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  1. I received both the BBE and insurance info on the same day. Its funny how the VA is so inconsistent.
  2. Thanks. I feel guilty knowing that some have been waiting over a year and my claim was done so quickly. I really feel for my brothers. I got my BBE today and its official , I guess. My wife was so excited but a bit surprised that my knees were low balled. In contrast, I'm good with what I got. I don't understand how my knees were rated the same as a scar???? Oh well...
  3. That happens to me, I just keep trying and sooner or later it comes up.
  4. Thanks! Is there any way that one can donate to this site?
  5. Thanks everyone. I checked our bank acc. and a deposit was made today! Thanks to all who have provided the much need information and help on this website. You guys are awesome!
  6. During my C&P in June, the examiner had never received or seen my C-file. He told me it was very odd and improper. Luckily I had a copy of all my records with me.
  7. That's great to hear. I'm feeling it might be OK to let the wife know today. Thanks!
  8. I was helped by the local VSO which was very helpful. He told me how to word by claim and what to include. We submitted by Medical records at the same time. I haven't talked to him since sending in my claim though. Everything I claimed was pretty much a direct result of an accidnet during EFMB, which was well documented in my Medical records. The VA portion of the TAP was pretty much just a slide show, they didn't answer any questions and were more concern with everybody just opening an Ebenefits account. I got most of the answers to my questions and worries from searching on this site an
  9. Thanks for that info. So is the AB8 letter a reliable way of knowing what one will be rated at? I haven't told my wife yet as I want to be sure. When should I expect to receive the brown envelope?
  10. Thanks. I just downloaded the AB8 letter and it says: Combined evaluation: 80 percent. Is this what I'm going to be rated at? If so, why did my claim go back to gathering evidence?
  11. harleyman, I completed my enlistment obligation and filed while still on active duty while going through the Transition assistance program.
  12. Hello, first time posting but I've learned so much from this site. My claim went from "preparation for notification" then back to gathering evidence all in one day. Under updates it says "Decision notification sent". Also, I now saw an AB8 letter that was never there, what can this mean? My claim was filled in March of 2013 while I was still in active duty, which I know is super fast. I got out in May and had a C&P exam in June. Is the AB8 letter legit? Thanks for your help.
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