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  1. Cham1968, did you go to your psychologist regularly, but since you werent seeing a psychiatrist they wouldnt accept it? Are you taking medications for your PTSD like mood/nightmares etc? He sees a counselor at the VA hospital and she gives him meds, it is talked about in his neurology reports about him having PTSD, and his neurologist is the one who referred him to counselor as well, but I am not sure if he has an actual DX... Thanks!
  2. Sorry so late replying, I didnt know there were replies. Thank you for the info Cham1968 UPDATE to everyone, we got copies of the C&P exams. The neurologist he sees regularly was the same Doc. who did his C&P exam for TBI. It states he does have mild TBI. However, it also says "his seizures which started 6 years after his concussion, are less likely as no tassociated his mild TBI. His memory problems are most likely associated with his PTSD". basically she is saying nothing is caused from this reported concussion, but she does admit in the report that he has PTSD. Do you think t
  3. Really? Wow, ok the TBI was rated at 0%. But he also claimed his Epilepsy in the same claim, that was denied. Can we file a NOD for the epilepsy? Thank you for your replies!
  4. Hi Guys, I know Carlie wanted to see original document, so I have scanned the denial letter/packet with personal information blocked out. Here is the attachment if you can see it! Please feel free to comment ;) let me rescan this- the file is too large
  5. no do not believe he was diagnosed by MD about PTSD. His neurologist did acknowledge it a few times and he was told he had PTSD from neuro. Maybe its in her reports? We will be obtaini.g them soon I dont believe he has CIB, or OEF/OIF. He says no anyways- Those things would only benefit his PTSD, correct? Even though his PTSD is a big factor, we are really fighting for his epilepsy, which is his Main Disability it's causing him his daily activities, yardwork, housework, driving, walking places, and number one he can't do is work, at least right now.
  6. Lol at the randome reply in error, Sorry about that Carlie obviously I cannot use this forum from my cell phone I am looking at the letter: it States Decision: 1. SC for TBI (claimed as head trauma) is granted with an evaluation of 0 percent effective July, 26, 2011. That is the date we filed.
  7. And no do not believe he was diagnosed by MD about PTSD. His neurologist did acknowledge it a few times and he was told he had PTSD from neuro. Maybe its in her reports? We will be obtaini.g them soon
  8. Hi thank you for info. I dont know what OEF/OIF means or CIB, sorry very new to the lingo. But anxiety should not cause epilepsy, especially if hes been pretty banged up treated for head trauma right? I am thnking we will definitely need IME.
  9. Carlie, Yes to all! His seizures vary. Sometimes 2 grandmals a week, then sometimes hes good for a while maybe 2 a month. He has little seizures several times a week and gets shakey/ tremors daily.
  10. Hi Berta. Thanks for the info. When he originally filed he wasnt diagnosed with PTSD, and Since he was Spec Ops he was a little paranoid on what he can and cant put if ya know what I mean. He served during Gulf war time but was never considered to be in war. He started seeing a behavior health counselor after his neurologist referred him there, shortly after we filed claim. Then was dianosed by counselor with PTSD, and neuro also mentioned it in one of the visits. He now takes meds for niggtmares and mood swings. I believ we will start a new clam for PTSD and his knees, but not sure if
  11. 71M10, No we did not really know what was in his records. His memory is very bad. We went off his memory, in the claim stated he was treated at Beale AFB, but the denial came back stating he had concussion from Martinez Medical Center. We called to get his records at Beale and they told us they had been archived in St. Louis. He is not currently active he was in service from about 88-98 We just contacted an attorney yesterday who is local, and who is actually a veteran himself- we shall see
  12. Thank you all for responses. Carlie/ Berta: the Reasons are as stated SC for sizures/epilepsy: The evidence does not show an event, disease or injury in service. Your service treatment recors do not contatin complaints, treatment, or diagnosis for this condition. We received medical evidence from Martinez and Palo ALto VA MED Centers which discussed the symptoms of your medical condition ( which we treat at Mather VA now they didnt put that where most his records are) . The evidence does not show that your disease developed to a compensable degree within hte specified time period after
  13. We just looked at the letter and, This was the main reason for denial on TBI- traumatic brain injury: "No complains of impairment of memory, attention, concentration, or executive functions. Although the examination findings show a history of mild memory loss, the examiner stated this is due to a nonservice-connected mental disorder, and is not the result of your traumatic brain injury." This is false. My husband has memory loss, has been treated for headache there at VA ER. The C&P examiner was his regular neurologist and has always thought we were lying to her or something, she
  14. Hi John999, Thanks for your reply. No private medical opinion that I am aware of. He currently treats with the VA for epilepsy. He got pretty banged up in a couple accidents that have occured. One accident where he had a concussion, that is the accident he triedto use in his claim. He gets frequent headaches and plenty of symptoms from TBI, but when I helped him file his claim we only put TBI, epilepsy, Shoulder dislocation on the injuries. Stupid, yes but had no idea what we were facing.
  15. Hi all! Thank you for your service! Husband was just rated at 0% for TBI, this is service connected but No compensation? He was also denied completely on his Epilepsy & shoulder dislocation. He was in Special ops, maybe his records were classified, which is why they couldnt compensate or put the two together, because they could not access records? I am not sure how he can be rated service connected but 0%? TBI can later cause epilepsy, and clearly this happened to him. What do we do? We are trying to obtain his records that are now archived at ST. LOUIS, MO. and planning to g
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