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  1. After doing more research this morning, I found that an actual bill was brought before the House in June and was passed to amend the Space A Travel Program to include 100% PT SC DAV. :) Woohoo! Now, everyone, get on the horn, emails, websites and write your state Senators telling them how much this would mean for them to pass this bill when it finally comes up for a vote in the Senate. Now is the time to act!
  2. I use to live in Colorado and was just looking into moving back there myself and P. Rogers is about right when he is explaining it. So, basically if you buy anything that is valued at 200K or under, whatever the taxes are for that 200K house, you will be exempt for about 50% and/or about 1/2 of the valued property taxes. So, say you buy a 200K house, your property taxes on that 200K house is $1,000.00, you would only have to pay 50% or 1/2, which would be $500.00. If you buy a house that is over 200K. You are still only exempt from the property taxes off the first 200K of your property value. Then the math gets a little more funky, But still ends up being 50% or 1/2 off the first 200K value for your house.. EXAMPLE: $250K House Value $1,250K Property Taxes 1st 200K = Property Tax of $1,000 $50K House Value = Property Tax of $250 50% off 1st 200K = $500 + $250 = $750 property tax you owe per year. In Florida, it's easier. You basically are exempt from all your Ad Valorm Tax, which 95% of the time is all your property tax on your house. :) Hope this helps claify it a little bit more. :)
  3. I have watched for years now our 100% PT Service Connected Disabled Veterans, who served our Country, served her proudly and through no fault of their own, were injured, honorably discharged and unfortunately unable to have the opportunity to committ to a 20 year career and now being passed over and denied again and again, the benefit to be eligible for the DoD's Space A Travel Program while other non uniformed service personnel whom never served, get added into the Eligibility Categories as if they were the cat's meow! It's time to RIGHT THIS WRONG! It's time to stand up and be heard, listened too and taken seriously! Let's get the word out there! Let's get it out there Loud & Proud and hopefully see a change this time! :) I have started a Petition to send to President Obama and to Congress about finally following through and amending the DoD 4515.13-R Regulation to include a "Category 7 entitling 100% PT SC Diabled Veterans" for the Space A Travel Program. I am hoping the way I have written the petition and the way I wish for them to amend the eligibility categories that it will pass without concerns and/or complaints from the nay sayers, the Joint Chiefs, DoD, The Secretary of Defense, the military uniform service members, DoD employees, 20 year retirees and/or any other eligible personnel. The Petition is asking to add an additional Priority Category 7, which will be the Category that includes our 100% PT SC DAV, hence placing them at the bottom of the Priority list for any available passenger seating that may be open. I am hoping this will make everyone happy. The DAV will finally be eligible and have the opportunity to benefit from the Space A Travel Program without any other eligible uniform category member to give up their priority listing. If you wish to help our DAV receive this benefit, please click on the link below and sign the Petition. Thanks. :) http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/space-a-travel-eligibility
  4. If you wish to support Space A Travel Eligiblity for 100% DAV. Please click on the link below and sign the petition to be forwarded onto our Congressmen/women. Thanks http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/space-a-travel-eligibility
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