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  1. va claim

    If the VA is saying you have active psychosis and you have your nexus that should be 100% for you. If you actually have an active psychosis what kind of treatment is VA providing? You probably ought to be getting in-patient care until psychosis is under control.
  2. If your c&p states "total social and employment impairment" and you have the nexus then I think your chances of getting 100% or TDIU are very good. Total social and employment impairment is the definition of 100% disability. Bronco is probably referring to all the VA tricks and evasions they may deploy to deny or delay your getting 100%.
  3. Buck Get a different doctor if you can. Of course you judge others. Everyone does. You went through the meat grinder. Where was he at the time? How can they judge you when they never heard a shot in anger or been scared shitless in a combat situation. The VA still wishes to sweep the PTSD generations under the rug and "move on" to the next batch of vets.
  4. The best way to deal with this is to get your own psychiatrist to reinterpret what the counselor said and show that it is wrong and an incorrect spin on any medical facts you revealed. When VA counselors and shrinks start trying to say your problems proceeded your military service that always smacks to me of them getting the word to quell PTSD claims or mental health claims. I would never go back to that counselor so he/she can't do any more damage. Go to a VA psychiatrist.
  5. I applied for HISA grant to fix my bathroom so I did not fall. It was denied say that since I was not amputee and still had use of my legs I was not entitled. The VA would rather wait until I fall and break a hip than to help me avoid that outcome.
  6. A change in SMC S (Housebound)?

    Seminoles Way back in about 2007 me and my lawyer had a DRO Hearing about my CUE. The DRO agreed with us. He was very quickly overruled by his bosses and it was game on from then until we finally got denied at Court of Vet Appeals on legal technicality. What is "right" or "wrong" has little to do with VA claims. If your CUE or any sort of claim affects a large class of vets it is "game on" for the VA to deny your claim.
  7. I remember a VA psychiatrist telling me many years ago that I would never get more than 30% as if he knew anything. Now I am P&T with SMC "S". I had a CUE claim that was worked on by a lawyer for at least 6 years with multiple trips to the BVA and Court of Vet Appeals and even an attempt to get into federal court. I should have won. It was not my lawyer's fault. It was bad intentions by the VA and their finding a loophole to escape having to pay me for 30 years of a low ball rating.
  8. When I first appeared at the VA's door in 1972 the VA shrink that interviewed me minimized all my issues and symptoms. I went to see them because I was having mental health symptoms that were frightening to me. To hear some stumble bum VA hack make light of them really turned me off and I did not go back for about 20 years, but got help from private sector doctor. You know there is a strong political overtone to VA medical diagnosis and treatment. Back in 1972 the VA did not want to pay compensation to Vietnam vets with what they called "nervous conditions".
  9. Perhaps the Vet Center "doctor" has gotten the word that they don't want any more substantiated PTSD claims that are aided by VA therapist. Is your VA Vet Center counselor a psychiatrist. Clinical psychologist and psychiatrists opinions over top all the other social workers and counselors. Did this vet center doc make a DX based on something you did not say or reveal?
  10. Buck52 Drink about five cups of coffee and stay off you anxiety meds for a few days before you next see your L.C. S. W. Start talking about Vietnam and let your mind fall back to the worst firefight you experienced. That should convince him you are not better.
  11. Never let the VA operate on you or you really will have neck problems. One time the VA used a letter from my dentist to deny a mental health claim and a letter from my shrink to deny a dental (TMJ) claim. If you assume they have brain 1 you will get your feelings hurt. Just bury them in medical opinions of your own and facts.
  12. You know my Vet Center wrote a letter for me back in 2002 saying I had severe and chronic PTSD. The VA completely ignored all my doctors and came up with a DX of chronic schizophrenia. I don't have schizophrenia, nor ever had it. So even when your Vet Center says something the VA is likely to ignore it. The VA says now that I have MDD and Anxiety unspecified type. Just get the rating and the money.
  13. A change in SMC S (Housebound)?

    I got my SMC "S" based on a CUE the VA called on themselves after I pointed out "Bradley v Peake " to them and that I was P&T since 2001 and got an extra 60% in 2008 and never got inferred "S". If I had not filed for "S" I would still be waiting. If you want something from the VA you must claim it or ask for it. I have been to federal court with the VA and they dig in their heels and spend a million dollars to save a thousand. I had a CUE from 1973. All the VA jerks and judges said they were sympathetic but the "law was the law" and socked it to me with denial after denial all the way to court house. Anything you get from these bastards is fair winnings. Never feel quilty or that you don't deserve it. You deserve twice as much! John
  14. IU and SSDI

    I received Statutory HB based on a single 70% IU issue and then additional and separate ratings of over 80% that came later. With the VA anything is possible just depending on how hard you want to work for it. Since get TDIU P&T I have filed 8 claims. No negative consequences. I have 70% IU and 60% CAD, 20% DMII and four 10% claims for PN in all four limbs. If you have a legitimate claim the file it if it will help the bottom line.
  15. Broncovet You know I won SMC S based on the Bradley decision and I did not even know all the facts you point out in your post. I had a single disability of 70% for which I got TDIU and then I got over 60% for 6 other disabilities. Must you have a single disability of at least 60% above and beyond your TDIU to get "S"? I had a single disability of 60% but five more of 10% each. My claim to "S" was treated as a CUE by the VA.