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  1. Thanks very much! As far as possible combat related do you think this qualifies under any of those guidelines and which one? We were on patrol looking for a panga the helo had spotted, we found them they rammed our small boat which I wasn't on, shots were fired, 2 our guys knocked in the water one with massive head trauma, brought them back onboard, eventually made it back to land where he was pronounced dead. Also put me on probation for weight gain(trying to work on it its struggle just to function) and not recommended for advancement after the incident, are those just easy way to kick me out before medboard goes through. Would I have any recourse?
  2. So I'm new, been searching everywhere and it seems most relevant information is on a case by case information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My situation: Currently active duty less than 4 years of service. In the early stages of getting MEB, package hasn't been sent off yet. In past year there was incident on duty out at sea shots fired, and a death, i wasnt physically harmed but did develop PTSD and depression. The base doc sent me to the VA to get an assessment, VA initally said 30% confirmed PTSD, now in process of discharging me due to PTSD( over 6 months now), im fine with that. My life is completely different or at least I am. I think VA doc said 30% for like longterm but there is absolutely no way I can function at work. My questions: 1.If being medboarded out for PTSD is it an automatic 50% 2.Since my disability is directly related to duty and i would say probably (armed conflict?) would I qualify for CRSC, I'm in CG so not sure how that affects anything. 3. Since my situation is pretty clear cut should i worry about the military trying to lowball me at PEB, should i get a lawyer or is JAG sufficent. Im sure I have plenty of other questions just wanted to learn as much a possible before it happens. I'm messed up, my marriage is struggling due to me being a wreck, I just want what Im entilted to.
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