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  1. Thx john999

    i wasn't seen for (central sleep apea) I don't have ref sleep osa from a blockage. My heart quits beating for 20 -30 seconds. I was diagnosed by va after I got out. From what I understand between these blood problems will cause this central osa,splenic  infarction I have a enlarged liver, copd, I'm anemic they gave me a transfusion right before they replaced my aortic valve, I also have thrombocystosis, all these blood problems are not a coincidence. In all fairness to the va since my rating in 2005. I have had a stroke, afibralatiion, heart stent, aortic replaced. Continue to have congestive heart failure.

    i was also rated 30% hbp now I'm 10% HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN????



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