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  1. john999's post in 100% scheduler and TDIU p&t-How to make TDIU moot was marked as the answer   
    If you want to work go for 100% if not then just stay with TDIU.  20 years ago I wanted to do something like start a business but having TDIU I could not do it.  Now I have 100% but I am too old and disabled to do it.  No other reason to get 100% IMO.
  2. john999's post in Sah Grants And Other Housing Grants? was marked as the answer   
    What I get SMC "S" for is DMII, PN and CAD. The trouble I have worst is my feet. My feet get sort of like blocks of painful wood and I can loose balance and topple over which has happened. I did get handles put in to the bath by the VA. I was surprised by that. I did put in for SAH just due to my difficulty with balance and due to the fact my house has lots of step-ups where I did loose balance recently and banged my head against the wall. I take opiates and benzo's which are prescribed by VA which affect my balance as well. I got TDIU for MH and "S" for Agent Orange diseases. I don't have complete lose of use of any particular foot or hand. I have partial loss of use. I am having balance problems and trying to avoid a fall where I break my hip or something. I am not getting any younger and looking ahead I see me falling and busting my ass. You would think the VA would try to see future risk and help a vet avoid drastic accident that lands him in a nursing home or something worse. I am not in a wheelchair yet and am trying to avoid that fate as well. I asked for PT and the VA turned me down. It seems they could work with me to help me get special therapy to make me stronger without me hurting myself like last time. It is like you got to be in a wheelchair or missing a limb before they want to help. I know they don't even help those guys much considering Commander Bob and his dealing with the VA. They will give me pool therapy but I have to drive 20 miles through horrible traffic to get my 30 minutes of swim time. This is just not worth it to me. No YMCA indoor pool around here. That costs 80 bucks a month anyway and is good place to get staff or something else. Some people need PT on an ongoing basis just to keep them from getting worse, but the VA says just for acute injuries. They are really just cheap bastards who don't have enough staff to help those needing it.


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