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  1. I just sent my VA paperwork in to all my student loan banks/servicers. Federal loans, Private Loans (Wells Fargo, ACS & Sallie Mae) anyone have any luck with private loans getting discharged through this process ? Im confused to whether your discharge was for federal student loans. Im embarrassed to even call out the number that is owed, especially after interest . My credit report looks like I owe on a house. Thanks and congrats again !
  2. congrats brother, I just got mine about a week and a half ago for bipolar ii and some other physical contentions. Im glad your in a better place now. God Bless
  3. well until my retro comes all I can offer you guys is some of my Stolichnaya Vodka, its about 3/4 full so we'll have to stretch it. Thanks for all the love everyone, I dont know where I would be without these forums. Especially this specific topic "Success Stories", I remember the first time I found this I was so excited to hear other peoples stories to anticipate what mine would be like. It literally felt like it would never come. Ill keep all of you posted on my retro as well, as to when it hits my account. Just a little nervous this shutdown will delay things but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Cheers my fellow vets ! If anyone who is still waiting has any further questions as to how my timeline went down or anything feel free to ask.
  4. Well I dont know where to start. Its hard for me not to use irrational words as its so freaking hard to contain myself. Today I logged in to ebenefits and the "Open Claims" was unavailable. I then looked down in the completed section and saw that my claim which I started June 2012 was closed out as of today 9/30/13 and I couldnt beleive my eyes. I immediately went over to create my benefits summary and said a little prayer before it loaded and sure enough there it was !!!! 100% !!!! My head felt like it was going to explode, its really hard to describe. 16 months !!! I then saw the link for commisary letter and Deers enrollment and that gave me the hint of the P&T. I originally filed my claim in JUNE 2012 out of Manhattan RO for IU for Bipolar Disorder II & Increase for Cervical Strain (Neck) and Bilateral Shoulder Tears. I was rated at 80% at the time. I hope Im not jumping the gun because Im basing all of this excitement out of my results from ebenifits as I have not received my Big Brown Envelope yet. I moved from New York to Ca in August 2012 but my claim wasnt transferred to the Los Angeles RO until July 2013. From the time I submitted everything back in June 2012 things moved very fast but came to a halt around Nov.2012 then got stuck at "Preparing for Decision". In August 2013 it jumped back to Collecting Dust, and I was called in for 2 More C&P Exams, one of which resulted in my car being towed !!! which I wont get into. As far as I know, I will now be eligible for base/commisary priveleges. Still waiting for the results of my PDBR (Physical Disability Board of Review) Results which was filed around the same time as my increase. This is my first post on this site but I have literally been on here 3-5 times a week the past year and I although none of you know me, I feel like I know alot of you. Thank you all for the knowlege and support I owe you all a round of drinks ! ! ! Now Im just crossing my fingers that this government shutdown doesnt interfere with my first payment as Im tapped out from borrowing funds from family and friends. God Bless 100% P&T - 9/30/13 SSDI 2006 PDBR - pending
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