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  1. well just checked va.gov and the chicago va hasnt moved one claim off remand in the last 7 work days at least stuck on 19887. this means my claims will be tied up for the max of 29 months. now thats on top of the 10 years it took to get bva to award my claim.

    i started tracking the remand back log on feb 7 and at that time there was 23905 in front of me, so that less than a thousand claims assiged per month so it will take 2 years for them to even awarad me what the judges declared what a shame.

    just sucks

    1. broncovet


      Ok.  You are "assuming" VA.gov is reliable, and this is "far from assured".  Very far.  Many times, including my own, I thought it was going to be "much much longer" and my BVA came through much much faster..once it "gets" to the BVA.  

      The problem in the past is that VARO "sat" on our claims for about 3 to 4 years before they were ever sent to BVA. 

      1. For example, it took an "average" of 2 years or so for the VARO just to certify the claim to the BVA.  (which should have taken 2 hours).  

      2.  Also, they VARO took a year to do a required SOC, and more if you submitted new evidence and they did a SSOC.  

      3.  Even worse, the VSO would often "prepare a brief".  Ok, that sounds good.  NOT SO FAST.  My DAV national VSO told me, when ebenefits says "with VSO" that did not mean the claim took longer, because the BVA claim was "already docketed" so it was waiting before the board while VSO takes a year to prepare a brief.  So, I called the BVA.  NOT TRUE!   My claim was "not docketed" at the BVA so the VSO "preparing a brief" delayed it another year.  

           If my math is correct this totals 4 years where VARO sits on the claim.  This is the purpose of the AMA (formerly known as RAMP).  No SOC, and NO certifying to board.  And, this time it took my VSO under six weeks to prepare a brief.  

          Dont take my word for it tho:  Read the BVA chairmans report yourself, and find the average claim times there:


          Make no mistake.  The board makes it crystal clear the REGIONAL OFFICE is the source of about 80 percent of Vets claim delays.  


    2. michael09070
    3. michael09070


      does anyone know how reliable e benifits is on ininial ratings. they have me at 30% fot my multiple sclerosis but nothing on the other 4 granted  secondary issues. i pray my paperwork next week says different. any hope 

  2. Has anyone had an ecd of 10/14/2013 and their claim has closed?
  3. Has anyone seen any movement on ebenny lately?
  4. What is the difference between the phases? Ebenny says im in "rating " phase as of 08/07/2013 when my claim went to prep for decision. Each time I speak with peggy they have always said im in "rating" phase. Today peggy says I in "decision" phase, but still no updates on ebenny. What's going on? Claim date 10/24/2012 C&p 07/19/2013 Prep for decision 08/07/2013 Estimated completion date for entire claim 10/14/2013 to 02/07/2014 Has anyone had their claim completed by the ecd?
  5. I was so excited about being here I hit the post button too quickly. But, thanks for any info I receive.
  6. Well I originally filed 04/08 (within a year of getting out) my claim was denied because I didnt make c&p (the va didnt properly update my new address). I re-filed 10/24/12 for the same ailements and maybe 1 or 2 new ones. Once afain I missed the c&p (the va still had the wrong address). I finally had my c&p 07/19/2013. I skipped straight from gathering dust to prep for decision on 08/07/2013. As I said before, Detroit RO is 68 days behind on the rating phase, 11 months average for a complete claim. My ecd is 10/14/2013 to 02/17/2014 (which is exactley 68 days from the day it went
  7. Hi all im new here.... Im just curious about the estimated completion date. Mine says 10/14/2013 to 02/07/2014. My claim went to prep for decision on 08/07/2013. E-peggy says the detroit ro is 68 days backlogged for the rating phase, which would be 10/14/2013 from 08/07/2013. Does anyone hace any experience or success stories of completion by the ecd? Btw, I spoke with e-pefgy this morning and claims are still being processed while e-benny is shutdown. Also, everyone will be paid on 11/01 because that is octobers payment. Hi all im new here.... Im just curious about the estimated completion d
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