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  1. So I'm still waiting for this assholes hatchet job to post. I was told it would be up last week absolutely but so far, nothing. I've assumed at this point I will be issued a denial for PTSD and have started a search for credentialed IMO doctors with a specific focus on PTSD. So far, it would seem, most of the high end expertise, and by high end I mean people who are recognized experts, given testimony in court etc etc, are out of my price range. One doctor quoted me a price of 6500 as a retainer and 650 an hour once the retainer was used up. But, then again, this guy has been practicing for about 50 years. I may have found another guy in Florida, which sucks because I'm in CT, he's got govt work and has been in practice around 10 years and is board certified and is willing to charge me 1000. So at this point I'm still just waiting for this report to post and go from there. In the immortal words of Tom Petty. -Waiting is the hardest part-
  2. So, I had a half assed 20 minute long C&P with my gf in the room. After asking a few basic DBQ questions he stops typing while I go into what happened. My gf chimes in every now and then on stuff I've forgotten. Never went into how this stuff affects me. Never got into history of heroin usage. Never into my incarceration. The guy then informs me I don't have PTSD because I don't meet the "fear of military hostility" criteria. I'm floored right now. I can't even begin to describe just how hopeless I feel. It sucks when your fears are realized despite peoples assurances. Who to trust now?
  3. Yeah I'm trying and I'll make it through. I'm too stubborn to do anything else really. My Attorney is pretty optimistic about things so in 2 days I can put this phase behind me. At this point I should be made of diamonds 😄
  4. So I just got a call from my Attorney and she seems pretty optimistic about my exam on Monday which is good. The severe pressure of the last 6 days is unreal. Like others on the threads in this forum the anxiety has been ramping up so bad I'm hitting chest pain territory. She says my case is extremely well documented and that basically this should just be a formality. I guess that helps I dunno. I'm medicating far more than usual which is financially problematic. I feel like I'm back in a hallway with all my shit packed in a bag leaning up against the wall waiting for the order to move out. I just want it to end.
  5. There are a couple of things I do when my anxiety is ramping up into chest pain territory, yeah I get it bad too. I do live in a medical cannabis state so it helps I can toke a bowl of high grade indica to calm myself down. I also dive into video games that don't require a large time/money investment. I call them time wasters because their good for small blocks of time where you need to put yourself on auto pilot and chill. There are plenty of genres out there and they can be as complex or as simple as you like. I also like to doodle around on my guitar. Without knowing your financial situation cheap plug and play home guitar recording direct to pc is also a nice outlet. Let me know if you want to talk further I can point you in some directions.
  6. Yes it is absolutely great news indeed. Not only are things moving along, albeit slowly, but I feel, for the first time that the end is potentially in sight. I honestly cannot see this lasting longer than the end of the year. So for the first time cautious optimism. The next item on the list to worry about is the exam itself, followed by the raters decision and possible NOD. I'm holding my breath that I don't have to appeal any higher. So far my ducks are in a row, but like anything if you over extend you run the risk of collapse. Believe me I'd prefer to be anywhere but here. I hate the fact that I'm dealing with the VA. I hate the fact that I have to overcome mental deficiencies to combat a government agency that should damned well know better. I'm dealing with some pretty severe anxiety right now. It happens when a target date appears on the horizon. Things ramp up in my head and the dynamo starts spinning up. Since the date is so suddenly close with little advanced warning, things tend to ratchet up exponentially. The term I like to use is "zero to hero" So I get to wonder for the next 9 days if I'm walking into a quacks office. Will I be able to understand this person. Will I be able to cut through the bullshit and discern true intent. Is this person even the correct person to conduct the exam. Am I going to get screwed because this guy wants to save the government some cash. Things of that nature. I've seen the rating schedule I know where I fit. I've also seen the DSM-4/DSM-5 criteria for PTSD and I know that's what I have. I don't want to walk into an exam and be made a mockery of or insulted. I've been down those roads and their not fun. I was thinking of taking some pictures of my room and living area. To show how badly my mental health affects my daily living. I also need to come up with a list of symptomology and occurance rates. So much still to do it seems to hit the goal. Still so much uncertainty. I try to remain confident. It's hard, especially when you're wide awake at 3am filled with doubt and uncertainty. Maybe things will go smoothly from here on out. If the history of my claim is any indication I doubt it. More likely I will have to continue to fight and claw for every inch I gain. But hey, that's what soldiers do.
  7. I had started with the DAV and they almost screwed me up royally so I replaced them with a veterans service attorney. I initially was discharged with an OTH so when I filed my claim they tried to list me as barred from benefits due to length of awol status and willful misconduct which I had to fight in a NOD hearing for character of discharge which I prevailed in. I don't know what the hold up is or was in my case. At this point I'm just glad I finally have a C&P date. Could you elaborate on what specifically is wrong? Also what advice are you referring to that is suspect?
  8. And I have a C&P exam date set for Aug 6th. I would like to thank everybody so far for the support and knowledge contributed to my case up to this point. Without the advice and links pointing to policy and law I would not effectively be able to keep my attorney on point. Thank you Hadit.
  9. The ball inches ever closer to the goal line. Today I received a letter from the C&P office informing me that they must have an incorrect phone number for me because they've been trying to call. They'd like me to call them to setup an exam date. Progress is agonizingly slow but it is progress nonetheless. Stay tuned I'll have a date to post tomorrow.
  10. Yeah I know it'll work out. My biggest fear is I'm going to walk into some quacks office after being on this claim over 4 years now and he/she's gonna do a hatchet job. It really kicks in my paranoia and I just want it to be over so I can try and move on.
  11. So my claim appears to be "stuck" somehow. I've gotten the letter I posted above telling me I'm good to go and now I appear to have stalled in the system. My attorney is going up next week to try and figure out what's going on. If that fails I signed a form to get my Congress critter involved...yay...which my attorney is going to hold onto until needed. So basically for the last 6 months I've been cooling my heels needlessly...talk about being pissed...
  12. Ok so here we are in April. My last known contact with the VA was the letter I received informing me that my service is honorable for VA purposes. I'll post the 3 page letter in a moment. I wanted to provide a quick little update. I got sick and tired of waiting around 6ish months now for a C&P date so I called the White House hotline and got passed off to the National VA Center. The lady I spoke to on the phone informed me that according to her system no C&P exam has as of yet been requested and that my claim was marked something like Rater Control, which she couldn't adequately explain what that was. I asked her flat out if the rater could award my claim without a C&P and after a NOD and she assured me that the Rater could in fact rate me without a C&P exam for PTSD...something sounds fishy here. Anyways here's the 3 pages I got from my Attorney these are the pages the DRO submitted from my NOD hearing in Nov 2016. The paragraph that gets me is the last one that talks about full grant of benefit sought on appeal. If one of the knowledgeable folk could chime in I'd be appreciative...
  13. The big to do about this program was that it would remove the right of appeal in exchange for a faster xxxxxxx. It also didn't help that most if not all of the VSO's where on board with it. From what I read on the link above it looks like there is still an appeals process of some kind. At this point in my case it doesn't help me as my next NOD will be after the rater low balls my claim, if I ever get into a C&P that is. I'm going to read up about how the appeals work before I foment an opinion either way. I just hope to christ we don't end up with another enormous backlog. Also, upon a quick reread of the link, I'd like to see deeper statistics beyond a simple 57% award rate because that number by itself doesn't tell anybody anything. I find it hard to believe that 43% of people rejected by the new RAMP system are frauds. I'd like to see a breakdown of the claim fail rate %'s as well as the win rate %'s
  14. I recently had to overcome this obstacle myself. I have an OTH and I'm also fighting a VA claim. I recently completed the character of discharge process successfully. Initially they had me over the 180 day limit which wasn't true and easily disproved. I did, however, have to argue that my pattern of AWOL's was not a pattern of willful misconduct but rather signs of mental illness the military did nothing to address despite being asked. I have an attorney and at the time of the DRO hearing I also had a therapist, not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, but an LCSW. Both of these people as well as my girlfriend walked into the DRO hearing. The attorney refuted the math and all the legal reasons for the denial. My therapist argued my insanity during the time period in question due to external factors and pressures. The DRO reached a favorable conclusion and now I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for a C&P exam date to show up.
  15. Since this is new policy/guidance should this post be pinned?

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