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  1. Can I receive treatment outside of VA? I am rated 100% permanent and total, but my wife is in the caregiver program. I want better service, even if I have to pay for them. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Thanks for the help! Im in Puerto Rico at the moment but I'm moving to florida.
  3. Mikemmlj could you please tell me what the stipends are on 00921? The site doesn't work on my computers. http://militarypay.defense.gov/tools/scaadl/StipendCalculator.aspx
  4. I was approved for the caregiver program, but still don't know if it will be for tier 1 or 2. I went to http://militarypay.defense.gov/tools/scaadl/StipendCalculator.aspxto see how much they would pay my wife, but the site is down or something for weeks now. Ive read that from a Mac computer the website doesn't work, could somebody please look up 32832 and 00921 for stipends? The site doesn't work in my computers. Thank u so much.
  5. Hi, can someone please look up 32832 for stipends? The site doesn't work in my computers. Thank u so much
  6. My wife applied for the VA caregiver program. I would like to know approximately how long the process takes. She has job offers and we NEED the extra income. So if anybody can share their timeline and experience t would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. We didn’t had kids, so I don’t pass any money to her. She is trying to vacuum my benefits just because
  8. We didn’t had any kids and don’t misunderstand me. I feel nor love or hate toward her. I do feel sorry for her but the fact that she is trying to do harm against me again is unacceptable. I took control of my life again. I have a great women by my side, I bought my home, I’m retired and I even became a father now. Trust me when I tell you that I honestly wish the best for her because that would even give me more peace knowing that she wont be doing the things she is doing now. But anyways. I called BBVA Compass and indeed she open a joint account and in that account is where she is receiving the social security for her son. She has been asking around where I live and my address. This is just getting out of control. If she does appear at my house it won’t have a happy ending. I have a new born baby..... you get the point.
  9. I would like to avoid any more legal adventures with her. Hopefully we won’t have to go to that battlefield again. She took everything and when I say everything I mean it. But she wants more. We didn't even had kids. So much ambition for a person that didn't educate herself and doesn't work can be dangerous.
  10. Harleyman, "However, I do think you need to file a letter with the credit companies telling them you are divorced and she is being fraudulent in her business ehtics and you might want to subscribe to one of those companies that watches out for people using or trying to use your personal information, And last but not least file a police report against her. SO you have a record of the complaint to protect your credit and to protect you from any creditors trying to collect from you due to her illegal activity.- jmo" Thanks for the advice I will indeed file a letter to the credit companies and will subscribe to a watch list. I just want her out of my life!! Why cant she just carry on and be happy? Its been more than two years.
  11. Today I got information that my ex wife has gone insane on me. She has been trying to destroy everything on her path. She has managed to create controversy between my family and friends. She even opened a joint bank account after we were divorced. She has been contacting all my relatives trying to dusrupt my relationship's. She is even receiving social security for her child and has me as the supporter of the family and we are no longer married. When we divorced she kept everything and i kept all the debts. Which I am still paying. But still, she wants more. All of this was told to me by a friend. A friend that I once lost because of her. We have been divorced for more than two years now and all of this came by surprise. But this is not all. To make this even sweeter she is trying to get money from my VA compensation and social security. Should I be worried about my benefits and her intentions? We were married from 2009 to 2011 and we no kids. I need help here.Can she do anything regarding my benefits?
  12. Thanks for all the information. Time to pay the house again !
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