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  1. Thank you ? for listening. The va told me I don't have to be at my c&p they just. Want their medical option about my cold injury residues of both feet and shooting pain is that good or bad for me that I can't be there.

  2. Thanks Navy04. I have been receiving MH treatment from VA for about 3 years. I am currently unemployed. Denial letter states records and forms never received when I know they were received. Can some of the moderators answer a question. What is best a DRO Review, Appeal or could I submit a CUE?
  3. New cp didn't answer SGE. just PTSD has gotten worse. The claim was an FDC for IU (new) and increase for PTSD/MST. I submitted.claim with VOC rehab infeasible letter but RO is stating this is not new material and evidence. My last IU claim did not have letter. I have sent for cfile before I appeal.
  4. Update. New CP conducted. Dr said PTSD conditions has gotten worse. VSO informed claim has been Denied because evidence submitted was not considered new and material to refute the previously denial. How can a voc rehab not feasible for service connected disability Ietter I submitted not be considered new and material evidence?
  5. Thanks Berta for your quick response. I agree this is inadequate exam. It's from an exam for IU they did last year that lasted for only 5 minutes. the CP doctor did not conduct a thorough exam due to I had breast cancer surgery two days prior. So he told me to go home and he would complete exam. No I do not receive SSDI. But I do have a letter form Voc Rehab that states I am not feasible for Voc Rehab due to SC and NSC disabilities. I am currently medically retired. I am taking meds for sleep disturbance and other mental disorders. I applied for TDIU after given the 70% rating I was working
  6. Sorry for the long post but need some insight. I filed a claim IU in June 2015. I looked at my my healthvet file and found this. It states a CP Exam but I was not present as I read further it was seem like a medical opinion from a CP Exam I had in December of last year. Can someone take a look at it and give some insight into what the outcome may be? This is an addendum to Dr. ??? PTSD C&P evaluation of 12/12/2014, Per VBA request of 11/24/2015. Dr. ???is no longer available to complete the addendum so it was assigned to this writer. The relevant portion of form 2507 is copied below: Pleas
  7. MOMO68

    Va Pension?

    I checked my ebenefits letter and noticed this on my benefits summary You are receiving non-service connected pension:Yes Is this a error? I am confused.
  8. I am appealing the SSDI decision. SS is saying i cant do me previous job but that i can do some work. I will be adding the cancer diagnose to my next claim. I was stationed in fort Mcclellan AL and I was in Operation Desert Storm so i will be applying for environmental hazard. Thanks for the suggestion concerning my c file I will be requesting it to see what is in my files.
  9. Yes I was denied the first time. I have applied for social security and was denied. I am currently medical retired from federal government due to cancer and other disabilties. I wasnt when I applied the first time.
  10. I am currently receiving 70% for PTSD with no established secondary conditions.
  11. Listed below is the letter I received from Voc Rehab. Will it help with a IU claim? I performed a comprehensive evaluation of the above referenced veteran’s current situation as it applies to the potential to complete a program of rehabilitation services and profit from these services by returning to suitable gainful employment. As a matter of course, every evaluation includes a thorough examination of the veteran’s records including available medical documentation. All other issues concerning reasonable feasibility for a program of services are explored. The above referenced veteran is deter
  12. ---------- 1. Diagnostic Summary --------------------- Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of PTSD that conforms to DSM-IV criteria based on today's evaluation? [X] Yes [ ] No ICD code: 309.81 2. Current Diagnoses -------------------- a. Diagnosis #1: PTSD due to MST and combat ICD code: 309.81 Indicate the Axis category: [X] Axis I [ ] Axis II b. Axis III - medical diagnoses (to include TBI): Deferred to medical records c. Axis IV - Psychosocial and Environmental Problems (describe, if any): No response provided. d. Axis V - Current global assessment of functioning (GAF) score:
  13. Here is the DBQ from my C and P Sinusitis, Rhinitis and Other Conditions of the Nose, Throat, Larynx and Pharynx DBQ Indicate Indicate method to obtain medical information to complete this document: [ ] Review of available records (without in-perso
  14. Hello Hadit. This site is so helpful and gives great advice. I recently received a copy of my C & P and need some advice on if or not I will receive a SC rating based on the Medical Opinion given below. RATIONALE FOR OPINION GIVEN: Based on examination and all available documentation, veteran has a NORMAL THROAT/PHARYNX EXAMINATION (claimed as pharyngitis). A pharyngitis/throat condition is corroborated as having occurred during service with complaint of neck pain, elevated temperature, nasal congestion, examination showed neck to be supple with positiv
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