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  1. pacman A vet with PTSD has to get that DX from the VA in order to get paid. When I got back from Vietnam the only way to get that DX was to have been in direct, close up, combat. You had to get shot or blown up to get the DX. If you never sought psychiatric help in the military or within a year after discharge you would have a hard time proving PTSD. Maybe that has changed somewhat but the VA still holds the cards.
  2. I tell you something about VA diagnosis. When I first filed a claim with the VA they said I had schizophrenia. A few years later they changed it to bipolar disorder. Then they diagnosed PTSD and social phobia. Then they changed it back to depression and anxiety. The last time they changed it back to schizophrenia. I got 70% TDIU so I don't care. Now I have 100% and I still don't think VA has a clue. What really matters to VA is "Can you work?"
  3. Maybe they are shopping you around to find an opinion that you don't have PTSD. The VA has done worse things. Those UTH discharges are often a way just to get out of paying disability. Did you spend time in a psychiatric ward while in service. I spent two months and army said I was fine just a personality disorder. I beat them and so will you if you persist.
  4. Dee I think I would file for anxiety and depression related to your existing disabilities unless you have in-service records of DX for depression and anxiety.
  5. If you have TDIU and a separate disability of 60% you can get "S". I did it.
  6. You know some of these so-called vet charities will bite like a mad dog if you dare to be critical of them online. I thought Americans had freedom of speech, but maybe not.
  7. If you are claiming 30 years of retro you can bet the VA is going to look at your claim inside and out regardless of what appears to be an open and shut case. Nobody at the VA wants to sign off on $250,000 in back pay for a vet. That is what I was asking for and it took 6 years to get to finally get to a big "NO".
  8. Marine He also had Parkinson's which is an AO disease. I hope he claimed those conditions. Being tough and not claiming disabilities is bad for other poor vets who can't afford to ignore these things. I will claim every AO condition I have. I claimed four already.
  9. If you get service connected for your feet you may be able to file a claim for depression due to pain and disability. Many vets get depressed because of physical disability and don't realize it probably is due to the disability and pain and suffering. I got a 10% disability that was effective one day after my discharge. Army says I was ok until the day after I was discharged. How does that work? You know that Marines were just angry because they did not want to pay disability even though they decided you were unfit for duty. They have done this about a million times.
  10. I have been on Medicare Part A and B for 20 years. Not only do I have to pay the Medicare premium but my SSA is taxed and so is my wife's. However, getting myself to the VA for care is getting harder for me. I have to drive miles to get to local VAMC. When I get there I have to walk a long way to get to the hospital entrance. I can't see me using the VA when I am 80 years old if I live that long. By the way Colin Powell died from Covid complications today.
  11. VA knows that if they drag out the compensation process most will just give up and go away. Only the most disabled and determined will keep going until they prevail. I have been a claimant since 1972. You talk about gradual. I started at ten percent and went to 30% then 70% then TDIU and then P&T. After that I got an extra 60% and got "S". Now I finally got 100% schedular in my old age.
  12. You said it Pacman. One VA C&P doctor told me vets get fat on purpose to get DMII rating. Everything you hear about how grateful America is to their vets is nonsense. If they were really grateful they would fix the VA which they never will in my lifetime.
  13. I remember Yulooking. I had a cue that any reasonable person would have recognized instantly given the evidence. But I was asking for big retro and the VA just delayed it and denied it all the way to the Vet Court. I was put in a position to where I had to prove a negative. I had to prove the VA did not consider my IMO way back in 1972. It was impossible since the VA did not even list all evidence in those days. VA said they considered my IMO which, of course, they did not. I lost. I hope you win Mr. Cue.
  14. Mr. Cue Maybe you ought to call Alex who is an expert in SMC claims. He is here on the board and also has his own website . I don't think it is so smart to refuse exams. I know you are frustrated but refusal gives VA an excuse to delay and deny claims. I know they are screwing with you but VA screws with all who are claiming big retro. When I filed my CUE the VA delayed it for 6 years and I lost in the end. I had a very good lawyer and we still lost.
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