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  1. The VA sucks when it comes to Diagnosing, Treating or Rating Back issues. The VA back Docs wanted to install a Pain Pump, kind of Stupid considering I am Allergic to pain medicine. So I went to Civilian side and have had 2 Back surgeries in the last 10 months, those did not work either my friend. Now I am worse then ever. The last surgery damaged 2 nerves in my left leg, so numbness was made worse then before. The VA has a way of screwing Vets by using multiple Diagnosed back or nerve conditions along with lower %s, even if they Grant the Vet the Service Connection. I dont think people or Docs in General realize how much a Human uses their Back for Daily Living. Sorry to hear of your issues bud. Good luck and God Bless
  2. Caregiver is strictly for POST 911 Vets only. If he served in OIF/OEF then he would be eligible to apply. Good luck and God Bless!!
  3. Congrats on the Great News Bud. God Bless and I truly wish you the best!!! Now go give you family a big hug, and relieve some of that pinned up stress. YOU got many bad days ahead of you, but on those few good days, thank God for your family, and all the Great Brothers and Sisters you have on HADIT that are always here for You!!!
  4. Congrats on the Great News, so happy to See Vets climb that Mountain of Crap they call the VA. Good luck and God Bless!!!
  5. Hello Navy04,

    I'm following up on a post and a long thoughtful post you gave to another Veteran much appreciated. 

    I was reading this one: 

    The comment about when you received a denial for about 10 contentions you just turned around and opened a new claim with the same evidence so hopefully the rater(same or differen?) would actually read everything you submit. I just had this happen and because of my right arm which is SC now I'm having a hard time using the PC to read and write and even sit(back/neck)SC etc. So I contacted a local law firm which works with veterans and claim denials etc. for a solid NOD.  I'm curious, and as a DYI Vet also, my first claim got me to 50% and I thought it was equitable, but now learning and reading the rating codes and secondaries and HADIT and it's members has made me becoms more informed. They are trying to deny me out of what I believe I deserve. So my question is when you went back to eBefits route and re-submitted your claim with all the same info they did not re-open the just denied claim? That has me confused. I'm trying to avoid the whole protracted appeals and years of needless waiting. 

    Thanks in advance.


  6. Navy04


    Only u can decide what is best for u and ur family bud. U do need to understand that the VA or the Govt does not need much excuse to come after a Vet and take away our benefits. Good luck and keep us posted. God bless
  7. Sorry to hear of your headaches bud. My 50% SC is for Migraines/TBI connected together. I get treatment thru the VA Neuro Doc and Medication. I have had these headaches for the last 7 yrs so not much helps anymore. Just try not to drink too much caffeine, smoke or have high blood pressure, as all of these can make the headaches worse. Good luck and God Bless
  8. Navy04

    How does this STILL Happen?????

    Berta thanks for the info. Just never amazes how good vets get screwed, and we have to continue to defend ourselves even after we are granted SC. Then this A** goes out and makes a living off of lying to the Govt, while plowing over good Vets along the way. Thanks to all the Truly good Vets on Hadit.
  9. Glad you made it thru your exam bud. Pete, hit it right on the head. My best bud has had IBS for the last 7 yrs. No issues what so ever as long as he stays away from the Fast food and Chinese food. My Crohns disease on the other hand, I pray your or no one else on here has to go thru it. I eat like a rabbit, do not drink, smoke or have done drugs, yet It is very bad with Rectal Bleeding, alot of Vomiting, just got all my teeth removed because of this, and soon to have a bag. Just take care of yourself, less stress, less salt and greasy food and you should be fine. Really hope you the best. Take care
  10. The VA wont go off what Civilian companies state, remember they are there to make a sale. I can not tell you how many Companies claim to be able to help with my back issues, or My crohns disease especially. Also remember that the VA has an Approved List of Therapy, Docs and medical equipment that can be used for treatment. If what you are seeking is not on their list, good luck. God Bless
  11. Hi Navy04, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Tbird/Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  12. Sorry to hear of your issues bud. The ERs wont do anything either, remember they do General Medicine, no specialists. There for they will just put you thru the ringer, and then tell you to ask your PCP to refer you out. If you are having alot of headaches, then ask PCP to refer to VA Neuro, if your wrist hurts, Refer to Ortho. The VA Docs cant argue with hard medical evidence like X Rays, Cat Scans and MRIs. I have had so many Brain and Body Scans and Blind Doc would know about all of my Medical Disabilities. Good luck to you and keep us posted. God Bless
  13. I am in the same boat as you, except my wife is my VA caregiver. I get that VS A&A, which I qualify for, but this is the higher of the two. Do you currently work, or Receive SSDI, or Federal Disability Pension? A&A is very hard to get approved for, especially if you or your spouse currently work. Also the Govt becomes a heck of a lot more involved in your life, and your assets. Hopefully you never lose a limb or get worse off to require the other SMCs my friend. For now look into the SSDI and other benefits out there for your state and local benefits. Good luck and God Bless!!!
  14. Navy04


    As stated above, I get SMCs for have 1 or more whole 100%s for a Single Condition, and then 60% or more for another single condition. As far as I know it is not the sum of multiple conditions as most Vets would qualify for SMCs based on that. I also get SMC K based on Testicular Surgery, so loss of Reproductive Organ. I hope this helps, if not plenty of folks smarter then me on here to help. Good luck and God bless
  15. GERD, IBS and Crohns are all different causes, but the Dang VA groups certain conditions together, they claim that you can not Pyramid similar conditions in the same family. Like my Migraines and TBI are Grouped together as 50%. knowing dang well that they can be caused together or separate, who knows. It is very hard being such a young age and being sick. My mother died in her 30s and I took care of her til she died, and now my wife and children are doing the same with me. Most days I do my best to get thru it, but some days It takes all my strength not to take my life, and that is the honest truth. Just tired of being sick, and being a burden on my family. Didnt mean to blab to much on here. Wish you the best. God Bless

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