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    63 SIERRA, Great news! So happy to hear everything worked out for you. Now take a break and enjoy your windfall. Again, congratulations! Proudvet
  2. Thank You Jesus

  3. Headaches / Migraines - Denial

    Hello onrope, When I was getting ready to retire from USN, I claimed headaches also on my DBQ and it took (2 1/2years) of going to the VA Hospital to finally get a diagnosis of my "Headache Cliam"m (1) I first spoke to a speech therapist, (2) Had to talk to a shrink, (3) Talked to a VA Medical Doctor, then final was given an MRI which showed I had "Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus", due to being in an electrical explosion in 1988, 22 years before I retired. I had complained about headaches and no-one, would put 2 and 2 together until after I retired. I was finally operated on to have a shunt installed in my brain to relieve all the fluid build-up caused from that explosion. Keep searching in your medical records and see if anything could have caused you to have these heaches and attach all your medical evidence for a claim I did all this on my own and eventually rated 80%. I hope you don't give up, just keep looking for that needle in the hay stack, you'll find it, if it's there.
  4. Bbe Arrived Today.

    Congratulation on your win!!! You definity did your homework, and it paid off.
  5. Ptsd Claim Opinion.

    Go to www.myhealth,va.gov, click on personal information, then click on Download My Data health information. Download My Data Use the Blue Button to easily download your health information... More »
  6. Fdc Complete-70% Award-Back Pay?

    Congratulations... George
  7. 70% Rating Surprise

    Congradulations. Now sit back for alittle while and possibly go on a small relaxing vacation.
  8. Cant Believe It!

    Congratulations on the win! Now sit back and enjoy your success. George
  9. After 14Yrs Of Fighting Rated 50% For Sleep Apnea

    Happy to see good news. Congratulations!
  10. Cant Believe It!

    WaStvet ,Congratulations on your win. Glad to see everything worked out, in your favor.
  11. Finally Won!

    jeeperrs, Congrats on the win. Great to always see good news on this site. Persistance and patients definitly pays off.
  12. Big Brown Envelope

    Congratulations, I commend you for never giving up. Now sit back and enjoy life my freind.
  13. Congrats Navy. Now you can relax and going fishing on the lake and enjoy life. I hope you and your family all the best!
  14. Well, here it is Valentines day and I just got home from work. My wife and three daughters had made plans to go out this evening to dinner and see a movie. I told them I just have no desires to go out in public and being around a bunch of people. It's seems everything is so familiar with what 82 airborne is going through, I have the same thoughts and feeling's of depression and wanting isolation, I just want to be by myself, no crowds, no hostility, loud noses, etc. Having PTSD and depression sucks. Then having Normal Pressure hydrocephalus (due to all the loud booms from 5"/52 caliber cannon) that I was assigned to during General Quarters, and being electrocuted by 440 volts of electricity while active duty, is now really catching up with me. I had to have a shunt put into my skull to drain the excess cerebral fluid from my skull into my abdomen, so I don't have either a stroke or a Aneurysm, I have no desires for any outside public surrounding, just being in my own home, I feel safe and enjoy my isolation. My daughters and my wife see the depression I am going through and they try to get me to go out with them as a family, but I just have no motivation to be around people. I get very agitated very quickly, as before I joined the Navy, I was a happy go lucky person, had lots of friends, enjoyed going to clubs, the beach etc. I was seeing the V A psychiatrist doc when I first started my disability claim and was very reluctant to show my real feelings, and still hold alot of my feelings inside, can't seem to open up, which I believe is causing my depression. Hopely one day I can just let it all out.
  15. Today I Am Humble.

    63SIERRA, I have to echo what jfarr22384 said, only you have more interests in your claim going the way you want it to. I did everything on my own, just ensured everything I claimed was honest, was documented from in-service medical reports and after retirement VA notes, physician exams, etc. After you file your claim, and have to go to a C&P exam, be there at least 2 hours before your scheduled appointment, If you first get lowballed on a rating, file a NOD and pursue with aggressiveness and you will PREVAIL.