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  1. By not appealing my rating in 1973 I lost possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation over the years. Always file all your appeals starting with initial notice of disagreement even on routine type claims.
  2. If the vet is housebound and 100% for PTSD he probably should have designated Caregiver. So the Caregiver should have money from the VA as well. 100% for any mental disorder means the person is probably psychotic and needs much help. Now we know this is not always the case since not many here with 100% are psychotic and totally out of their minds. If you are 70% for a mental issue the regs reveal a person with major, major malfunction and we know most of those guys just can't work a job. They are not basket cases.
  3. There are a lot of people at the VA and VSO's who have wrong information. Always check it out here just like you did. VA doctor told me I would never get more than 30% and now have P&T plus SMC-S.
  4. I am housebound as of now. How screwed up do you need to be to be eligible for Caregiver benefits. My wife drives me around these days since my back is pretty bad and I am juiced up with VA pain meds. I tend to lose my balance. I have TDIU P&T and another 80% for various things.
  5. I had 70% TDIU for a couple of years and then got another rating for 60%. I had to remind the VA that they owed me housebound. I got it and retro to the time I first got the 60% rating. I have five other ratings of 20% and four 10% ratings. I have a 90% rating overall now. VA math? I think the main thing to get after 100%, or TDIU rating is P&T no new exams.
  6. If you are going to BVA or Court of Vet Appeals you need a legal eagle. When you are first getting your claim together I think that the vet can do a better job on his/her own. You can shape your claim beyond just legal facts and figures. The main thing IMO is to have doctors that know what a vet needs to win a claim. The doc must put 2 and 2 together and come up with rational opinion that ties your current disability to your service. I had a pretty good lawyer when I was doing my CUE, but we lost because regs allows the VA to pull rabbits out of their hat that would astound most regular law
  7. We should be thanking you and not you thanking us. You provided the website for years for free. Least we can do is to help out for what you have done.
  8. You deserve it Tbird. When I got to this website I did not know what TDIU meant. A year later I had it plus retro. This is a good place.
  9. I am 90% TDIU as well. I need a new 50% disability to get to 100%. I will have 20 years at 70% TDIU in August 2021. The other 20% I got from DMII and Heart Disease due to AO. I think I was one of the first vets to get HB as a TDIU vet when I got an extra 60%. I had to file a CUE to get it. To get my extra 50% I have to rely on getting a lot sicker. I will have TDIU 90% engraved on my tomestone plus FTA.
  10. Broke Soldier I wish I could work. I wonder if the VA will one day say I am too old to work so I no longer have valid case for TDIU? My brother works and he is almost as old as I am. When we lose our ability to work we lose a lot. I lost many contributions to my pension and my 401-K. I don't think people really know what it means to lose ability to work in the USA. I knew people who were 80 years old who worked with me at the USPS. One old guy was in a nursing home and came back to work at the USPS. That's dedication I guess.
  11. The VBM does describe situations where a vet's rating is protected. That does not mean the VA might try and reduce you anyway thinking you might be ignorant of their own laws. Essentially, the VA will try anything legal or illegal to reduce their costs. This is my opinion.
  12. My question is how the VA looks and keeps track to TDIU vets who are over 70 years of age? I am P&T for the last 18 years. I am officially housebound. Is VA still checking up on any earnings I might have via SSA or IRS? No chance of me getting 100% schedular unless I get a lot sicker. I am 90% with TDIU now. Not that I intend to try to work. I have only passive earnings from investments. Very lucky in that regard, but it took almost 40 years to get there. Don't let people tell you how to get rich quick with hot tips and fantastic business deals.
  13. I remember being shorted on my IU effective date. I knew that I had been in the VA hospital five months before I was awarded IU. I wrote to the VA on a claim for asking my my retro. I got about 6 months of retro for my IU. I was also granted SSDI back to the hospital date. Later on I got Housebound, but they shorted me by eight months. I filed a CUE claim. I got my cue within a few weeks. They knew they were wrong. When you get any award check it six ways to Sunday. The VA does not care if you get your money.
  14. In Florida when you collect unemployment insurance you sign a statement saying you are ready and willing to go to work. That is not TDIU. I think it would help if you got your doctor to say you are totally disabled due to a service connected disability. He should specify the disability and how if makes you unable to work. What is your current VA disability rating? You need to build a case that your SC disability has worsened to the point that it and it alone makes you unable to gain or hold any sort of employment. This letter should make you eligible for SSDI as well. You need to crush th
  15. IMO it is just a given that you usually have to hire a lawyer to win a SSDI case. I was lucky with mine since my doctor had written many SSDI letters and knew just what to say and how to say it.
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