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  1. Thank you Vync, I don't take my asthma medications at all anymore, actually, I was not able to show them that I have been using it. I pretty much do natural approach with my asthma and this was recommended by my mother who is a nurse. Thing is, it took I think 2 years or so until I have no longer use my albuterol too much (there are days before that I use them but its like 2 a week or so). As of now, I stay away from too much stress and allergies which might exacerbate my asthma, but not too much now. I don't use my albuterol as regular or none at all at times. Yeah, I know what you mean about the good day but as the medical officer looked at my civilian medical sheet, my asthma was presumed "controlled" now that I also work with a strenuous job which I defended that I do not do anything on it except Lift, Drive, and poke people out with a needle (yeah, kinda hurts me because I'm trying to get financial backing by injuring my job-credibility as an exchange lol.). I tried to attempt to get a 10% or so rating by providing a asthma diary but EMT life is so busy I barely manage to get my diary done (and often I forget because I don't use albuterol as much or at all). So would they still reduce my 40% over all rating even though that was the minimum that I could get now without asthma?
  2. Thank you. I know I'm quite happy that I do not have to puff albuterol everytime I run or just play outside (not a lot though). But it saddens me that I won't receive that money anymore... I knew and expected that one day this will be like this. I am not constantly in the VA, I dont want to be their favorite patient and have them look at my improvement as a case of reduction but ALAS... they reduced mine from my tricare records and medical checks from EMT. Now, Would they still reduce my last 40% though? it is the minimum I could get but I want that protected for the rest my life. Hopefully.
  3. Thank you Vync, Yes I looked at my award letter but it says that I got reduction from 100% to 40%. It is not actually permanent but total is what the medical officer at VA said. Asthma can be controlled they said and this time I have shown improvement (I have to or I will fail any acceptance to EMT jobs because they require proper pulmonary functions at a certain level). The reason they also can monitor my status is that albuterol cannot be procured anywhere without prescription of the VA. So I have to go to VA to get mine, which ofcourse they monitor to know if I improve or not. This is in Tennessee by the way. The VA here is quite on the spot with their care, and I even received my ID card too. Sad part is... well, no more 100% but 40% now. Quite a big reduction. I went to VRO yesterday, he himself told me that my case may be hard to disprove because I got good medical results- kind of saddening that when you receive good results, you will receive less money. Anyways, I have moved on... I got a job and a life. Nothing could replace that. Now my question is.... Would they also lower my 40% from my other ratings any time in the future? Thank you again you answer helped me so much.
  4. Thats good to hear they did not reduce your 100%. Me on the other hand, got reduced because they saw improvement in my records (I am an EMT) and my spirometry test came normal. Actually, my original was 70% but when they saw my active duty files, they figured I have that OIF/OEF gulf war sickness... so they put 100% on me. Now the question is, after reducing my 100% to 40%, can they reduce me again in the Future? My 40% rating was composed with eczema, back pain and something else. Thanks for the help :(
  5. Well, when I went there I tried my best to technically tell them that I still have some issues with Asthma but there is an "actual improvement" because my spirometry test came out normal parameters (both using albuterol and non.) Well, also, I tried to hide the fact that I work (because I became an EMT and I did medical on it) but its hard, so I just told them the truth that I work. Yes, The Va could reduce me any time, though its my 100% P and T. My times was not 5 years yet and I only receive my benefits for about 4 yrs. So I kind of expected this. However... I am unsure if they would reduce my other disability ratings after getting done with my asthma? The reduction proposal happened 4 months ago but it came in effect last week this May. I cannot appeal because my records actually say that I improved including the spirometry test. Now my question is, they terminated my asthma from the disability, would they reduce my rating AGAIN after reducing my 100% to 40%? I just don't want to lose my last 40% from my back pain to asthma, eczema, and there is another one but I have to look for my record again :( Please help.
  6. Good morning my fellow veterans, I hope that you may answer this humble request for advice with my particular reduction of rate. You see, I have been diagnosed with Asthma induced from my OIF/OEF deployments before which included backpains, eczema, fatigue. etc... well, they gave me 100% (though it says P&T also) but now reduced my rating upon seeing improvement of my asthma. Technically, they terminated my whole asthma rating which now I could only receive an overall 40% from my other symptoms which where before "does not need further evaluation" I held the 100% for 4 years but this last one the 3rd examination, my asthma was deemed improved- so called for the reduction of my rate which was kind of sad because from 2900$ now I receive 587$. So if I may ask, If I was reduced from my 100% rating to 40%... When can they reduce my rating AGAIN? or would they reduce my rating again in the future time after they gave me this 40%? Thank you very much.
  7. ah I see. thanks for the info mr. philip. It was enlightening. If they reduce rates such as that... how does overpayment happen then? or what are the reason some veterans have overpayment that they have to pay back to the VA once they get a reduction? other than fraud or Social Security compensation not being declared? Once again. Thank you.
  8. Yes, that's exactly what boggles my mind really. How they perceive us and what they should perceive us is contradictory to what they really want from us (quotas). That's why I was thinking are they really biased based on their assumptions that all veterans lie and cheat? I read online that we veterans have the "benefit of the doubt" regulation for our claims on which it provides the scale to tip to us claimant's favor. How true is that extent if we are actually being screened by proctors/examiners/doctors/raters whom should give us a benefit of the doubt as far as our claim support evidence is concerned? For example: Patient A gave them a proof she have asthma from service certified by the military hospital, but the asthma was "rated" later on for C&P a re-exam as null due to PFT test being normal. Could the evidence she gave be enough stand point on which should prove SHE HAD ASTHMA? then should she be rated with an award without reduction?
  9. it's gonna be my 2nd visit to VA (since my 2011 C&P) and I never had to get more supply from them because my former command and doctor in military pretty much provided me a supply that would last up to now. So would that factor anything on their decision?
  10. Thank you for the kind reply guys. I appreciate the help. Just kind of worried of what they will ask and question you know. I just want to be prepared. I usually take my corticosteroid or symbicort whenever I feel a tightness or shortness in my breath, and ofcourse prednisone when it persist. almost everytime I have it in control because I take them before I even feel a flare up. also one thing, it's gonna be my 2nd visit to VA (since my 2011 C&P) and I never had to get more supply from them because my former command and doctor in military pretty much provided me a supply that would last up to now. So would that factor anything on their decision? Thank you.
  11. so they were actually planning to reduce my rating already then? hmm... so about... 2 years? ever since i got out there's really just one time where I went to them for the breathing test which was on my initial C&P and then this incoming re-exam. I usually control my asthma with those corticosteroids though and take precautions to not make them to be an emergency so I take m meds whenever I have shortness or breath as first initial sign of flare up. I also have related cond. to asthma such as eczema and a chest pain associated with it too. But those where superceded when they gave me 100% due to OIF/OEF they indicated. This is gonna be my 2nd visit to VA after my initial C&P before on which I was awarded 60% (2011 ago)
  12. what is asthma regs location? I have seen that the 60% for asthma is for intermittent use of corticosteroid regardless of the PFT. (it says OR) But just a question though, I had that rating also before when they first gave me an award... but then a few months later on they gave me another change of the award to 100% due to my OIF/OEF gulf war. (I was stationed in horn of africa and oman and gulf of aden for my deployments). Do they still deduct on that? Thank you for the kind reply.
  13. I use symbicort by the atleast once or twice a week depending on the extent of my flare up. Does that still count for a percent?
  14. acutally yes, I'm still using symbicort when I have symptoms of an offset of asthma, then albuterol if I have to do something strenous (prep) activity and also they gave me before a naproxene for pain in the chest when I actually have an attack which is I would say very rare because like I always follow up with my meds even before it becomes an emergency. is it ok though if I used my meds from my last service? because I haven't had supply yet from the VA because I still have a lot of inhalers and meds? Thank you for the reply :)
  15. Dear fellow veterans. I have seen a couple of stories about such things going on with the VA claims and I just want to know what makes these overpayment/debt happen? I researched it online and still didn't figure out the whole detail of it. For example: does having an employment affect 100% SC disability (Not TDIU)? or If the C&P re-exam (after 2 years) proved to be better from your first C&P exam (claiming stage), and they deducted your rating from say 100% to 40%, would it mean paying for that past or changed rating also? (is that overpayment?) Also how about things that was the VA's fault? for example if the beneficiary had a PFT for asthma for first C&P exam, and it's results were normal, but due to a medical documents such as doctors report from military and official hospitalization with prescribed asthma medication, the veteran received 100% OIF/OEF asthma condition--- What do you think it would be? is it something the VA had messed up? because what if the C&P routine re-exam proved to be normal also but the beneficiary is still taking medicines without a notion that he/she is getting better? Could anyone please enlighten me on why as far as debt from VA is concerned (overpayment or so), what are the cases on which we as veterans might get LABELED as gaming it? because from what I see it looks like a double-standard? And that kind of frightened me because *what if* the VA THEORETICALLY thinks we are playing the game? Because, by God, If we have given them all they need for documents and they were certified too by the Navy hospital, would it be a case a beneficiary wins regardless of say the PFT test? Afterall,they probably won't give anybody an award in the first place if they think those documents were false i.e medical records and visits to the doctor for asthma in the military hospitals. Or I'm probably just paranoid too and stressed. Such for this case is my asthma on which I have normal PFT test when I first claimed, then they verified if I was actually using cortisteroid inhalers for my asthma giving me a 60% with matching depression overall. Then it also went to 100% once they verified that I was an OIF/OEF recipient due to the nature of my deployments. What do you guys think about this matter? Thank you for the kind reply and thank you for giving light to my question. I appreciate it very much.
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