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  1. Sorry you are frustrated bud, I live in a small area, and most places dont even give a military discount, in fact some even laugh it off. As far as $3500 a month that is not correct. My nephew just got out of Army Boot camp and he brings home $1625 a month. Not quite a lot for the hard job he has. As stated above we can collect multiple forms of Disability, while I was Active and Sick, only got my regular pay. My State has Free college for Spouse and Children of 100% Disabled Vets, and I dont pay property taxes on my home either, which is a big savings. So you really cant blame the Military for the Local and State benefits. I did 3 Long Deployments and believe me, no amount of money was enough for me to get so injured and sick, and come home Medically Retired at 31. Its really easy to hate the Military, VA or the Govt on our bad days, believe me I do most days. Then I just try to be grateful that I am alive, lost alot of friends, and I still have my wife and kids. You have all the right to Vent my friend. Thats what Hadit Forum is for. I truly wish you the best. Good luck and God Bless!!
  2. Welcome aboard and glad you made it thru your first initial claim process. As far as C&Ps, I have had multiple conditions granted without exams, in fact a few that I did not even ask for. I tell Vets all the time the VA, Military or SSDI can not argue or deny a condition when the Veteran Submits Hard Core medical evidence like X Rays, MRIs, Cat Scans etc. At that point it is Law and Policy not a Raters opinion of your condition. Good luck and keep us posted. God Bless
  3. Sorry to hear of your bad experience, I tell many Vets that those A&A exams are Brutal no matter who the Doc is. Just part of the process itself. When I did my A&A exam, the Doc did not want my wife in there either at first. A&A along with other higher levels of VA pay, are under very heavy Magnifying glass by the VA. Of course the Govt does not want to grant more money to Sick Vets, even though we deserve it. Anyone that thinks a Veteran will get rich on any form of Disability Pay, is Dumbfounded, yet that is what most of the Govt believes. That is why these exams and the process is getting so Ridiculous even for a well deserving older Veteran such as your father. I am in my late 30s and I just dont have a positive outlook on the future of the VA or the way they treat us. So sorry for you and your father. I have had 5 or 6 exams seem awful, yet the VA Rater granted them anyways. So try to be positive, atleast you made it thru the Trenches thus far. God Bless!!!
  4. Congrats on the win, and sorry to hear of your growing headache. I helped 2 Vietnam vets get 700k and 279k and it took about 6 months for both of them to get all their money. The VA had to do a Financial Audit on themselves to verify Accuracy. Just try to hang in there, the War is won, just wait for the Battles to go thru. Good luck and God Bless
  5. Sorry to hear of your issues bud. Congrats on your win and the 10k will go a long way towards helping you get back on your feet. As far as the 300k as long as it it valid back pay you should not have to sue. I helped to Vietnam vets in the last 3 yrs, 1 got over 700k and the other 279k as backpay, and they did not have to do anything other then wait about 6 months each while the VA was doing a Financial Audit on their selves for accuracy. Good luck and God Bless my friend!!! Also I have VA, Tricare and Medicare and by far Medicare is the Best insurance out of the 3, and less Headache with the Civilian DRs.
  6. Not too difficult to understand, as stated above as long as you are Hospitalized for a SC Disability then you are granted 100% Temporary while in the Hospital. I have had this a few times as recent as last year when I had my 2nd back surgery. Just keep up with it whether the VA does their job and files or, or you do, just remember to inform the VA when you get out. Good luck and God Bless
  7. Great Advice above, just go in there and be honest. Also nothing is more compelling then hardcore Medical Evidence such as Knee Surgeries, X Rays, MRIs etc. Cause a Dr, Nurse etc. can not argue with that evidence. Otherwise it is just your word vs their word that your knees hurt worse, or your bending is limiting etc etc. Either way good luck and just try not to be so nervous, I know that is easier said then done. Good luck and keep us posted. God Bless
  8. I am a Disabled Vet, but also Medically Retired, so in my case I am able to take my Wife, but not my children as well. I have never asked about regular disabled Vets. Also, Sad to Say my Friend, but you know that when it comes to the Govt, there is always a Catch. God Bless!!!
  9. Welcome aboard, and as stated the VA can do 1 or the other, or both. On my last claim for my Back, submitted the DBQ and still had 2 exams. Really hard to say, but having filled out DBQs to submit as evidence does go a long way in good evidence. I have submitted quite a few DBQs, and with that hard Medical Evidence makes it harder for the VA Rater to try to go around what the Examiner or the Regs say. Good luck and God Bless
  10. Sorry to hear of your knee issues. I have had 2 major knee surgeries, and in fact need them both replaced. Since I am in my 30s Doc recommended to wait another 10 yrs to get them done. Both SC and well documented with multiple X rays and MRIs and as you can see I only get 10% for Each. For some reason when it comes to the joints, the VA raters do not like to rate them hi. In fact you are lucky that the VA SC both knees. Most Vets have a hard enough time getting 1 SC. Good luck and wish you the best. God Bless
  11. Sorry to hear of such bad disrespect, not surprised though. Since I retired in 13, I have gone round and round with the VA Dentist. I have had to take out most of my teeth due to my SC Crohns vomiting acid eroding the enamel. The VA dentist kept putting basically bondo on the teeth and it would fall off or dissolve in a matter of months. It went on like this from 2013 til January this year. Finally I got tired of it and went to a local Dentist and could not believe the shotty work the VA Dentist had been doing all these years. Even with my Tricare Delta Dental plan it cost me 4k to have 6 front teeth removed and partials made. It was quite a painful process to go thru, and I got a blood clot in my mouth, infection and 24 stitches to boot. In the end I have a better smile then before, which at 36 It really means alot to me, but just so sad what the VA made me go thru. My Local VA told me to submit all the Receipts and I would be reimbursed, guess what not a single dollar, as the 1 Single VA Oral Surgeon in Dallas Said it was not needed, even though I was 5 yrs over due. Sorry for the rambling, and even more sorry to continue to see Vets go thru this. Every time I go to the VA, they talk about me being Priority 1 Group, (100% SC), Wounded Warrior, Blah Blah, in the End all I am is a Bad Statistic that looks good on the Wounded Warrior Commercials!!!
  12. I was Naval Aviation and did not wear ear plugs 90% of the time very easy to get Tinnitus especially around F18s and Prowlers, lol. Sorry to hear of your issues bud. Please keep us posted and God Bless
  13. Thanks for the info and kind support. I do not like computers or technology whatsoever. Due to my severe TBI and PTSD the State labeled me Endagerement to Society that is why I lost my right to own a gun, therefore was forced to retire from law enforcement. I am grateful for the 10k a month I make and my wifes VA check as well. We live a good life, just wish everything would have happened different, and the govt would not have tossed me to the street when i got sick and hurt. I know in reality that i cant work in fact i have a long road of more surgeries ahead of me, just miss being important and a part of something thats all. I really appreciate all the support I have received from the good folks of Hadit all these years. Hope you guys have a good week. God Bless
  14. Navy04


    Welcome aboard and congrats my friend. I spent time in the Crazy house back in 2012, not fun to say the least. Glad you made it thru the other side. Good luck and keep us posted. God Bless
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