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  1. I filed a CUE claim for being denied a higher level of disability way back in 1972. I did not file an appeal back then and that was the tool they used to deny my claim for TDIU or 100%. I had a lawyer and we went to Vet Court of Appeals. I thought I had a slam/dunk but because I did not file the appeal back in 1973 I lost. File an NOD and an appeal every time you get denied.
  2. I was in the VA hospital due to my diabetes for one week back in October of last year. The conditions I experienced were awful. I was stuck in a room with six other very sick vets who coughed, farted, groaned and retched all night and day. I started losing weight not by choice, but due to food being so bad. I did not sleep for days. I was begging them to discharge me. I told doctors that if I stayed much longer they would be burying me. Finally, they rolled me out to the curb and left me. It took an hour for my wife to come and get me. I would never go back except maybe to die on clea
  3. "Let he who is without sin caste the first stone".......Jesus. Jesus came to redeem sinners and not just to award the angels. Hey I said that and I am not religious but I used to know my bible a little bit.
  4. I found the BCMR to be most arrogant. They ignored any testimony I made and just laughed at my efforts. I had plenty good documentation on my DD214 and in my Vietnam personnel and medical records to support my claims, but the did not approve any of my claims. The BCMR did help me get my father's WW11 awards and decorations. The BCMR does not have a duty to assist that I know of. They jut tell you to prove it. I was awarded a disability rating that started the day after I was discharged. I was not given a medical discharge which I don't understand. Did my disability happen in the 24 ho
  5. Many of my medical records from my last duty station were missing from my records. I wrote to the commanding officer and asked if he had my records. Of course, he said it was all sent to St. Louis. I was filing a petition to have my discharge changed from honorable to medical . It did not take all that much time to get the records they had in St. Louis, but getting records from various duty stations that were complete was impossible for me. My father was a WW11 vet and his records were burned up in the fire. They did send me a little bit of data but no medical or personnel.
  6. When you go for these C&P exams you are rolling the dice. I have had such incompetent exams done at the VA by some nurse/doctor. I had a great exam done recently by a contract doctor. If pays your money and you takes your chances. Just be a persistent bastard and you win in the end if you call being disabled winning. I do if I get compensated for it.
  7. You don't have to take the drugs. Just accept them and then flush them. You are trying to get extra compensation for a mental health condition as secondary to a physical injury.
  8. Your lawyer or rep is only so good as your evidence. You really need someone who will guide you to get the evidence you need and will game plan your attack on the VA claims system. It is adversarial all the way.
  9. Why are not our VSO's doing something about these awful C&P exams done by the VA. I had mental health VA exams done for years where exam doctor only asked one question: "Are you working?" I got denied an increase all though the 70's and 80's because VA simply ignored all my evidence and relied on the C&P exam. We vets need organizations that really represent us.
  10. I would keep seeing the VA shrink if I were you. I have been seeing one for 25 years. This produces a mountain of documentation and evidence. Very hard to cut a rating for a vet who is in constant long term care from a VA shrink.
  11. I filed a claim for caregiver on behalf of my wife. I am a 100% vet. I am claiming need help with daily chores of life including monitoring my medications and making sure I take my insulin etc. I need help and my spouse has been helping me. It has only been about a month or so since I filed the claim. VA got back to me recently. I think it will be a process. Not a slam dunk but it should be. If I were a 100% vet I would ask that I have caretaker.
  12. Ham Yes, I had been unsure of LHI being as good as halfass exams I got from VA over the years. I should have known they could not be worse. I think you have nothing to fear from LHI.
  13. Every vet who has a physical disability should seriously consider filing a claim for depression. Get to your VA shrink and/or a private shrink and start documenting. Few disabled people escape episodes of depression. Those with chronic pain suffer the worst. I am speaking from personal experience.
  14. Ham I recently got an exam from LHI. I got an additional 80% at least and I was not even trying. The exam was pathetic but the result was good for me. It was done by a nurse not a doctor. The dingbat nurse did not raise the rating for my original disability but raised up other issues to put me over 100%. This was really a much better exam than I ever got from the VA.
  15. Due to your chronic pain you should be filing a mental health claim. You might get more for a depression claim related to your disability than your actual injury. You need to start seeing a VA shrink and a private shrink to bolster a mental health claim. Severely injured vets rarely think of their mental health. They suffer and don't even realize they are depressed.
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