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  1. Question about an approved appeal.  On April 6th 2016, a VBA  Law judge granted my appeal for residuals of multiple ischemic strokes being service connected. The Judge for my case was Bradley W. Hennings.  Docket No. 15-06 351A   Date Apr 06 2016.  I received a copy of the judgement in the mail two weeks ago.  It said that the VARO that first received the claim in Feb 2011 had the case sent back to them.  I followed up with the DAV who represented my case to see where things were and got the following email back from them



    RE: [EXTERNAL] John Gagnier

    To: John Gagnier

    Based on the recent BVA grant, the VA has assigned the case to the Appeals Management Center for the final processing.  They noted May 4, 2016, that the case was ready for a decision, meaning that it is developed to the point where one of the “Special Operations” Team can actually calculate any potential award based on the judgement at the BVA.  I would expect that it may be processed and you notified of the award action within 30-60 days; however, the AMC is not located at this stations, so our estimates are simply based on our best guess.  All the best.

    My questions are They never did a C&P exam to determine my level of disability ((The Seattle VA hospital has me categorized as Priority Group 4  (Catastrophically disabled)  How are they going to make a fair evaluation without having ever done an exam with a  qualified M.D.  I have been in a wheelchair since May 2007 with no use of my left arm/hand, leg and foot.  What do you think my  percentage should be?  (I  submitted my claim in Feb 2011.



      Thanks for responding Pete.  This is the first time that I have ever posted here.  So, I appreciate any direction on how to go about it for best results.  One thing that I had not mentioned is that when the judge  granted my appeal, he also stated that he authorized my case to be "advanced"


      Best Regards


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