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  1. Go birds!! But, seriously I would contact legal representation on this matter. Also write a letter to a local news paper to inform them of the situation than contact a congressman from your district informing them what's going on &, allow them the chance to rectify the situation or your story would be given to the papers &, you would stand next to the opposition during the next election to inform the public of how a disabled vet was illegally discriminated against because of injuries received in defense of this nation.
  2. Hello, From the title of your post I am going to assume your in the mental health field. I was wondering what the difference between 50 / 70 / 100 % PTSD ratings are. I've read the social disorders but, from a mental health side how do you determine the difference?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and just wanted to introduce myself. Names eric I've got 5 tours under my belt, I'm in a WTU right now &, as I was searching for information I stumbled across this site &, read a ton of good information here. I have a ton of issues civil legal & service with that comes a ton of first hand experience that I would be more than happy to pass along. Also I'm going to be posting with questions of my own in hopes of finding good information.
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