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  1. Hello all my name is Lawrence Montoya. I served for 21 years as an Infantryman in the Unites States Army. I retired in 2011 in lieu of attendance to the SGM Academy Class 62. I served as a JROTC instructor for 2 years until I was deceritified (Fired) by the Army for having PTSD. I currently receive 80% disability and have been approved for SS Disability. I continue the fight against Discrimination of our Veterans. If you all have any connection or advise; please send my way!!!!! Your Brother in Arms, Lawrence
  2. Hello, I thought that I would check out this organization as it seems my case has fallen of deaf ears. I served this nation for 21.6 which included three combat deployments as an Infantryman. When I retired I was hired as a JROTC Instructor; certified by Cadet Command and contracted by the public school district. While employed, I was diagnosed with PTSD and received an additional 50% disability from the VA. Because of my PTSD, I applied for a Service Dog thru Paws and Stripes. When I received my Service Bod Battle, I informed my BDE who in turn informed Cadet Command of the United States Army. Within a few weeks I received notification that I will produce all PTSD paperwork within five days or be put on non paid leave. I sent the paperwork to the Army and on 18 March I received a certified letter stating I had been de-certified as an instructor because of PTSD, "Unfit for duty". Upon de-certification, the school district revoked my contract and I am now un-employed. I filed a Congressional Inquiry with a local congressman which was not helpful in their reply; ADA or the EEOC were not willing to assist me because the Army is a government organization. I have contacted 60 Min, HLN and even the Iraq Afghanistan American Veterans (IAVA) about my case. No one will assist me in my discrimination issue. Not only was I discriminated against, but how many current instructors are going to have to hide this disability or be fired as well? With 10+ years of this nations war's; who will fill the ranks if they too have PTSD. I reach out to you for any advise on this matter. The Army who I served for over 20 years and the ones who preach "no bias for PTSD" are the very ones who were bias to me. Cadet Command never contact my boss LTC Gomez or my Principal about my performance or any issues. Leon McMullen who is the Deputy Director, simply fired me. Who can I find to assist me legally? They would have to take on the US Army. Thank you for any assistance. Lawrence
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