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  1. Hi, i saw a post where you wrote that you were able to get a DBQ filled out for TBI/Migraines. I need to get a DBQ filled out for that as well but i asked my primary and she said she would not fill it out. can you guide me a bit and let me know who i can get to fill out the DBQ? 

    I had a second level evaluation for TBI that was positive and the doctor wrote that it is service connected, and it also went to a OIF/OEF board and they agreed it was positive, so im sure i can get service connected, but my claim was denied did you go through that as well? 

    Thanks for your help! 


    1. Tbird


      Please post this in the VA Claims Research forum.

    2. Navy04


      That is pretty much the only DBQ that has ever been filled out prior to C&P exam. I just happen to get lucky that time. As far as TBI, I had 7 concussions in the last 10 yrs. All but one I was active. I had an eye exam first, doc noticed the pooples would jump with direct light aimed at eyes. Then I had a few Brain scans. I actually just had another brain scan a few weeks ago. The VA Docs should fill out the DBQs, but most are scared or too lazy to put their names on the dotted line. Were you diagnosed with TBI while active, or recently thru the VA? Alot of times the RO does not like to see civilian DRs diagnose Vets. I actually didnt ask for the TBI, the VA RO rated it as they saw the recent Scan at that time. You just have to go thru the steps that the VA requires bud. Good luck and keep us posted

    3. CPLAbella


      Thanks for your reply. the diagnosis came thru the VA, after i complained of headaches they send me for the TBI evaluation. i called and requested a follow up with the TBI doctor so she is supposed to call me next week. i will ask her about the DBQ and hopefully she is willing to help. they actually didnt even give me a C&P they just denied the claim. thanks again will let you know how it goes. 

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