for severe to moderate neuropathy in both hands and feet. I am already limited in activities due to the PN. Do you think I have a shot at an appeal when I make that argument? I can't even walk around in the grocery store due to pain in my feet and I drop things all the time due to nerve damage in my hands and arms. The neuropathy is by far the worse disability I have and it is a result of DMII. I want them to reconsider their logic. I know that
  10. I just got a call from my VA PCP. She wants me to do appointments via skype or via smart phone. The VA just does not want us in the building. I will have had both Vaccine shots soon. Why can't I see my doctor in person? I see my private doctors in person. I have appointments with a DMII specialist and a cardiologist in person. I have had high blood and DMII for years and I have never been able to see a specialist. I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain for years and no pain management. The VA is either grossly understaffed or they just want to save money. Any MD outside the VA
  11. My lawyer's wife was a former VA psychiatrist. I went to see her for my appeal some years ago. She wrote an IME that just knocked it out of the park. The VA just rolled over and granted my appeal. For mental health claim get the iMO/IME doctor. Mental health is subjective. A hostile C&P doctor can just kill your claim. There are VA C&P doctors that believe that vets are all fakers and frauds.
  12. Buck Keep an eye on your blood sugar and blood pressure . VA really dropped the ball in my case. I am not in so good shape myself. Your blood sugar can explode and land you in the ICU. High blood works to cause strokes and enlarged heart. I had DMII but it was basically under control. I had not seen a doctor in almost a year because I had not been to the VA in person for bloodwork. I am overweight myself. Sometimes I get out of breath from just going to the grocery store and hauling bags and bags of stuff from the car to the house. At our age things can go wro
  13. Getting a mental health IMO is a great idea. It can make all the difference between a 10% rating and a 70%-100% rating. Mental health ratings from the VA are all over the place. Depending on who you see for your C&P exam anything can happen.
  14. Yes, I already got S. Maybe I did that what you say about hitting the submit button because I was looking at my ratings a few months ago. The VA did withdraw the PTSD claim increase at my insistence. I was connected for PTSD but it was combined with 3 other conditions. I had 70% and that was about all I think I could get. I had TDIU P&T and a combined rating of 90%. My DMII got worse and I was already connected for PN. The LHI doctor must have wrote a hell of a exam for the PN because VA increased it by about 80%. They added two new conditions of 20% apiece. They left my DM11 rat
  15. You know I use ST. Pete Regional Office. I have filed many claims and appeals. They are so ignorant. I have gotten numerous awards that were in my favor that I could not understand. I don't gripe about claims in my favor even when they make no sense. Of course, the best claim I ever filed was denied time and time again. If your claim involves a lot of backpay you can expect to be denied. I am not entirely sure if malice or ignorance is behind St. Pete Office screw ups. When I claimed S-1 I had to file a CUE because I was not awarded S-1 immediately when I got an extra 60% after being P&
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