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  1. I seems that the past two VSO'S in 3 months have resigned from their post. All my submittals have disappeared. I guess I am ready to file my self and have the VFW represent me at the hearings. I guess these guys are really busy! I got this! Peace


    1. broncovet


      It may be "coincidence" that your submittals have disappeared after these 2 VSO's resigned, or it may not be.  You need to get to the bottom of this..probably call or send an IRIS email and ask them just as you stated.  

      Hopefully you can resubmit those.  It doesnt make sense that they would delete your submittals after a VSO leaves, however, "Stranger things" have happened at VA so I am rarely suprised when new stuff happens at VA.  

    2. Treymon


      They just don't care or are entirely inept! Why lie to me instead of telling me the Truth!

      Can I submit all of the forms and file them myself?

      Just  today I received notification that my disabled daughter and my two grand children can not be claimed as dependents!

      This guy, David Lowe with the Portland VFW. Told me that that I did not have to adopt my grandchildren to claim them as dependents. I pay all the rent, food, car bills, everything for this household! This is just frustrating me to no end!

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