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  1. Just want to say thanks for the info.It is very helpjul. Bless all of you.
  2. I have done research for my pstd and I want to file for IU and the other claims which I have not filed for. I went to the va office and was advised to NOT file for the above right now because I have a NOD pending on the comp rating and other problems have not been addressed. Do I sit back and wait or do I insist the paper work be filed? I really want to get the ratings to protect my wife in case I pass on.
  3. I was in the Navy for four years. Hurt my back and had other problems. I sent for my medical records and to my dismay there is treatments and records missing. Any advise on where to look for them.
  4. :D My son was in the navy for four years. He was a fireman/boiler tech. After working in the engin room for some time he started breaking out in hives. It got so serious he had to be med flighted to a hospital ship. Discharged from the Navy on an emergency leave he was not given a physical. He was at first denied comp and on a second try was given a lousy 10% disability.For twenty years now he has gone down hill. His bones are breaking down from what I believe is 20 years of predizone.He has constant pain in his hip and he also fractured his leg below the knee when he bent over to place a piec
  5. I had to go on ss disability about 6 years ago due to health when I turned 65 last spring i was offered a job job just driving around and picking up materials.I did no lifting or physical work I stuck it out for the summer but I just can't stand the pain in my legs, arms etc so my working days are over. Besides, I wanted to know if I could just drive. NO WAY!!! :D I am to the point that I need a cane when I stand up. I was in the military for 9 years. What do you suggest I look for to see if my knees are service connected? My knees never healed properly and the doctor says my bones are rotti
  6. I am new to this sight and filing for benefits. After almost 40 years of suffering I filed for compensation and was awarded 50% I am a vietnam vet and was awarded the bronze star with valor.Now I am finding out that I have several other service connected disabilities as part of the ptsd. I don't know where to start and would hopefully would like to get 100 percent in case I die before my wife does so she does not have to worry about finances. Does anyone have an opinion as to where I should start?
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