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  1. VA has diagnosed me with apnea and I forget the exact name but it means you fall asleep without warning and can't seem to wake up normally. Now I am SC for DMII and I have sensory neuropathy in my feet and hands. I am also SC for depression and a host of other MH conditions. Exercising can be might hard to do when I keep falling asleep and waking up not knowing what has happened. Is there a chance of my getting service connected for OSA. The thing that really worries me is falling asleep and not waking up at all. I don't mean to butt in to your thread, but the obesity and the OSA claim seem to be up my alley. I am rated 90% TDIU P&T and HB (S). You know most doctors believe it is not exercise but your calorie intake that leads to obesity. I wonder if there are studies that show that depression and DMII lead to intake of carbs and sugar that lead to obesity that lead to OSA. It seems to me from what I have read that DMII, depression, and PTSD can lead to weight gain and thus to OSA. John
  2. You know if they rate you for Chronic Pain Disorder they treat that as if it is a mental disorder. They lump it in with depression. I can tell you I may be depressed but it is because the things I used to do are just too painful for me now.
  3. Your award should say you have Chapter 35 benefits if you are p&t.
  4. What kills me is the VA has treated me for chronic pain in my lower back left shoulder, hands and feet. They have treated me with opiates including morphine, methadone, Oxycodone and Fentanyl patches. The pain is officially related to diabetic neuropathy. I get 10% for each foot and each hand. If you your hands and feet hurt so bad you have to be on heavy narcotics how can pain not even really enter into my ratings. I am rated for impairment for nerves that run through my feet and hands. No mention of pain or the consequences of pain. All this pain is supposed to be a result of AO exposure but there is really little objective proof except me constantly complaining about it. No doubt I have the pain but I don't think the VA really believes me after me being treated for pain since 2005. John
    1. Hey, AskNod,  I see you are up to 290% disabled.   What level of SMC are you at now?  Do you have an android that lifts you out of bed in the morning?  No,  the VA would never pay for that.
  5. With the hearing thing get your PCP to send you for a hearing test. Then complain about the constant ringing in your ears. What was your MOS in the military? Did you work around heavy machines or artillery, tanks, infantry etc. You know people can actually lose their hearing after just one exposure to a very loud noise. It happened to a film director during WWII when he was very near a 155 howitzer when it was fired. He did not know enough to cover his ears and lost 40% of his hearing permanently. He was stone deaf for months. You must understand these C&P doctors and your VA claims examiner are suspicious of all vets and probably are thinking you are just after a couple of bucks.
  6. I agree with Berta and Buck. If you get the DRO take your IMO/IME's with you and present them. The more evidence you have the better chance to get what you want at the local level. Be polite and friendly if possible with the DRO. These guys or gals can sometimes make a decision right there to grant your claim in full or in part and save you years of appeals. Just get all the evidence you can get. Make your arguments precise and to the point. If you talk about fairness and how the VA has screwed you for years the DRO's turn off their hearing aides. Medical evidence is what you need and IMO/IME fits that definition. Claims that involve thousands of other vets are unlikely to be resolved locally. A unique claim that pertains to you only and your facts has a better chance IMO.
  7. Bronco What you say about the VA's pain management policy sounds like my case. This is a nationwide VA policy to get all vets with chronic pain off narcotic pain meds so they can wash their hands of us and not be blamed if we OD by accident one day or commit suicide from dealing with pain all the time. Over 14 years ago VA prescribed me Morphine and 250 Oxycodone a month. Since that did seem to work the VA has been trying to cut me down to zero pills and pain meds just because some vets abuse their meds and some OD. I also have been accused of being a drug abuser with no proof to back this up except the VA's bias that all vets who take pain meds are by definition drug addicts and abusers. Now although pain and disability is worse I get 150 pain pills a month and must have six exams and blood and urine tests a year to prove I am not cheating on my drug intake. There are things my wife can do for me and things I can do for my wife. I tried to get help beyond HouseBound and was rejected because VA told me I was still able to feed myself and could wipe my own azz. I had all four limbs thus no help. Since my wife still is able to cook but unable to drive me to the VA for help she is not disabled enough to get help. Pretty soon neither one of us will be able to get to appointments so I guess by VA logic we will be cured. I expect as my wife and I both get older we will both will more disabled. I am glad I saved and invested my money because we will need it to get help that the VA won't pay for or help us with. Maybe I can get welfare or food stamps like other beggars and sell the stamps for extra cash to get help to take us to the store or to the VA for treatments. I am really fortunate to be a vet because people are always thanking me for my service.
  8. I think I would try and work the chronic pain and depression side of the case. I knew a woman letter carrier and the USAF tried to fix her TMJ surgically and made such a mess she lived with chronic pain for years. Due to the pain she became addicted to pain killers and she was not shy about letting the old horse doctor at our medical unit know about it. She went out on disability retirement I think, and then got the VA to cough up 100%. If I had to face her in a room without an armed guard I would have just granted her 100% and sent her on her way. When she took her pain pills and got riled up she just let it all hang out. She did not have to get physical. Her mouth was all she needed to bring down the house. No matter what the VA says they cannot measure pain nor can they measure PTSD or depression. It is usually best to try and not get them to actually hate you since all the doctors, judges and claims examiners will lie and cheat to ruin you. Many of these medical types have zero integrity and half of those working at the VA come from cultures that hate us anyway.
  9. I had a lawyer work on a claim of mine for about 7 years. I lost every step of the way and lost at the Court of Vet Appeals. I don't know if my lawyer ever got paid but I did not pay him. I would have gladly if he had won my case all or in part. I am sure that when your lawyer told the other lawyers that you stopped her from getting paid that was the kiss of death among that group of kind hearted folk. Lawyers and VA reps never helped me much and actually hurt one of my claims. Did you ever get any sort of award through her representation for anything? My feeling about most of them is if they can't make a quick buck they are not interested.
  10. I am P&T plus HB. However, my wife is not in such good shape herself. She has a problem with one of her eyes. Something called fourth nerve root palsy. What it means for her is that her eyes do not work together and she has double vision. This has caused her much grief and really hurt her self esteem and self confidence. When she drives she must have special glasses and even these do not help on the freeway or where traffic is heavy and she much change lanes. The thing is that she is supposed to be helping to drive me to the VA and to doctor's appointments etc. I wonder if I could get help for her. I could not get help for myself even though I have taken bad falls in the last three weeks due to the pills I take. I remember when I asked the VA what they could do for me if my wife had to check into a nursing home at some point. I was told to get a room next door to her. You know I have private long term care for her but I don't want to use it up until I have to do that since I only get five years. I have it for myself as well and when that run out the VA is most definitely on the hook for that service. I would rather just check out than use that service. You know even with 100%, HB and a couple of SMC awards the amount I get is so low it is more of an insult than anything else. My wife and I could not possibly live on my VA money alone. The money I get from the VA has allowed me to set aside considerable money to invest and buy me and the wife a couple of annuities and other private investment options, so we don't have to beg in the streets when times get tough. That is really the key to learn about investing and estate planning so regardless of what Uncle S*&T plans for us we will really be able to take care of ourselves. Planning is key and if you don't have a plan for your spouse and yourself then the state has a plan for you, but you won't like their plan.
  11. john999

    PTSD increase A&A added

    I agree with what Buck is saying about filing even if you are 100% or TDIU. I got an extra 60% after I was TDIU and then got HB which meant another $300 a month. It is really not chicken feed since it is tax free money. I now make about as much in tax free money as I did when I retired from the USPS with a taxable income.
  12. john999

    AO UPDATE -our last chance

    I was diagnosed by the VA with high blood at least five years ago and DMII due to AO about ten years ago. Now my HBP is not SC'ed, but the DMII is as well as the CAD as secondary to the AO DMII. I would like the HBP to get SC'ed just for the fact that HBP can lead to stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease as well. I just want to make double sure my spouse gets DIC by hook or by crook. I am going to DMII specialist since the VA only recommends I lose weight and take pills. Same for the CAD. The VA is supposed to be the experts on AO related disease. You must be kidding me.
  13. john999

    AO UPDATE -our last chance

    If a vet has SC heart condition is there any doubt that HBP has some serious interaction with existing heart problems. I go 60% for AO heart condition and I take meds for HBP. Which came first I do not know. How in the world can VA separate out AO effects for vet with heart and blood pressure problems? Where you have one you usually have the other because factors causing HBP also cause heart disease/heart failure. How can VA treat or rate vets for AO conditions as if person were living in outer space and all conditions impact each other?
  14. If the VA was aware you were getting SSDI for a solely service connected condition I think you have case for TDIU EED. I asked for EED when I got TDIU and I used SSDI effective date as the reason. The VA did not deal with that issue but granted the same date for EED based on hospital admission. I think they di d not want to deal with the SSDI issue. They were aware of my SSDI award date. I think SSDI dates are a minefield for the VA and many vets have this potential issue. Thus they blow smoke to avoid granting such claims on first go round. I think your SSDI date and TDIU date should be the same on logical and moral grounds. VA usually scoffs at those concepts and sticks to warped letter of the law. It is worth pursuing.

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