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  1. Stephanie, I listened to the pod cast, and am dealing with WACO RO myself. John Dorle is helping my wife right now, and got me 100 P and T .

    My wife was denied,  and the DRO  did some questionable stuff, like turning the microphone off when we submitted evidence. we told him we wanted a formal hearing, so EVERYTHING should have been heard. The DRO was also resisting evidence saying he had everything, but it wasnt mentioned in the denial or SOC/ did not schedule CP exams, even though my wifes own VA  doctor wrote a strong nexus letter..    was the goon who was your DRO  possibly named Steve , wore glasses, middle aged to older man, around 6 foot ?

    John is a GREAT benefits agent, I got the runaround from TEXAS VET, VFW, DAV, AMER LEGION, they all work inside the VA in waco, and do what they are told. they will try to get you a little something, but when it comes to TDIU, 100 percent, ect, the VA tells them to beat it..

    I would reccommend you yank POA from your rep, and hire John Dorle. best money I ever spent. he got me 25 grand back pay, and from 60 to 100 percent PT with special monthly comp in abt 15 months.

    thanks for your service, and always remember, THE CLAIM IS NEVER OVER UNTIL THE VETERAN SAYS ITS OVER.!

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    2. 63SIERRA


      once you get the approval or denial review it carefully, because sometimes what they do is award contentions that they believe they can lower later and avoid service connecting ones that will likely be permanent.

    3. 63SIERRA


      they tried to give me TDIU, but not P ant T  ,I told them I wasnt having it, and they granted P and T

      I have leverage on them though,. an old claim that would cause them to pay me big if I pushed it.

      I just wanted my 100 PT special comp, and be done with it.

    4. 63SIERRA


      if u dont want to answer what your DRO name was or forgot, thats ok, I just like to know if its a pattern with the one my wife got.  I asked multiple questions in my posts and thought you might have missed it,

      My DRO was Thad, and           wifes   was  shady Steve ha

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