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  1. Are you getting treatment for your heart? I hope you are not depending on the VA. The VA diagnosed me with a 60% rated heart condition and I never was referred to a cardiologist once in ten years. I use my own private doctor. The VA also ignored my high blood pressure as well. I would not trust these VA guys with anything that might kill you. Going to the VA is like seeing the "Doc in a Box". We get very basic care IMO.
  2. You ever notice when you approach a VA clerk they usually don't look up at you. You have to stand there until they finish talking to their girl or boy friend on the phone. I am not saying that private doctor's offices don't have rude clerks but the VA is in a world of their own. Don't be nasty to them because they will cause you more trouble than a doctor. I never get mean with the clerks because they can lose your paperwork.
  3. Since I have pretty good but expensive private insurance there is absolutely no incentive for me to have to hike 20 miles to my VAMC to get poor specialty care that I can get within 5 miles of my house. The VA offers many programs that might help me but the drive through congestion and dangerous traffic makes it not worthwhile for me to attempt the hike. Just driving to my local VAMC is the most dangerous thing I do these days.
  4. What kills me is that the government is opposing awarding Blue Water Navy vets AO presumptive due entirely to the cost of the benefits. This is their entire justification for denying these benefits for the last 40 years. How many Blue Water vets have died from AO conditions in the last decades?
  5. Towards the end of the Vietnam war there were hundreds if not thousands of drug addicted vets who became addicted in Vietnam. At first the military tried to treat the soldiers. Then they decided it was cheaper to just give them bad conduct discharges. I think their addiction problems were not service connected at that time. They probably never would have become addicted if they were serving stateside. Cheaper to blame the victims. I think the military still treats drug addiction as misconduct. This is medieval in thinking.
  6. For the VA it is just about money. The political appointees who rule the VA must get on their knees to their bosses in the administration who don't mind giving vast tax cut to cronies and rich corporations, but balk at giving sick veterans a break. For generations the VA has opposed giving dental benefits to non-service connected vets. The health issues are clear, but the money is the issue.
  7. David No, this monitor is a blood pressure cup that tightens up every half hour or hour all day long. It is not an EKG. It is really an easy and not very complicated deal. There is a device hooked up to the cup that records your BP and then the doctor can download it and see what your pressure was over the day and night. I would bet anything that your heart is enlarged at least partly due to your high blood pressure. It is strange to me that the VA has not hooked you up to a monitor like me. Every time you change BP medications the VA should do this to see if your new med is working. When you revealed what your BP was untreated I was thinking how in hell could they reduce your rating. I do think the VA may systematically under reporting high blood pressure among us vets. If the VA does definitely connected AO to high blood pressure it will cost them millions if not billions. This is why they stall on all these presumptive conditions and why they under report High Blood Pressure IMO.
  8. What is the current situation with AO and High Blood Pressure? Is HBP presumptive now for AO exposure? Too early to file a claim?
  9. Under the older claim systems once you had your C&P exam the rating happened pretty fast. The C&P was the last step almost. Having to wait six months after the exam for a decision seems awfully long. I have no idea if RAMP has made this decision longer. It is wise to never exaggerate your symptoms at an exam. These VA doctors all believe we are faking anyway so they are happy to catch someone faking symptoms.
  10. I went to a private cardiologist and he put a BP monitor on me for 24 hours. My BP was high on average even with meds 158/80. VA was completely inadequate in their treatment. Cardiologist said that the wall of my heart was getting a little thicker due to the HBP. Now this is tangible proof of what HBP does over time. If my heart were to continue to enlarge I would start to have heart failure at some time in the future. The VA has not treated this as they should. I do understand that VA has made the connection between HBP and Agent Orange? If so I will be filing a claim. I notice that VA does keep taking my BP to find a reading that is normal. They cherry pick my numbers and settle on the best one. They are screwing me and probably many other vets to try and get lowest BP readings. They just want to save money. Buck says truly that VA cannot reduce you because your BP is half way controlled due to meds. They should not have reduced you , David Dupe, based on your meds.
  11. You blood pressure is very high without your meds. I cannot believe they reduced you to 10%. You should fight that IMO. Even if your meds loser the HBP that is a dangerous level. If you forgot to take your meds for a few days you might be making up the heavenly choir.
  12. Yes, there is no shame in telling the doctor the truth. If you were not there for an increase what would you be there for? One exam doctor assumed that I was there to protect what I had. I set him straight on that. The VA doc was debating with himself as to my being entitled to 30% current rating and I was asking for 100%.
  13. Maybe the doctor was fishing around to see if you were making a TDIU claim or a non-service connected pension claim.
  14. Back in around 1975 I was getting a mere 10% check when I received a check in my name for 100%. I knew something was not right, so I called the VA and told them to check on this mistake. Next month I got the same 100% check. I called again and told them they made a mistake. I put the check in the bank thinking they would catch on quick. Months went by and I kept getting the check for 100%. Then one month the checks for 100% just stopped. I never heard another word. I kept the money in the bank for six months waiting to have to pay it back but it never happened. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut. Not believing the VA could screw up that bad I did the right/wrong thing.
  15. Thx john999

    i wasn't seen for (central sleep apea) I don't have ref sleep osa from a blockage. My heart quits beating for 20 -30 seconds. I was diagnosed by va after I got out. From what I understand between these blood problems will cause this central osa,splenic  infarction I have a enlarged liver, copd, I'm anemic they gave me a transfusion right before they replaced my aortic valve, I also have thrombocystosis, all these blood problems are not a coincidence. In all fairness to the va since my rating in 2005. I have had a stroke, afibralatiion, heart stent, aortic replaced. Continue to have congestive heart failure.

    i was also rated 30% hbp now I'm 10% HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN????



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