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  1. I'm only a little more than a month late for the Jume roll call, but wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow Vets a safe summer season. I also want to remind you to NEVER give up on a claim that you believe is justified. It may seem like having to fight another battle, but DON'T give up. Welcome Home, particularly to those younger Vets who are proudly carrying on where the older ones left off. God Bless.
  2. I'm glad I began this post. Upon checking these replies, it appears as though questions are being asked and answered. That's what hadit's forum is all about. I began by reminding those who have been awarded 100% to avail themselves of the extended benefits that come along with that rating. I'm happy to see the majority of viewers not yet at 100% asking the questions that may directly effect their benefits. Keep up the good work. Remember, we're all in this together. WELCOME HOME!
  3. For those that have been fortunate enough to receive 100%, please review the many additional benefits that become available. Specifically I'm referring to dental and eyeglasses. I am surprised to find out how many 100% Vets don't avail themselves of total dental work at their local VA. There are many other benefits, such as educational money for college students etc. You have earned these benefits, so don't feel as though anyone is doing you a favor. Educate yourself on what you justly deserve... and..Welcome Home brothers and sisters.
  4. Hello Pete. I have been away for a while and missed the forum. I'm back and eager to help out in every way I can. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Always approach your VA Comp exam as if the doctor is NOT your friend. If they ask, "how are you today?", do NOT answer, "I'm doing fine", because that's exactly what the doctor will write down. Your approach should be that you are applying for a disability that you justly deserve and don't be intimidated. Please remember, EVERYTHING you say will be documented during your exam. Good luck my sister and brother VETS. Bill Byrne USMC - 100%
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