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  1. AO and Hypertension?

    Did you have a reading on your fasting glucose levels? The VA won't DX you with DMII unless you file a claim even if your glucose levels are high. They just won't do it because they know it means money. I could never get them to actually DX me with DMII until I filed a claim for it. I had what they called impaired glucose functioning or something like that but it was DMII all along they would just not name it. DMII can cause nerve damage especially in your feet. Next thing you know you have an ulcer on your heel and they are chopping off your leg. It happened to a guy who worked with me at the USPS. John
  2. AO and Hypertension?

    Buck What was your last A1c reading and what was fasting glucose results. Some of what you describe sounds like neuropathy which is a common secondary condition to DMII which is related to AO. I have had PN for years and got rated for it as secondary to DMII (A0). If blood glucose level is above (125) that is indication you have DMII. If you are above about 110 that is impaired glucose which is just a hop, skip and jump from DMII DX. DMII DX covers so many secondary conditions it would fill a page. Having DMII I looked at a page in VBM and it indicated all the secondary conditions for DMII. I used this to make a claim of secondary PAD which soon evolved into CAD and another 60% rating and "S". All this was due to the VA doing a CT scan on a bump I had on my left leg. They found calcification of veins and arteries in my leg and extrapolated to my heart and brain. This is why I will file for HBP when and if VA adds it to presumptives for AO. I don't think I will wake up the old pit bull unless I need to because I have three years to go for 20 years at P&T. I am a little bit worried because after big unpaid tax cut the government may put VA benefits, Medicare, Medicade and SSA and all social programs back under the microscope for cuts. This is what many in congress have wished to do for decades. They have admitted this so it not a hot political call to arms. We vets need protection for our benefits.
  3. Ham You are right. I went before ABCMR twice and lost both times. The lawyer wanted $10,000 to represent me and even so he said I had a bout 5% chance of winning because I was asking for my honorable to be changed to medical with a pension. My VA disability became effective the day after I was discharged. How can Army claim I suddenly became ill the day after discharge and was perfectly fine until then. It is more complicated than that I know and the Army and BCMR blow tons of smoke at you when you appeal discharges. When I was in Vietnam the army became giving urine drug tests and if you came up positive you got LTH discharge. I don't know if they were doing the same policy to vets in combat units who were actually fighting the war. I bet a lot of them would have considered any sort of discharge a good deal when they did not expect to live long enough to DEROS back to the states. I would not discourage any vet from trying to get discharge upgrade but the facts should be known before wasting time unless the case is iron clad. There was a vet here who did get his discharge changed to a medical and he richly deserved it and had much proof the army screwed up. He also had 100% from the VA. The BCMR says that even if you were discharged as bogus character disorder and had PTSD instead the rating you should have got from the Army medical board should have been at least 30% in order to even get a pension. The pension just gives you Tricare and I think is deducted from your VA compensation. On this I could be wrong. Now I am thinking the only reason to make VA claims or go to BCMR is if money is involved. The morale argument is just not worth the aggravation.
  4. MF6 Probably when you accepted the general under honorable discharge the military will claim they did a physical on you to include mental status update. They will say that you were not suffering from any mental illness that made it impossible for you to serve, but that some character disorder was the reason you were discharged. You may have signed something you are not aware of today that agreed with the conditions of your discharge. This is all smoke and BS they cook up to justify what they do to vets who are suffering from some mental health issues the military does not want to pay for in form of medical discharge. The BCMR will kick you appeal around for a while and probably deny it with a half-azz review of the "fact". This is why I say you probably need a lawyer to does these cases. How long has it been since you were discharged? You can sort of assume that the Army and BCMR will be lying about almost everything.
  5. AO and Hypertension?

    I don't think those DX's are directly AO related, but with a DX of PTSD many things including heart disease can be secondary. That is like DMII which is AO presumptive. Many other disorders can be secondary to DMII. I wonder about the anemia. Megaloblastic anemia should be investigated because I don't even know what it means, but all sorts of leukemia are AO presumptive. My brother has a form of leukemia that is present but not active. They only way you can tell is bloodwork which shows too many white blood cells. Anemia usually means blood cells are not acting right or too many white cells and not enough red cells etc. That is suspicious to me. I am not a doctor but I would get a second opinion on the anemia from a real doctor.
  6. IU and SSDI

    It depends on where you live because no one in my neighborhood could live off $2000 a month or $4500 a month. My wife and I live off about $6600 a month but this includes a disability insurance payment, small OPM pension, TDIU plus SMC "S" and both our SSA pensions. If you live in Iowa or Kansas in a small town where you can buy a house for $100,000 maybe you can live on $4500 a month if you don't over eat. The wife and I just went to the store and came back with some bags of groceries and it was $160. I only owe on a car and have no debts, but $6600 a month does not make me feel rich. If I need a new roof that will be $7000. New plumbing, God knows, or if a hurricane destroys my house the first $10,000 comes out of my pocket. Who here has $100,000 in savings? This is what you are supposed to have at your finger tips which is about two years income.
  7. Using Ebenefits to file New Claim

    Buck I think I will do as you say. I don't know if the VA will connect HBP to AO but I might as well file because it will take months if not years to be denied or approved. By that time it may be SC'ed for HBP. This may by our last shot at new AO conditions according to Berta.
  8. I wanted to file a claim for HBP presumptive to AO, but the process on Ebenefits asks many weird questions such as "Are you applying for TDIU"? I already have TDIU . I don't know how to answer that question. They it popped up with "you don't need to apply for PTSD since you already have it". According to the VA I am not being treated for PTSD but for depression and anxiety which is SC. I feel like I am walking through a minefield so I have avoided Ebenefits. I know how the VA can really screw up a claim and send me to a proctologists for a PTSD exam and cut my rating. They once sent my TMJ claim to a psychiatrist and he did not know what to do.
  9. AO and Hypertension?

    Yes, and if the spouse is married for at least 8 years before the vet croaks she/he is entitled to an extra couple of hundred dollars in DIC. All told it is about $1400 a month. This is not much money and I can't quite understand why the spouse is not entitled to the full amount of the vet's compensation. With SSA the surviving spouse is entitled to all of the dead spouse's SSA. Let us say the surviving spouse is 70 years old. Now she/he must survive on half the money they were getting before the death of the vet. If they have rent, mortgage, loan or car payment you can't pay that on less than 50% of vet's pay. I don't have a scanner but I could mail my copy of AO Letter to Hadit or your address Gastone. One question I have is after 20 years of being P&T TDIU will that rating become permanent? I am 90% now and need a new 50% rating to get to scheduler 100%. I don't see this in my future unless I get a lot sicker.
  10. My disability cost me the most productive years of my life work-wise. I was maxing out my IRA and 401-K contributions and that was almost 16 years ago. I lost out on SSA, OPM Pension, and personal savings and investment opportunities. This is why I think TDIU should be a permanent rating. Once you are TDIU almost no one ever goes back to work and the VA knows it.
  11. AO and Hypertension?

    I have been P&T since 2001 and am almost 68 years old , so I am not too concerned about reductions. I worry that HBP could cause a stroke or even more severe heart disease. I have been taking blood pressure from the VA for about 7 years. My BP is still high on occasion and they just upped my medication for it. I have always believed that it is wise to file for anything that might kill you even if you only get 10%. If I can make it a few more years I will have 20 years with a rating of P&T TDIU. I hope after this point according to the regulations that I will be home free from any reductions.
  12. Medicare pays only about half of allowable amount for mental health care. This is a pitiful amount unless you have a Medicare Advantage plan that pays more. The private shrink I use won't even accept medical insurance anymore due to paperwork nightmare. He does accept Medicare put you must pay a significant copay. I get his care via OWCP so I pay nothing. The reason I still see him is because he knows how to write a report that the VA will accept.
  13. AO and Hypertension?

    I saw stats that show Vietnam vets are 1.26 times as likely as non-Vietnam vets to have high blood. Vietnam vets who actually sprayed or handled AO are 1.70 times as likely to have HBP as vets who did not serve in Nam. The current AO Registry letter says there is a link between AO and HBP, but how significant is the link I don't know because I am not a statistician. The VA also says there is evidence of a link between AO and bladder cancer. It is absurd to quibble about AO conditions while the Vietnam generation is probably age 70 on average and will not survive to wait for the VA to make up it's mind. We know that AO causes cancer, DMII, Parkinson's and IHD. What is left that usually kills people? All the cancers and other potentially fatal diseases that plague Vietnam vets should be made presumptive. 90% of us will be dead in the next 15 years, so the only people the VA are really screwing are the aging spouses of Nam vets who might be able to claim DIC. I do think that the VA does want to delay any more presumptive SC conditions because every day they wait a 300 Nam vets die. In my local newspaper I see Nam vet obits every day.
  14. AO and Hypertension?

    Buck I got the AO Registry letter today and it said the VA had made a link between AO and HBP. However, it did not actually say HBP would be service connected to AO. They were also making some kind of link between AO and bladder cancer. I might just go ahead and file a claim for HBP and when and if they SC it I would have a retro date back to my claim. The VA knows the dioxins cause cancer, but they use these half ass statistics to compare Vietnam vet populations and non-Vietnam vet populations to see if there is significant link between AO and any disease they choose to study. This is crap really because the Vietnam "Boots on the Ground" population is shrinking by the day. Less than one million Vietnam vets survive. By the time they do all these studies we will all be dead. I think the average age of a Vietnam vet is probably 70 now. How much time do we have? 2 out of 3 RVN vets have already died.