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  1. I was in an electrical explosion in 1988 which resulted a 3 week hospital stay a 1 month convelesent leave, causing mild memory loss. I eventually retired from the military in 2010 but had headaches throughout my entire career documented in my Medical service Records. I saw the Medical personnel when checking out for Discharge and documentation was annotated on my injuries of headaches, 3x knee surgeries, 1 & 2nd burns I was rated 30% disabled. I started continuous if claim for headaches. Was eventually diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus by V.A. and increased to 70% with memo
  2. I was rated 100% for PTSD/TBI and filed for SSDI and was approved 1st time You can go online www.ssi.gov and file for benefits.
  3. Hey buddy  I haven't been on this site for awhile due to my disabilities.  My TBI and PTSD a has gotten the best of me this last year.  I couldn't remember my log-in name or password.  Finally came across some old print out papers i had with passwords.  Since being on herlast i have suffered from severe memory loss.  I believe I'm on the  verge of probably heading towards dementia or alzheimers disease. ill be 59 years old this March and to young to be going through this.  I seen on this site you have assisted alot of veterans with questions.  Bless you.  I wish I could do the same,  but don't want to give them the wrong information.  You know i did all my claim on my own,  how, god knows,  but this website was a tremendous help. My disabilities are, TBI/PTSD-100%, Depression-109%, left knee-10%, right  knee - 10 %, Gerd-20%, . 

    1. vetquest


      Sorry to hear that.  Stay in touch and file under social chat if you want.  There is really no giving bad info there.

  4. This post is from a veteran on Facebook looking for assistance. I mentioned to them to look at this website www.hadit.com as it has helped me with my claims process. Hopefully she will get the same much information from here as I did and be successful having her claims approved. Here is what was answered to this person from other responders.QUESTION: A Friend of mine is presently taking care of her sister....let's call her Susan. Susan served 22 years active duty and was honorably discharged after having complications focusing on her job. Years later after being out the military the VA diagnos
  5. Congratulations on reaching you goal. I retired in 2010 and went through hurdles to get all my ailments rated. Rated Disabilities Table of Rated Disabilities Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date left knee chondrocalcinosis with status post medial collateral ligament tear surgery 10% Service Connected 07/01/2010 peripheral neuropathy
  6. 63 SIERRA, Great news! So happy to hear everything worked out for you. Now take a break and enjoy your windfall. Again, congratulations! Proudvet
  7. Hello onrope, When I was getting ready to retire from USN, I claimed headaches also on my DBQ and it took (2 1/2years) of going to the VA Hospital to finally get a diagnosis of my "Headache Cliam"m (1) I first spoke to a speech therapist, (2) Had to talk to a shrink, (3) Talked to a VA Medical Doctor, then final was given an MRI which showed I had "Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus", due to being in an electrical explosion in 1988, 22 years before I retired. I had complained about headaches and no-one, would put 2 and 2 together until after I retired. I was finally operated on to have a shunt
  8. Congratulation on your win!!! You definity did your homework, and it paid off.
  9. Go to www.myhealth,va.gov, click on personal information, then click on Download My Data health information. Download My Data Use the Blue Button to easily download your health information... More »
  10. Congradulations. Now sit back for alittle while and possibly go on a small relaxing vacation.
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