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  1. TWIMC: I am trying to file a claim based on a Clear Unmistakeable Error. My back was injured during an accident on a ship as were my knees. All of this is in my service medical record. I can't find the forms to do this and was needing help on where to get the forms. The e-benifits site keeps indicating that this feature is not available anymore and I was wondering which site I should go to to get this accomplished.
  2. Any Advice on a QTC Examination for Housebound Status! I just received this letter today saying that I have an appointment scheduled next week! Do I have to travel all the way to Washington State from Oregon for the QTC Exam? Seems like a long way to go for a QTC examination! It is a 500 mile round trip.

    1. Treymon


      Just called them this a.m. and they said they would change my appointment to here in Oregon!

    2. Treymon


      QTC called me the day before my appointment and said that they are closed indefinitely, until after the pandemic!

  3. I have found all documents to support my claims and they're in my possession. Yes. I have been doing a lot of research!

    Interesting note*: My prior claims were lost for 28 yrs and then for some reason they found out that I had lost my place in some docket and every time it came up it would be shuffled back to the bottom! Isn't that illegal? (explanation from a VFW person at the Seattle VBA!)

    This is just all really weird, but I am not giving up! Thanks Everybody!

    1. vetquest


      It is probably illegal but the VA decides what actions are illegal so they have you over a barrel.  I would use this information to attempt to reopen your claim for benefits.  You have nothing to lose at this point and if you can prove your claim you might be entitled to some backpay.

  4. Since all of my submittals to the VFW in Portland have disappeared, Can I do an intention to file a claim? And how should I go about it.

    Thank you Everyone!

  5. I seems that the past two VSO'S in 3 months have resigned from their post. All my submittals have disappeared. I guess I am ready to file my self and have the VFW represent me at the hearings. I guess these guys are really busy! I got this! Peace


    1. broncovet


      It may be "coincidence" that your submittals have disappeared after these 2 VSO's resigned, or it may not be.  You need to get to the bottom of this..probably call or send an IRIS email and ask them just as you stated.  

      Hopefully you can resubmit those.  It doesnt make sense that they would delete your submittals after a VSO leaves, however, "Stranger things" have happened at VA so I am rarely suprised when new stuff happens at VA.  

    2. Treymon


      They just don't care or are entirely inept! Why lie to me instead of telling me the Truth!

      Can I submit all of the forms and file them myself?

      Just  today I received notification that my disabled daughter and my two grand children can not be claimed as dependents!

      This guy, David Lowe with the Portland VFW. Told me that that I did not have to adopt my grandchildren to claim them as dependents. I pay all the rent, food, car bills, everything for this household! This is just frustrating me to no end!

  6. TWIMC: If anyone has any advice for me it will be greatly appreciated. I am having some problems with the VFW here in Oregon. Every time I ask them for help with my claims I keep being told that their computers are not working or I found out the forms that I have filled out have not been sent to the BVA. I was told that the forms that the VBA received were blank. I have sent in forms for intent to file and various NOD's and the VBA says that they have never received them. I do not know what is going on but would really like to get the straight skinny on what I should do. I guess with this Covid 19 virus going around that they just can't get to it but this has been going on for almost 2 years! I was working with an elderly vet in Springfield, OR and was told that He was just getting to old to help anymore. I just got through a total right knee replacement (9th Surgery) and have had two lower lumbar surgery's (Laminectomy fusion L-4, L-5 , S1, and tailbone removal) and revision surgery that required hardware removal due to the off label use of this Medtronic Infuse bone graft mechanism that has caused scar tissue to grow back so that it impinges on my sciatica leg nerves, scrotum, testicles and other things. I am really getting to where I just don't know what to do about this anymore. I wish the VA would just fix me up so that I could re-enlist! Thank You for responding to this thread, Thomas Lawler
  7. I was wondering what is going on at the VA. I had my CMA denied because the rubber tip on my bilateral elbow crutch is not worn enough. I was told by the prosthetics rep that she received orders from a "Head Honcho" to deny everyone because they wanted to stop the Veterans that are labeled "double dippers" from utilizing the new law. I got mad and went to see the head honcho of the VA in Eugene, OR clinic. He told me that the rubber tip on the crutch was not worn enough so that is why it was being denied. I told him that I have been receiving the CMA since 2005 and he told me that the VA would now require that I give back all of the CMA money? He went on to further state that he is recommending me for recertification of all my service connected disabilities. Why am I being labeled a "Double Dipper"? and Why do I have to be recertified for all of my service connected disabilities? Is this legal?
  8. I retained an attorney to get SS disability. Then the Attny's said that they did VA work as well. I was awarded SS disability right at the time the fee increased. It was within in thirty days. I told the attorney that they should refund me the difference, which they refused. I got into an argument with the attorney firm and told them that we had agreed on a different amount and that they should do the right thing and give me the difference back. The SS law judge said that since the initial filing was prior to the pay increase and that the attorney firm should reimburse me but that it would be a civil suit if they did not. They didn't and told me I had to sue Social Security.?!!! I then got another Veterans Advocate, the VFW, and dismissed the attorney firm. I sent a letter to the BVA about his change. The Attorney firm then went to the BVA and had all of the claims that I had submitted prior to having them represent me and also all of the claims that they had put together removed from the docket. I had to get help from the VFW to reinstate all off these things. The attorney firm tried to get 50% my PTSD rating back pay award and the DAV intercepted this error and stopped it. (the DAV was who represented me during my initial filings back in the month after I got our of the service.) When I tried to get a copy of my c-file, I was told by the BVA that the attny firm already got the only copy that I was entitled to and that I should go to them to get it back. The attny firm said that they no longer had any of my records and that they mailed them to my last known address. I became homeless due to a heart problem and began living with my daughter for a short time. I was going through Voc Rehab at the time and was dismissed from that program for having heart problems and being too disabled. I am actually getting another heart surgery tomorrow. Stents and an aorta test. So when I get back on my feet I will get all of this together. Thanks for your help.
  9. I was granted my appeal from an NOD that I sent in in 1990. Now the VA is saying that the claim was for Jan. of 2015 and not in Dec. of 1990. Do I send in another NOD about this and what can I realistically expect? Thanks
  10. I was granted my appeal from an NOD that I sent in in 1990. Now the VA is saying that the claim was for Jan. of 2015 and not in Dec. of 1990. Do I send in another NOD about this and what can I realistically expect? Thanks
  11. I had posted a question about an appeal that I had where the Veterans Lawl Judge had retired. I did not request a new hearing on the advice of my Advocate the VFW. I finally received a decision and have that enclosed it here. The VA has agreed to grant me service connection for my lower back and to send into remand the issue of my left foot neuroma. I spoke with my advocate and he told me that I will be awarded 10% effective to January 2005. He also told me that I would have to get another C&P exam for my left foot. I called the entertainment line at the VA (800-827-1000) to find out when this decision by the Seattle VA would be "all" finished. They told me it could take anywhere from a few months to five years as they are so behind. This has been going on now for 12 years! Does anyone know how to get this expedited? What might realistically expect? Thank You in advance! VA August 7 2015 Appeal Ruling and Remand.pdf
  12. How does one go about getting a copy of the administrative medical records anyway?
  13. Does anyone know how two change the topic to another topic? I'm trying to supply some information from the BVA about re recent decision! Thanks

  14. I had a real struggle getting my wheelchair ramp installed in my new home when I moved. I asked for a consult to have this done and the prosthetics person said it would take a few months. Since I was renting I had to get the old one removed (in a month) and a new one installed in my new residence. At first she told me that I would have to pay to get that removed my self. So I wrote a letter to my Senator to get the ramp removed. The prosthetics person wrote back to the Senator saying that the ramp had already been removed when it had not. I was charged $1200 by the land lord. Before it was put in at the old residence I asked that it would need to be removed when I moved. The inhalers said that all I would have to do was to call them and they would remove it. I asked why they were not removing it and they told me that the prosthetics person told them not too. I appears that I have been labeled a complainer now! This same prosthetics person is now refusing my clothing maintenance allowance for 2017. I have turned in the same exact form that I turned in last year and it was approved now it has been not approved. What should I do? Any Advice? Thanks in Advance. Trey
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