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  1. Yikes you got approved in August and are still waiting for it to go into effect? I just got approved and thought it would go into effect next month but this thread has me wondering.
  2. I think I got 100% TDIU P&T. My claim closed and I checked tonight and it had a commissary letter saying I was being paid at 100% and no future exams needed. My benefits letter has the 100% rate but my rating still at 70%. I feel pretty relieved at this point as I worried this would drag out. I really want to thank the people on this board. I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground when it comes to this but this forum is invaluable. Needless to say i'm pretty numb.
  3. I'll have to go and get one done. So I looked at my C&P info and it has me down for major depressive and also TBI (which is not service connected yet) however it stats that it is hard to correlate symptoms to one or the other: "Due to the overlap of symptoms, it is not possible to differentiate the relative contribution of each disorder on the Vet's functioning, without resorting to speculation" Does that hurt my claim at all? I know i'm depressed, I know I got major cognitive problems and problems remember. I have to dig up my service records to find my TBI info but as it stands now I wonder if considering the above statement if that would effect my claim?
  4. I just saw a Request 2 from the VA in which they need medical information from SSA from my disability decision. I find this kind of laughable considering it was the SSA that used info from the VA to deny my claim which is now under appeal and waiting for a hearing. I still don't know why I was denied since the SSA letter states dates from documents that don't match any documents that I have or am aware of. Should I visit the SSA office and ask for any and all records used to determine my case so that I can upload them into va.gov? I read that it can take a long time for the VA to receive anything from SSA.
  5. I read somewhere the other day where a guy who worked as a rater said that filing new claims on top of claims already in progress slows things down. I tried to find the link but could not.
  6. I'm definitely taking my paperwork with me. I know the DAV uploaded everything but I don't want to take any chances so i'm taking my file and handing it directly to the examiner. I'm going to try and remain optimistic throughout this process.
  7. Hey guys, so I went through the DMV to file my TDIU and they sent it last month on the 10th and now I just find out that my c&p is on January 17th. That was really fast. Should I be concerned that it only took a month to get an appointment?
  8. Ok that will be at the top of my to do list for next week. I'll check with my county VR first since I think the VA VR lady is still out. I'll probably be using this thread for some support. Thanks!
  9. I'm 70% with Major Depression and Anxiety. Also TBI which has not been rated yet.
  10. Ok, i'll call over there on Monday and get some info. Wow that VR counselor sounds whacked. Almost like she took it as a slap to the face. Was that the VA VR or county VR? Thanks for the info guys. I stopped by DAV this week and talked to a rep there and he got me into the system and gave me some forms for my employers to fill out so that'll be my next step. Hopefully they don't just sit on it.
  11. The lady who does the voc rehab is out on maternity leave. Not sure when she'll be back. So would they send me to a doctor to see if i'm compatible with voc rehab?
  12. Thanks Ddsr, I'll try. However I did get a schedule A letter done in September 2017 by my county VR office that might effect my ability to get a VR feasibility letter, I don't know. I don't think the VA voc rehab is going to be of any help.
  13. Congrats AFV, that was pretty fast. I'm currently 70% depression/anxiety with TBI diagnosed but no claim filed for yet. I'll be filing for TDIU soon but am worried it will be a long drawn out process. Any tips to help win and speed up the process?
  14. Hey L, Would that be Dr. Brett Valette that did your IMO? I'm just now trying to put in my claim for TDIU. I'm 70% for depression/anxiety. I just got diagnosed by the VA with TBI several months ago which I need to get SC'd for. I'm out of work since March and I just got denied SSDI because of my age/education (Bachelor's degree) and because they state I can do routine non complex work. I worry this might effect my TDIU claim. So, I need a doc to do an IMO to help my case. Also, anybody know of any lawyers that take VA claims on from the get go or are they all only willing to work for you after you have been denied?
  15. Thanks Guys. I'm very very grateful. I've had my ups and downs with the VA, but I would say the majority has been positive so far. I hope to help anybody on here any way I can if they need it.
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