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  1. Thank you for the replies! Yes, I have had a VA neuropsychologist state in my medical records many times that it's not feasible for me to work and/or attend school because of my service-connected illness/difficulties and side effects from my medications. "It will have a lot to do with how bad is your PTSD" I am at 50% for my mental health (PTSD, Bi Polar, anxiety and adjustment disorder); 20& for back and 10% for knee.
  2. Hello, I am 60% service-connected with my largest percentage being in the mental health area. I applied for IU and had a few questions about the process and my chances of approval. I was recently approved for Social Security Disability retroacted from my onset date of April 2011. There findings were solely based of my VA medical records. I was also recently deemed unfit to continue with vocational rehabilitation, because of the problems with my illnesses and learning disabilities. My vocational rehabilitation counselor has written a letter of insolvency that was sent to the VA. Given t
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