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  1. Yes, I filed an appeal almost immediately. As far as advice goes, I'd just ask you to have a butt ton of patience. It could be a long ride. I think my case was more of an exception than a rule. I have heard of people having to wait for years upon years. If you're savvy with legal jargon and have others who can help with your appeal, it may be more financially efficient to go that route. Most lawyers have a "don't pay til you win" clause but the price can be up to 25% of your back pay or a certain dollar amount, whichever is less. I'm kinda crazy and scatter brained so I got allsup to do my cla
  2. This is a continuation from the post here: http://community.hadit.com/topic/61568-ssdi-denied-says-i-can-be-a-cashier/ Well, long story short, I got my approval.... or so I think. I received a letter from the SSA asking if I wanted to include my wife and children in my claim. Of course I would! As soon as I opened it, I called up Allsup (my ssdi attorney) and asked them what it meant. I was told that this is something they mostly ask for when approved. But I was told that it doesn't mean I was approved until I get my letter stating so. Great.... So I log in to my SSA account online a
  3. I am still waiting for my appeal to go through. I was awarded my last rating in October 2014 and was denied for some other stuff related to stomach issues. I am unsure if P&T status is going to be lumped in, so is that something I can add on before the decision is made? Apparently I have until August of 2016 before they make their decision. Thanks John. And Bronco, that is what I thought, just wanted to be sure I exhaust every option for her. Thanks.
  4. My wife is contemplating going back to school. I know that she is not eligible for Chapter 35 since I am not P&T....yet. Is she able to use Voc Rehab at all since I am eligible? If not, are there any other VA programs that will allow her to go to school at all? She wants to pick up an Associates degree to start some sort of health and fitness profession. She has never had to work but since I cannot anymore, she is worried about finances since the SSA is dragging their feet. At 33 years old, she has finally found something that excites her in fitness and healthy eating. I want to be able t
  5. Alright then, it's been a while since I have logged on here. Update: Still waiting. I got connected to ALLSUP through a family friend who is collecting SSDI, and aside from having a website to check that my status is still "Pending at the reconsideration level" I don't know that there is much going on. I received and filled out a second packet of questions that I filled out in my initial claim. My wife did a second one too that they sent us. My assumption is that they are trying to catch us in a lie (but that may just be my paranoia talking). So who knows what's gonna happen. My year long
  6. Hi folks, between getting my 100% with SMC-S and waiting for a decision from the SSA, I have been asking every place I go to if they offer a Veteran's discount. There aren't a whole bunch, but I have amassed a little list. I am in Southern California, but there are quite a few chain places that might be of use to some people. I will try to update as I find more. Craftsman (Sears) 20% Champs/Footlocker 20% Lowes/Home Depot 10% Dickey's BBQ 10% Kirkland 10% Old Navy 10% Sports Authority 10% Michael's
  7. Really? I didn't know that. How does that work with them not being local?
  8. Wow that was quick! Thanks guys. And this was an initial claim. My records reflect pretty much everything that's wrong with me. Like I said, I was expecting a denial, but hoped for the approval. The cashier thing seems to be their main rebuttal. Me and my wife are starting the process to find a lawyer so thanks for the tips. She also got approved for the Caregiver program at tier 2,so I wonder if that fact will help. I will keep you all posted on the details as they come. Thanks again. -Mario
  9. Anyone know of a good lawyer to contact in SoCal? It basically said that I was denied because I can still perform work that I did 12 years ago as a cashier. Even though it shows that I have clear panic attacks in public. I figured it would happen but hoped for the best. Next step: lawyer up. Thanks in advance! -Mario
  10. Congrats man. I called in to figure out what I can't check my status online and they told me that it's still with the review board here in California. And that I probably won't hear anything for a MINIMUM of 120 days! Wow 120 days?! That just to hear anything... Like anything at all. I guess at this point, I have nothing to complain about since I only know that I have to wait for another 3 months. Plus this 6 month waiting period? Oh well. Congrats again and hope all goes well for you!
  11. Wow, congrats! All the stress and hard work pay off. Enjoy it my man.
  12. Hope everything goes well for you. I'm still waiting for word on my next step.
  13. Thanks everyone. I've been reading on that form for the past week. She is only @ 60% and is my old hr rep. She told me that she uses this form to reduce her tax liability by whatever her compensation is. Having worked last year and now am 100% and unemployed, this could be a huge pick me up financially. Any truth to this?
  14. Another vet and I were talking yesterday and she brought up that she used the 1040x to amend her filed taxes. She said that she files this to lower her tax liability every year. I found it a little fishy. She's 100% not p&t and didn't retire from the Army. Is this another veteran tall tale or is this something people should look into.
  15. Thank you for your offer I will have my wife sign up on here to have another Avenue of approach for her questions.
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