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  1. I would like to first thank all Veterans, Past and Present for the Freedom that we share today. In my research for VA Disability Claims, I located HADIT.COM and realized that the Navy Transition Assistance Program (TAP) was very limited regarding VA Disability information. I planned for retirement many years prior and began the VA process 2 years from Retirement. I researched my symptoms and learned the qualifying factors to ensure I received the best possible review. What I learned during this process: In my period of research I also sat as a Courts Martial Juror with the Command Master Chief for a Naval Hospital. During lunch we discussed the VA Disability process and he advised that I request an ALTA print of my records to ensure I have my complete Medical Treatment data. To my surprise, I had 150+ pages of Medical Treatment data missing from my "Paper" copy of my Medical Record. I gained invaluable advice from Veterans pursuing VA Claims for many years, including the documentation of "ALL" treatment received. I learned that Military Medical Staff are human, not free from error, and reluctant to admit they need assistance at times to answer your health questions. I researched my symptoms and on more than one occasion, I gently nudged the Doctor in the direction of my compliant, than rather have the doctor end their diagnosis at their level of knowledge. You must have patience and respect to do this. With the assistance of the DAV, I submitted my VA Claim 180 days prior to Retirement, and completed all of my appointments 60 days prior to Retirement. I received my initial Rating of 90% at 120 days, and received my final Rating of 100% T&P at day 180. I Retired from the World's Mightiest Navy after 30 years of Service and realized that not many knew how to adequately prepare for the VA process. Not a result of disregard, but of having faith in others to guide you to safety, success, and well-being. I sincerely thank all who have posted their experiences on HADIT, for without this information many of us would be in waiting for someone to guide us to success and miss our opportunity. For those of you still deciding to submit a claim, do so. For those of you continuing the fight for what you have earned. Don’t quit until you succeed, use your patience, respect, and resources. Best regards, MCPO, U.S NAVY 1982-2012
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