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  1. Hello troops, Today I have finally received good news in the mail. After a 36-month battle trying to prove that the VA was not looking at all of the facts I provided, I received my service connection for tinnitus. I thought they were going to make me drive to Detroit for a video hearing, but apparently they had discovered that they overlooked some key documents I had submitted, and which I brought to light on my last appeal, and to my District Congressman Dan Benishek. I thanked God with tears in my eyes when I read the letter. It could not have come at a better time, with my vehicle problems, no income for the past 9 months, and all of my other medical problems. Now I am going to push for a compensation case against Camp Lejeune for the contaminated water they knowingly let us drink, eat, and bath in, 3 and 1/2 years of it myself. I have Hepatic steatosis and have been suffering from strange unexplainable Neurobehavioral effects since 2004, which have changed my life forever and made it a living hell ever since, and throw in seronegative rheumatoid arthritis from out of the blue which took the wind completely out of my sails in 2011 leaving me unable to work (carpenter in and out of the National Guard) and got me medically discharged as of January 31, 2013. They need to pay for what they have done! My life is a total disaster. I will keep on trying and I hope everyone else affected by this does the same. Anyways a ray of sunshine came from heaven today and has given me the ability to keep living and pushing on. Semper Fi to all of my fellow Marines, Sailors, and families affected by this travesty of justice, Swamper.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been directed to this site many times in my search for answers to my military related health problems. I kept searching elsewhere, but all roads seem to lead back here so I signed up. I am a Marine Corp veteran, Camp Lejeune January 1985 - August 1988, where I was living in the French Creek Barracks and working down in the Industrial area rebuilding and running the rebuilt engines right out in the open except for a 3/16 piece of sheet steel on casters to protect us. I was in the 2nd FSSG, 2nd Maint. BN., GSM CO. ,CRP Platoon. I did get the surprise letter in the mail around 2007 announcing that I had been drinking eating and bathing in contaminated water the whole time I was there. I started having weird head pains in 2004, what seemed like pressure in my sinus area and dry eyes, throat, and nausea. When it got bad I felt like I had the worst hangover in the world. If I even lightly touched my scalp it was like stabbing an icepick into my brain. Seen several doctors none believed me, then I made it into the VA healthcare system where I have been on every anti-depressant known to man and still have the pain. I have since contracted rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed in January 2012) and have no idea how long I was suffering from that. The National Guard (2009-2013) kicked me out in January 2013 because of the RA, leaving me with no benefits and no job. I also have tinnitus, which I have been fighting for compensation from since Sept. 2010. Just sent third appeal to BVA in July they cannot find any reason for a service connection - Denied - Denied - Try standing next to a giant diesel engine running full bore every day and tell me there is no connection. I am expecting to drive down to Detroit for the video hearing sometime in the near future to receive my last Denial because they just will not give any weight to the job I performed in the component rebuild platoon! They started building an enclosed soundproof engine room right after some contractor took decibel level readings in our shop shortly before I got out. Is that enough damming evidence right there? Anyway, I have also been denied SSDI from the judge at that hearing, even though I am 50 years old, have done nothing else but build homes my whole life, and can no longer get out of bed each morning without wishing I would just not wake up anymore. I have the weirdest aches and pains, fatigue, depression, anxiety, degenerative disks, and osteoarthritis everywhere. The social security judge says I can be a cashier. WTF!!! I am thinking all of my medical problems are directly linked to Camp Lejeune’s well water and I will never get compensated for anything except a free burial, unless Obama cuts that out with his mighty unconstitutional executive orders also. Why cannot I get any friggen help? I just do not understand. They give social security to people who have never worked a day in their lives, and treat me like I am less worthy than those I have supported with my paychecks! I am so frustrated I had to blow off some steam. Thanks to anyone who reads this and can help me understand. Semper Fi, Stephen.
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