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  1. Good afternoon to all, I currently am 100% P&T VA, and Permanent Medically Retired from the Navy as of 2016. I have a few disabilities that were incurred in OEF. How do I go about applying for CRSC? My local VSO helped me apply back in 2014 when I was 80% VA T&P, and Temporary Retired from the Navy. He was not very helpful and one of those Vets that receives 10% disability and does not like to help fellow Vets, even though that is his job. I just want to make sure that I submit it right and proper, with the documentation to support it. Thanks in advance, and wish all of you a Blessed Day.

    Sorry to cut in on the chat guys. I just wanted to ask, I am medically retired from the Navy for Crohns Disease, but in my signature you can see all of my Granted VA SCs. I applied for CRSC, when I was first retired in 2014, but I was new to all of this and did not know what I was doing. I currently do not receive my Navy Retired Pay. Can I apply for CRSC? and if so, How do you guys recommend I begin the process. Thanks in advance, and apologize for the interuption. God Bless
  3. From S to R2?

    jfrei, Boy do i know about that dye, i throw up every time I have to do the brain scans, every 6 months at ft worth va. My cranial nerve damage is actually my tongue. The Military DRs burned and cut my tongue along with my throat 6'' by accident and didnt tell me until, it required a second emergency surgery. The VA admitted it was a botched surgery, but had no rating or that particular issue, so the VA granted SC disability under Cranial Nerve damage stating that it is an issue in the head area. Sorry to hear of your issues.
  4. Glad you made it thru your exam. As stated above it can go both ways. The VA granted me a couple different disabilities without me even asking after x rays, MRIs etc. But I would go ahead and open a secondary claim for the new condition. Good luck and keep us posted. God Bless
  5. From S to R2?

    Sorry to hear of your health issues bud. My 50% TBI falls under Migraines due to Concussions, and my 70% PTSD has all the mental conditions grouped into 1. Really I believe that over the last couple of years, the VA Raters really do what they want on that particular claim based on their mood. Multiple Vets can submit the same claim, and info, yet all be rated different, both good and bad. Wish you the best and keep us updated. God Bless
  6. USMC, as stated above, both are right, depending on which direction you want to go. Glad you got the Permanent. Gastone, as you can see by my signature, I have alot of high %s and I am P&T. Just had a back C&P, claim is at Pending Decision, and having back surgery next week so it looks like that % will go up as well. Can you please PM or write back on here how to apply for SMC 1 and how much more it would be monthly. I too, looks like I lost time and money, just didnt know how to do it. Gastone, I did not mean to interrupt your post, I apologize in advance my friend. God Bless
  7. Quick Turn Around in E-Benefits

    I filed my claim same week and I am at pending decision approval. So it can be good or bad. Also when we upload good documented medical evidence it can move fast in the right direction. Good luck and keep us posted. God bless
  8. E-Benefits and Appeal Status Question

    Glad u got some good news bud. Try not to let it worry u. Govt sites are never up to date. Good luck
  9. Can the VA reduce your rating??

    I agree I have been permanent since age 33 am 35 now. I did not ask to b hurt or disabled at such a young age. I hate that I have to sleep with one eye open and always worry about govt taking my checks away. I'm currently going thru an SSDI review after 3 yrs. Maybe when I have gray hair one day they will leave me alone. God and thanks for the info
  10. My current FDC is exactly like yours, lol. Went past due cause C&P doc late on exam report. My status changed back and forth as well. Currently at pending decision approval. Be done by next week as well. After 15 claims in 4 yes, I'm used to it by now. Just try to calm down and give it a week. Good luck and keep us posted. God bless
  11. Second Comp Phy

    Hard to say, I have a bladder machine installed last year, and only get 60%. Just hard to get 100% on anything. I just went thru a recent C&P for increase and was told 60% was highest for my condition. Wish u the best and God bless
  12. First Claim for PTSD from MST

    Welcome aboard and sorry for what you have gone thru. Wish you the best and keep us posted. God Bless
  13. Great news, Glad to hear something went right for someone. Wish you the best and God Bless!!!
  14. Glad to hear your claim is done, and sorry bud the Govt always takes it sweet time. I just had a claim close for 1 condition and it took me 5 weeks to get the letter. Have you seen a change on Ebenefits on the disabilities listed page, or has your % gone up on your Benefit letter? Good luck and keep us posted. God Bless
  15. Good or Bad C&P

    as usmc stated, a few review of your exam would help us out, other then just guessing. As far as your symptoms, the VA will usually group all the Mental conditions under one rating, not multiple. I have alot of MH issues and they are all Rated as PTSD 70%. I could have been asked for an increase, but I am permanent and dont feel like dealing with the MH docs at this time. What is your SC rating for the PTSD. I have a separate rating for TBI. Good luck and keep us posted.