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  1. Thanks for the info, great site!
  2. Hello, I am rated at 70% for PTSD and still working. I was planning to work until I was 65, however 59 years old now. I feel my PTSD is getting worse however and I have been getting treated by the VA for about 7 years now for mental health. Starting to lose a lot more work, just getting harder and harder to come to work and deal with work issues. (ugh) I don't think I could make it much longer and since I have enough time in to retire, I plan on it soon. I also have a couple months still left on sick time I could use, I will take a penalty for retiring early but if I can't do It, th
  3. Thanks for the answers, I was going to do new claim!
  4. I was recently awarded an 80% claim retroactive to October of 2014. Out of that had to pay back 50k for a volunteer separation award back in the early 90's. The back pay was great and I am one grateful vet. I than noticed my next months payment is $1631, which is a single 80% veteran. I have been married since 2010. The difference is about 8K. How do I go about recouping that back pay? do I file a new claim with the info and Marriage certificate attached? or a nod? or reaching out thru IRIS to correct. It is short and to the point and should not be hard to see, so what is the best recours
  5. just another update, even though IRIS told me it was deferred to higher level, I have not received a BBE stating why it was deferred. It's been going on almost 7 weeks. How do I get them to send the statement on why they deferred?
  6. Another quick update, IRIS sent email response, Apparently my appeal was closed and deferred to higher lever reviewer with a completion date of Sept. 2019. My only issue is when I went into RAMP, I went into higher level review lane, so why the need to defer? I'm not mad just very disappointed in whole system, it seems like this is just another way to kick the can down the road.
  7. Just an update, My appeal was closed 11/20/2018 with a new appeal opened up same day with no knowledge from me. I am still waiting for BBE. It's been over a month. I sent several IRIS concerns in. The last one was they got back and said they have no idea what happened. ( A for honesty on their part) They also said they sent it to RO for explanation, this was a week and a half ago, so far crickets ( F for maybe remanding my claim without having reasons in place.) Is there a way to call RO directly? VSO no help. What else should I do.
  8. Hi all, I had an appeal going on 3 years, than decided to go into Ramp on 6/04/2018. Original had a 125 day window for completion. In October it changed to Nov. 18 to Jan. 18. Ok there goes there 125 day window but the end is in sight. Opened up E-benefits and I see claim closed 11/20/18. I thought that was weird because one issue is PTSD and didn't have C&P exam. Than I see claim received 11/21/2018 in review stage with an estimated completion date of 9/19. what is this, any clues?
  9. Just an update estimate time of completion is now January 2019. More than 220 days later, what happened to the 125 day deal? My NOD for PTSD was simple, VSO didn't file evidence of stressor. I added that finally, my other is cancer related due to toxic exposure ( no presumptive). Maybe that's it. Does anyone think that I should call that white house number? ( I don't want to piss anybody off after waiting 4 years, however 220 is almost double of 125.)
  10. I had a county VSO who told me to wait for evidence to be in to file for a claim that would go back 12 months. I waited for my supporting documentation for 18 months, At 12 months I emailed her once a week with crickets getting back. 6 months later she emailed me and had the gull to say her email was broken. It was for a PTSD claim, then she sent me to an outside provider that the state paid . However as you know, VA must determine PTSD originally. Total two years lost.
  11. Hello, I went into Ramp late May going on 120 days, still in "we received your claim" stage.
  12. Hi All, Trying to figure this out. In the Higher-Level Review lane, veterans’ claims will be review “de novo.” This means a senior claims adjudicator at the VA will take a look at their entire claims file. In this lane, the record is closed, meaning veterans cannot submit new evidence. The higher-level reviewer will look only at the records already in the veterans’ file at the time of the initial decision. Does this mean they will only look at records at the time of the original claim or evidence I submitted for NOD for one, and a IMO for an appeal directly to Board. Nod going on 26
  13. Berta, Thank you for your insight, In my opinion, the Nexus below is/was very weak because it was from the report from a WRIIS assessment and didn't really have full medical rationale , even though a VA occupation & environmental doctor did it. This below is from that assessment: This is not a C&P exam. I then filed a claim and got the C&P exam, results are posted in above in original post,Which the doctor was very pleasant at time and basically just referenced a website for least likely as not answer. So to counter balance I thought I would spend the money and get an
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