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  1. I have had a couple of people say that I was rated too low when first rated 7 years ago. I was rated at 70%. I was rated basically on heart disease and diabetes. Since being rated I have had a heart attack and a pace maker implanted. Other things I have wrong that have not been service connected is tremors in hands, 3rd stage kidney failure, and brain seizures caused by the side affects of the diabetes pill I was taking. I want to file a claim for a review. Do I put in the claim all conditions or just the service related. Kidney, tremors, and brains seizures again have not been serv
  2. Wanting to file a claim for third stage kidney disease as secondary to heart disease and diabetes type 2. Was diagnosed with kidney disease this year. Eight years ago cysts were found on my kidneys, but were claimed to be filled with water. Just need to keep a watch on them which I did not do. Reason being the doctor said they should be okay as long as they did not get too big. Blood work the last 8 years said kidneys were fine. This year blood work is coming back saying things are not fine. A few years ago I filed a claim for sleep apnea and got denied. I believe it was due to my
  3. Living in a foreign country I am in the foreign medical program. Rated for heart disease and diabetes. I have to pay the bill and then get reimbursed from the VA. They only reimburse bills that are related to those two diseases. If I were in the states I would be treated free at a VA hospital for free whether related or not. I have submitted several bills to the VA for reimbursement via both email and regular mail. The amount of money that is owed me is mounting to the point it is creating a financial difficulty. The VA is not responding with an EOB or any correspondence concerni
  4. I have been diagnosed with cystic kidney disease. One about 8cm in size, another a little smaller, and then several small cysts. They are filled with water and pose no danger at the moment. If they grow, then they could pose a problem. Kidneys operating at 50%. Doctor says there is nothing to do at this point. Just take an ultra sound of them once a year and monitor their size. Is this something I can file a claim on and if so, file now or wait until the disease progresses. Thanks.
  5. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Between fatigue, doctor, and dental appointments it is hard to get everything done. First, let me say I have never been treated by the VA. I was diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes prior to moving to Thailand and medical insurance covered the costs. But I did not learn about the VA program until I moved to Thailand. In Thailand as of 2012 I treat under the foreign medical program. I go to private hospitals, pay for the bills myself, and then apply for reimbursement, but only for heart disease and diabetes related items. The private hospital
  6. Drug, Glucophage, I have been taking for years. One side effect of it is diarrhea which explains the diarrhea I have had for years. I always thought it was the coffee. Diarrhea will lower magnesium. In October I had two seizers and was taken to critical care for 3 days and the recovery ward for another 3 days. Doctors at that hospital said the seizers were caused by the low magnesium of .2. Needs to be 1.6 or higher. They said had I been alone I would have died. A doctor at my heart hospital said that Glucophage caused the low magnesium for a while. Now she is saying "may". The hospi
  7. Married to a foreign national and live in her country. Married 6 years. Once I die can she continue to receive disability payments and if so, what form number do we use to apply? 21-686C? Thanks
  8. Diabetes, hypertension, and weight gain all occurred before 2001 bypass surgery. I vaguely remember there was a section that explained the acronyms used on this site. Looked for it, but could find. Could someone point me in the right direction? One thing that struck me is the doctors statement that no recent sleep study has been done to determine if my conditions have been made worse. He seems to be admitting that there is a possibility they have been. I would think since it has been 11 years since the last sleep study, the doctor would have recommended a new sleep study.
  9. Attached is a copy of the VA doctors response to my NOD. Also find two court cases. Thanks Redacted NOD Response.pdf Court case 2.pdf Judgement.pdf
  10. Diagnosed by my GP, who was also a sleep specialist, at a private hospital in the US in 2006 . I was not even aware I could qualify for disability before 2012. After I arrived in Thailand Dec 2011, I ran into a fellow vet who explained the agent orange connection. If I had never come to Thailand, I probably would never have known. As I said earlier according to the study I stop breathing 20 seconds out of every minute. My oxygen level measured down around 89. I've never met with a VA employee of any kind. I filed the claim myself and received an email from the American Embassy
  11. Something I failed to mention is that I am located in Thailand and am under the foreign medical program. It is my understanding that the FMP will not pay for non SC. In the US the VA would. I am at a point that I am willing to make the necessary trips to the US to get this done. I could possibly ask for assistance from my VR, but I do not have a whole lot of confidence. VA sends correspondence to him, but I am not sure I am getting copies of everything. The medical report concerning the VA doctors opinion on my SA was something that was not mailed to me. It was only after talking with the
  12. I referenced in my OP a doctor who would not prescribe a CPAP or surgery for over weight and older people because they did not work well enough. Not everyone can use them nor do they work well at least according to one doctor for a certain group of people of which I am one. Over the 10 years of trying to use a CPAP, I have overcome some issues and have it down to one issue that prevents me from using a CPAP. Paper dry mouth. I use a machine that has a humidifier, but still not enough. Keeping my mouth closed has always been a problem, but even when I do I still get dry mouth. I wake up in the
  13. I filed a claim with the help of my doctor for sleep apnea as secondary connection. Denied. Filed a NOD. Denied. The NOD was denied over a year ago. A doctor for the VA said my sleep apnea was due to being over weight and that I "refused" to use my CPAP. They offered me a hearing, but I never responded. I have tried off and on for 10 years to use a CPAP and just cannot use them. Discouraged by the whole process I just gave up. Read this concerning weight: "Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for diabetes and think that weight is the only risk fac
  14. Update. Contacted my RO and he responded very quickly. According to my RO the payment was made Feb 1 and it should have been received. So, most likely the problem resides at my bank. I sent an email to a contact at my bank last Friday, but haven't received a response. Just sent another one. Rather than wait on the VA to contact me to correct the overpayment, I'm going to send a letter bringing the overpayment to their attention. I need to get this off my plate. Too much of a worry. Also, I need to figure out how to upgrade eBenefits. It keeps rejecting any previous ad
  15. A couple of months ago I received an overpayment for medical expense reimbursement. Since part of the money was mine I deposited the check and have been waiting for a corrected EOB which should state how much I owe and where to send. I am located overseas and FMP made a currency error. Nothing has been received notifying me of the error and how to fix. If this is what it is related to, I am surprised they would just immediately stop monthly benefits without first sending a notification. It's not like they can't stop future benefit payments. Since garnishment is apparently the wa
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