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  1. 10-30% sounds right. If you continue going to counseling and things don't improve (or get worse) you can always put in for an increase later on.
  2. I hope inpatient works well for you. If you do stop working and get permanent 100% you might want to consider leaving expensive California for some place cheaper to live, like here in New Mexico.
  3. Don't forget to sign up for your free life insurance. A lot of people seem to forget about that.
  4. I am inpatient right now in a PTSD program in the VA. Most people here are filing claims and receive support from each other in the claims process. The VA staff here do not get involved in the claims process because they say it effects the therapeutic relationship.
  5. Sounds like someone messed up.
  6. I am in inpatient treatment for PTSD/SUD at a VA Hospital right now and they are really focusing on my dissociation symptoms.
  7. Sounds like you might be playing with fire.
  8. Not much to add but I wanted to encourage you to apply for the upgraded discharge. And as for Dragging your Chief's name through the mud I just wanted to say it doesn't work that way, they aren't going to recall him and put him on trial.
  9. I am diagnosed with OCD as well and I am service connected for PTSD. If you look at the research it shows you can be more likely to develop PTSD if you have OCD. OCD and PTSD both cause anxiety but they are different, you may want to look up OCD and PTSD in the DSM V, it helped me a lot in figuring out how I view the world.
  10. If you can make the case that it's a valid secondary you're good. But you're right I don't know that there is precedent for it.
  11. Have you considered filing for PTSD?
  12. Like Jerrel said I would ask for a new Psychologist. Doing that to an intern is a big deal, and if they ask you why tell them. I'm sorry you're in this situation and I encourage you to push forward with your claim. IT IS NOT "just about the money", it's about justice.
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